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05 Sep 2012 18:11 #72327 by Seeker Lladnar
Replied by Seeker Lladnar on topic smokeing
Trust me, I understand. I smoked for 8 years. But it comes to a point where you have to swallow your pride and do what's best for your health.

Good luck to you.

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05 Sep 2012 19:34 #72336 by Camptor
Replied by Camptor on topic smokeing
think you every one for your support everyone has been very helpful

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05 Sep 2012 20:15 #72347 by Reliah
Replied by Reliah on topic smokeing
I know I might end up sounding crazy, but it wouldn't be the first time.

There are essential oils that can help with nicotine addiction. I know essential oils aren't for everyone, but I love them and can't imagine anyone not.

Clove is the one mentioned most often for this situation.

People always say, "Just don't buy them." but I'm not sure how realistic that one is :P

Good luck and may the Force be with you!

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05 Sep 2012 20:19 #72349 by Camptor
Replied by Camptor on topic smokeing
nope not crazy but that's very helpful i tried clove gum once couldn't get past the taste any outher oils or herbs that anyone knows of would be very helpful think you and may the force be with you

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06 Sep 2012 02:43 #72401 by Ben
Replied by Ben on topic smokeing
Unfortunately I cannot offer you any advice on quitting. My sister has tried multiple times and failed. The method that I have found best for persuading her to try to quit is to tell her that she will get wrinkles and age prematurely... :laugh: But hopefully you are not as fickle as she is, so it probably wont work for you.

However, I would like to wish you the best of luck (or perhaps not luck, seeing as I guess it's more hard work and self-determination than luck, but for want of a better work 'luck' will have to do) and tell you that you have my full support if you ever need it. And even if you don't!

I have plenty of experience at having people moan at me about how much they want a smoke, as I had Wescli Wardest telling me all the time when he was in the process of giving up :laugh: :whistle:
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01 Nov 2012 15:03 #78997 by Gan-kewel Parthor
Replied by Gan-kewel Parthor on topic smokeing
I had the same issue with smoking, i tried many a time to give up without help (and failed) because if i couldn't do it myself then i wasn't as strong mentally as i would like, i did eventually approach a doctor for help and it did help, i give up for 6 months! (after 10+ years smoking) at the time that seemed like quite an achievement, but i did start up again.
i decided to quit again and took some time to think about why i had picked up the cigs again? i knew i could stop as i had before so i took time to write down the reason's i needed (not wanted) to quit in a pocket sized notebook and why these reason's were so important!
for the first few weeks of quitting i would sit down and read through the notebook once/twice a day to keep the thoughts fresh in my mind, after that i only looked when i got tempted til the time came when i didn't need the book, it might not work for you but it did me, losing track of why i quit is why i failed before, 3yrs not smoking now and done it without help :)
Good luck!

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01 Nov 2012 15:10 #79000 by MCSH
Replied by MCSH on topic smokeing
I know this is not related to smoking... but...

When I used to play computer games (and I did it a LOT!) I noticed that my grades are becoming bad, so I wanted to stop it, but I couldn't resist the temptation of playing.... so I did this

I asked my brother, to save monies I give to him for a while, then whenever I played computer games, I would forced myself to give a fine to my brother... each time more than last time. Then, after a while, I stop it, and my brother gave me all of those monies I gave him. And that was a lot of money. now I play less....!

You can use same way to stop it, give fine when ever you smoke... trust me, it works

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01 Nov 2012 15:24 #79001 by Alethea Thompson
Replied by Alethea Thompson on topic smokeing
I've never smoked, but I know my husband is having difficulty overcoming the habit. I had a friend that acknowledged the problem was oral fixation, so she started picking up straws and chewing on them every time she felt she needed the cigarette.

For some, it's oral, for others it's the nicotine. You could try the straw route and see if that works. If not, then it is most likely a nicotine fix- in which case, talk with your doctor about the best method.

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01 Nov 2012 16:32 - 01 Nov 2012 16:37 #79005 by Alluvius
Replied by Alluvius on topic smokeing
I can't tell you how to quit, I can only tell you how I did. First tho, some background. I smoked for over 20 years, and when I quit my fiance and all my friends were smokers. Also, I quit while running a D&D campaign...I don't know if anyone has experience with that here, but there is no more stressful activity known to man. ;)

Like many others, I tried quitting several times before I succeeded. What finally worked for me was using patches and gum in conjunction with each other. I went thru all 3 stages of patch, and used both 4 and 2mg gum. The process was basically this:
Wake up in the morning and take a shower (cuz that's what I do), then apply patch while getting dressed. Patches do itch a little when you first put them on, but don't worry, it passes. Then grab a "sheet" of nicotine gum and a "sheet" of my favorite Orbit White, spearmint flavor (the one that comes in the blister packs and is white gum with little green flecks in it). The nic gum was menthol flavor, I thought that would work better with the orbit gum. Anyway, I'd just go thru my day, and everytime I felt the urge to smoke, I would chew 1 piece of nic gum with 1 piece of orbit (they're both small enough individually that chewing 2 together was like having 1 piece of any "normal" sized gum). I initially bought a 170 piece pack of 4mg nic gum.When that was gone, I bought a 170 piece pack of 2mg gum. When that was gone, I still needed it, so I bought a 110 piece pack of 2mg gum, and I'm fairly certain I ended up buying a 70 piece 2mg pack as well. It wasn't easy, but over time, I gradually reduced how much gum I was chewing (by force of will), and every 2 weeks, I "stepped down" to the next patch "size". After 6 weeks I was off patches altogether, and I was just chewing gum occasionally to deal with sudden cravings (or stressful moments). After another probably (if I'm honest) month or two I was chewing only orbit gum when I had the urge to smoke, and within another month or two I had conquered the nasty orbit gum addiction I had acquired. ;)

Hope that helps...don't worry if you fail in quitting tho...the only true failure is to give up entirely. Everytime you attempt and fail, it brings you that much closer to having the will to succeed. The most important thing to remember tho is: If you're not quitting because you want to, you're wasting time attempting it. That is to say, if you're quitting for someone else, then as soon as they're not in your life, you have no reason not to smoke, and you'll start again. If you're quitting for financial reasons, then as soon as your circumstances change and you can afford it again, you'll smoke again. Before wasting a lot of time and (potentially) money on an attempt to quit smoking, be sure it's what you want to do. :cheer:
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01 Nov 2012 16:37 #79007 by Resticon
Replied by Resticon on topic smokeing

Sajjad Heydari wrote: You can use same way to stop it, give fine when ever you smoke... trust me, it works

If only it were that easy Sajjad. Where I live a pack of cigarettes is over $7 and I'm pretty sure New York and a few other places are even more. Smokers already get "fined" with every pack they buy (usually referred to as a "Sin Tax")...but that doesn't stop most people.

Alethea Thompson wrote: For some, it's oral, for others it's the nicotine.

Actually for most people it is multiple addictions piled into one activity.

There is the habitual desire to light up a cigarette after certain activities...for me this was after/during work, after meals, when drinking alcohol, when I woke up or got in the car.

Then there is the actual nicotine addiction where a rapid detox from nicotine (cold turkey) can cause severe headaches, dizziness, and depression/anxiety (all of which often causes people to start smoking again).

There is often a social aspect that everyone forgets about where just seeing or being around a cigarette can trigger the desire to smoke.

Combine that with the fact that even with inflated tobacco costs, for some people it is still cheaper (short term) to smoke than to quit with a stop smoking aid.

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