Lightsaber Training

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22 Mar 2008 11:35 #12748 by radar
Replied by radar on topic Lightsaber Training
I would like to learn more moves and to get beter at the ones that i know

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11 Apr 2008 15:15 #13424 by Xiam
Replied by Xiam on topic Lightsaber Training
Well, that was a good read... first topic more than 3 pages long that I've read all the way through in a while.

Just a warning beforehand, I'm about to rant... which is something I tend to do. :blush:

I'm going to fall in with those who recommend weapon practice as a form of meditation, and to perfect one's focus and concentration. On top of that, whether anyone likes it or not, the sword is a symbol of chivalry and honor, and (as far as I've seen) the staff is a prime example of pacifism - you can give someone a good wallop, and they'll still walk away with only a few bruises, or a broken bone or two.

Furthermore... I'm fully aware that the lightsaber isn't (and may very well never become) possible with our technology - the angle of the blade arc is very difficult to figure out, just short of some sort of energy pullback - but nevertheless we should still embrace it as a symbol of the Jedi history and mythology.

I think somebody mentioned it before, but it should probably be considered for ceremonial purposes - maybe alongside the traditional robes?

It was said that construction of one's own lightsaber was an important task of becoming a Jedi Knight. Now, again, we can't create working sabers, but it still gives a sense of how deep they are into the lore. The lightsaber is a Jedi's one single possession; where thoughts of ownership are discouraged among other objects, the lightsaber is very nearly an extension of the self.

This may just be the fanboy part of me, but it just seems too close to the Jedi myths to be taken as a mere metaphor. It is a symbol of focus, and willingness to defend others with one's very life.

Remember that while Master Windu did state that \"We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers,\" the Jedi nevertheless did lead, defend, and fight alongside the troops in the Clone Wars - and even before that, during the millennium of peace, the Jedi still had lightsabers for general or symbolic purposes.

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24 Apr 2008 20:58 #14167 by Shugyo
Replied by Shugyo on topic Lightsaber Training
Hi Everyone :)

I started this topic MONTHS ago and honestly haven't been back because of some of the anger and discord I found in another topic on the forums. When I checked today and saw the topic I started so long ago I looked in and was amazed the twists and turns it has taken.

I was excited and interested when I first found this site, but was so quickly turned off by the \"style\" of debate. Having different points of view is one thing, but personal attacks and defensiveness, regardless of your views on jediism, CANNOT be true aspects of the jedi path. I think this community as a whole really needs to take a close look at itself and the individuals within it. \"Your words betray you.\"

Also, just to clarify my position on lightsabers and martial ways. There are some of us who train in \"martial\" arts purely as a means of focusing mind and body. I don't ever intend or imagine I will need to defend myself physically. And yet I've trained rigorously with unarmed techniques and with weapons. I don't view the lightsaber as a weapon as such, and they are not part of my martial practice. I'm not talking about CARRYING around an FX lightsaber wherever I go. OR about REAL lightsabers which are technologically impossible.

When I started the post/topic I was bringing up groups of people using fx sabers to recreate and choreograph \"fights\" or kata. Mainly as a means to have fun, use the forms as a means of focusing the mind and body, and maintain a connection to the inspiration of Jediism: FICTIONAL Jedi. For some of you I thought this might be a valuable thing. I personally take deep satisfaction in the archetype of the Jedi and the symbology that goes along with it.

I think that trying to divorce this community from fictional jedi to the extent I see in these forums is a little misguided. Almost like a fear of being associated with the Star Wars geek factor.

I don't mean this to be a rant, and I apologize if people take offense at my words. But maybe this movement instead of trying to appeal to as many possible views and types of people as possible should narrow its scope to some core beliefs, encourage its members to act in accordance with those beliefs (especially in its own forums) and if the Jedi really are the inspiration for this movement don't be so quick to throw out the Jedi and their symbols, rituals etc as they appear in the movies.

Thanks and MTFBWY

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24 Apr 2008 23:20 #14173 by Merin Kyo Den
Replied by Merin Kyo Den on topic Lightsaber Training
Wow how did your topic get where it ended up? I feel your pain brother. I'm not usally one to comment on topics like this beyond \"Be careful and wear safety gear\" or \"Please be careful not to confuse stage combat with the real thing\" so I guess I missed this one. While I'm not one to judge peoples behavior i will say this, Shugyo, don't be a stranger because things went the way they did. There's lot's of good eggs in the Jedi community and if you look for 'em and get to talking you'll see why at least I've been around for a few years now. It's not so easy in forums to interpret peoples posts. We as humans tend to fill in the gray areas left by a lack of emotional inflection with how we're feeling at the moment we read something. Feeling a little mad about work, the the posts take on a hostile air. Feeling giddy, well you get the point. I for one would like to see this topic get back on course with a nice discussion a d friendly debate but hey, that's just me :silly:

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29 Apr 2008 18:04 - 29 Apr 2008 18:08 #14394 by Neaj Pa Bol
Replied by Neaj Pa Bol on topic Lightsaber Training
Just a Thought.....

I have no training in Martial arts, let alone Sword training. Only a few little pointers from my husband that he learned in Special Forces, for self-defense. But I found this DVD on eBay, reasonable price as well under Kendoand I looked for DVD's on training.

It's called:

Offical Guide to Beginner's Kendo-iaido. (Taught by Jim Wilson, former member of the BudoKwai Kendo Team, British Kendo Champions.)

It covers:

How to hold the sword
How to cut
Various postures
Etiquette, and more....

Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn. Benjamin Franklin

Let the improvement of yourself keep you so busy that you have no time to criticize others. Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Participated in the making of the book, “The Jedi Compass”with 2 articles.

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Faith is a journey, not a guilt trip...

Quiet your emotions to find inner peace. Learn from ignorance to foster knowledge.
Enjoy your passions but be immersed in serenity. Understand the chaos to see the harmony.
Life and death is to be one with the Force.

Apprentice's: Master Zanthan Storm, Jaxxy (Master Rachat et Espoir (Bridgette Barker))
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29 Apr 2008 18:40 #14396 by ChanceArgo
Replied by ChanceArgo on topic Lightsaber Training
Hmmmm. Wonder if it's available on Amazon.

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  • Kana Seiko Haruki
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29 Apr 2008 18:44 #14398 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Lightsaber Training
Yes it is, as are a great many swordmans books, try using search words such as Kendo, Iaido, Iaijuitsu, bokken etc etc etc... iut will come up with dozens...

Happy shopping but be warned.. training yourself from a book can never beat being trained by a real instructor, you will only teach yourself bad habits and you cannot see yourself properly, even if using a mirror.

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21 May 2008 00:02 #15312 by Sxith
Replied by Sxith on topic Lightsaber Training
Sometimes even being trained by an instructor can still result in personal injury due to bad form, less likely though since the instructor would be watching your form.

ex: I started fencing several years ago while lunging my lead foot would turn slightly inwards whilst my knee kept going straight as a result i have one bad knee and one good knee. I haven't fenced since I moved for school & haven't found the time since graduating, but im sure the next time I do it will invovle using some sort of support for my knee which i will gladly do because I love fencing.

but the risk of injury is still there even with an instructor present although it is minimized.

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  • Kana Seiko Haruki
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21 May 2008 02:55 #15316 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Lightsaber Training
It's like many sports to be honest, not just martial arts.

Personally, I think its wise to get tuition from different places, unless you wish to specialise in a specific form (or just not possible to go elsewhere)

I got a nasty cut on my left arm from someone being a fool with a sword next to me... no amount of tuition helps these people, lucky for me it wasnt deep and I escaped stitches but it also taught me a lesson about trusting people with weapons.

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09 Jul 2008 13:08 #16996 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Lightsaber Training

Now I dont know about you, but I dont think we need a daily newspaper poll to tell us this :D

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