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thanksgiving is coming up, and for many it means a day of overeating to the point of a ruptured stomach :sick:

this one day can ruin a years worth of workouts, however it doesn't have to.
the average thansgiving meal contains around 3000 calories...that's a full day's supply in one meal.

this is how my family has always done thanksgiving (and christmas)...

we don't eat breakfast(not a typical one at least) instead at around 8am, a tray of carrot sticks, celery, etc is available for early grazing,

around 930am deviled eggs become available,

around noon the main event (so to speak) is available which includes turkey,ham,mashed potatoes,candied yams,green bean cassorole,cranberry sauce...

now the way i usually pile up the plate is to get a small sampling of each...and by small sampling i mean 1/4 -1/2 serving of each item instead of a full serving of each...

around 3pm the deserts become available, now for this i usually again get a sampling of each which again means 1/4-1/2 serving of each...

around 8-9pm i'll usually graze on some of the finger nibbles from earlier in the day...

the key to enjoying all the good stuff being served without offending any of the contributing cooks,and without gaining a years worth of weightloss back is the reduced serving sizes and the restraint to stick to them, spreading the whole meal out through the course of the day helps as well since you're constantly putting something in every few hours(which is something you should do normally anyway)...

remember restraint and reduced serving sizes...

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17 Nov 2012 01:30 #80660 by Wendaline
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Good points. Balance is key. However, I highly doubt one day of over eating is going to ruin a year’s worth of mostly sensible eating habits. It’s okay to splurge once in a while (you know like on thanksgiving).

Though, I love the veggie breakfast idea. I think I'll use that one this year. :)

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