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21 Jul 2007 00:07 #4431 by DAN
Replied by DAN on topic Lightsaber Training
well the fact that you didn't read the rest of my so called rant, that says everything. ok i see that you all are not understanding, thats fine this is supposed to be a place to post what you feel and think, we are not to judge i myself have been guilty of that. i am not questioning anyone of their rank nor how they perceive them selves. think what you will and feel how you feel, and with that i am done speaking in here unless we go back to the main topic.

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27 Jul 2007 17:19 #4793 by Tyr Jinn
Replied by Tyr Jinn on topic Lightsaber Training
Please forgive my interruption, I know that no one knows me but I feel as though I must comment on the thread. After reading it all I have noticed that all have valid points though they have often been missed by each other involved in the situation. First to the topic at hand weapons while I agree that in the end it is you who are the weapon and anything else just a tool, believe me after Panama a few years back this is most certainly the case. The Jedi are not meant to be warriors unless necessary, very much a last resort. However even in the works of Lucas and those who added to the Star Wars mythology there where many different styles and forms of combat. The lightsaber a weapon that at least at the present is not probable was at the center of this but there where many others. As such I believe that as Jediism grows and temples built that as a student of a few martial arts that different weapons should be taught but should be used only as a form of meditation and/ or ceremonial purposes. This course would take several masters or students of these various martial arts to perfect these styles designed for the order. In my opinion however if a Jedi where to carry a weapon I propose the ASP it is simple and defensive not in any way designed to kill (although it is possible) which is what every Jedi should strive for, a peaceful resolution to any situation. When diplomacy fails then restraint should still be used, as far as I am aware there is no Sith order, though there could be, however I do not anticipate open war on the streets over ideology. As far as the disagreements are concerned, these things happen however would it not be best to try to understand the wisdom of each others words without taking offense. Jedi may disagree but shouldn't they try to learn from one another despite these disagreements and search for a better way for all. Once again forgive my interuption and thank you for you time,


Tyr Jinn

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27 Jul 2007 18:06 #4801 by MasterKeyanFlamecloud
Replied by MasterKeyanFlamecloud on topic Lightsaber Training
Having been certified with the ASP collapsable baton for over 6 years, and having worked in Law Enforcement for over 10, I would follow up with this.

The ASP baton is a deadly weapon. There are MANY restrictions on it's possession and usage, and it is illegal in many places. There is a qualification course for this impact weapon, and I HIGHLY suggest that PRIOR to purchasing one, or especially carrying one, that you check with your local police agency and verify that they are legal in your area.

In a GREAT many jurisdictions, they often times DO qualify as a concealed weapon, and WILL get you arrested and charged as such. The police often regard these devices much the same as a butterfly knife, or a switchblade, as they possess the ability to hide their potential.

Check..FIRST...don't run the risk of getting yourself into trouble...and make no mistake about it, I don't care if you are a 700th degree black belt, Martial arts master of fifty different styles....this is NOT a martial arts is a STEEL, collapsable POLICE defense tool, and is NOT intended for ANYTHING but personal defense. If you are NOT certified with it, you face SEVERE consequences for using it...

Armament Systems and Procedures is the company, hence ASP. I had a three day course in it's usage, so I am legal to use it, and my state and town allow them...Please protect yourself before you make this selection...look into it!

Master KFC...(thanks tsuki! that's a great one!)

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27 Jul 2007 18:46 #4804 by Tyr Jinn
Replied by Tyr Jinn on topic Lightsaber Training
Excellent point, I am a former police officer myself and the weapon is legal here as a legitimate self defense tool as such overlooked this point. It is something that I never put much thought into of course it was a very rare instance indeed to find a civilian with an asp more often than not a pocket knife or in rare instances a gun (not rare enough I am afraid). I once had a guy come at me with a tire iron too but that is getting off topic. My point was simply this there is no need to carry a weapon at all, but if there are those that feel it is a necessity I am sure if everyone put their heads together a reasonable alternative can be reached. Thanks again MasterKeyanFlamecloud for pointing out my mistake. The one thing I feel I must speak up about however is that I never mentioned the asp as a martial arts weapon and have never found a Dojo that would teach one as such, my training with the device came from my military and civilian police experience. The closest weapon I could think of would be a Jo, I am sure there are other weapons that are used in such a way but I am drawing a blank at the moment, lack of sleep.

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29 Jul 2007 06:52 #4861 by Justice
Replied by Justice on topic Lightsaber Training
Master KFC (lol, that's just funny!) and Tyr Jinn have brought up very valid points, thank you both. Your experience and knowledge is always welcome.
Master Krayt, skillful use of song lyrics to help deal with the flared tempers, but for shame for dropping the ball on the Metallica lyrics..... Bad Leather Neck!

As for everyone else, what can I say? This thread was started with a question about lightsaber training. You say there is no such thing, I say you are wrong to a degree. The movie lightsaber, true, not real. Yet, there are several styles of lightsabers out there. They have/produce light and they are a saber. So, there is your lightsbaer. They can be trained with. They can be sparred with. You can hurt yourself and others while doing this. You won't cut anything off, but hurt none the less.

There are several of us here that are trained in the martial arts and train with weapons of our various arts. These are for meditation, proficiancy (sp?), and showing off at tournements trying to win a trophy. Most of these weapons have no practical use in this age. I said no practical use, not no use. Why are there arguements going on about the use of these weapons? If you carry a sword in public, you are likely going to get arrested. If you carry just about any weapon in public that can happen unless you have the proper permit. Gentlemen, I am proud of you for your achievements in your practice of your particular flavor of martial art, but the route this thread has taken is not constructive at all. It has turned destructive. Everyone needs to take a step back, take a deep breath, and get this back on track if it even needs to be continued at all. I am addressing everyone, that's why there are no names used in this portion of what I have said. You are all better than this.

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06 Aug 2007 14:25 #5465 by Daniel L.
Replied by Daniel L. on topic Lightsaber Training
now that is a true Jedi.Im not making fun REALLY!!!!
Rev. Justice I am glad to have a role model like you.Thank the force Dan and I figured things out off the forms.
NOW If what your saying I true than the saber styles I posted could come to some use and like i said all of the light saber styles i posted can be use with any weapon. here they area again.
The Jedi initiate rank, first learn Form 1 before they begin a Padawan apprenticeship with a Jedi Master. Jedi taught Shii-Cho first because of its simplicity and versatility.In Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the Younglings can be seen being taught by Yoda to deflect light blaster bolts. They are in the beginning stages of Form 1

After Form 1's proliferation as a saber combat technique, Form 2 came about as a means of lightsaber-to-lightsaber combat. It is described as being very elegant, powerful, and requiring extreme precision, allowing the user to attack and defend with minimal effort, while his opponent tires himself out.

Form 3, the most defensive of all of the forms.Soresu utilizes motions occurring very close to the body to achieve near-total protection, efficiently expending as little energy as possible to execute these moves. This technique exposes as few target zones on the body as possible, making a well-trained practitioner nearly impenetrable. However, Soresu's same dedication to defense and minimal bodily exposure also decreases the lightsaber's threat range.

The master practitioners of Form 4 make extensive use of acrobatic maneuvers often thought physically impossible without the aid of the Force.Ataru relies on wide slashes, acrobatic proficiency and an open space for the Jedi to fight.Ataru practitioners are at a great disadvantage if fighting in a small area.Yoda, however, practiced Form 4 with such speed that, when coupled with his small size, left every point on an opponent's body open to attack while more than adequately defending himself.
Yoda was acknowledged as the greatest master of Ataru. He used it in almost all of his battles, and the style made him a virtually unstoppable whirlwind of destruction despite his small size

Shien / Djem Sot can be described as a mix of medieval swordman ship and kendo

Form 5 was developed by Jedi Master Plo Koon who felt that Form 3 was too passive, while Form 4 was not powerful enough.It addressed the shortcomings of both forms

Form 6 attempts to balance all elements of lightsaber combat, combining the Forms that came before into a less intensely demanding combat style. The result is that the users' skill in each individual areas of lightsaber combat is only moderate

The most challenging and demanding of all forms, Form 7requires intense focus, high levels of skill, and mastery of other forms
However, Vaapad borders on the edge of using the dark side, as it channels one's anger and darkness into the attack

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06 Aug 2007 15:51 #5467 by Anora^una_Ilorn
Replied by Anora^una_Ilorn on topic Lightsaber Training
Isn't fprm 7 what Mace Windoo(sp?) uses? I forgot. Anyway i heard the technique he uses is something that was very difficult to get, like he had to train with some type of animal for years before he could master it. Some might say this crazy but look at the philipene (sp? my spelling is really off today), they train with Oxen. I know, people are still going to say that is crazy, but some of them can actually take one out.

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06 Aug 2007 23:44 #5485 by Daniel L.
Replied by Daniel L. on topic Lightsaber Training
That is true Form 7 is the most difficult and the one form that will bring you closest to the dark side...witch is why its hard to master.It uses controled rage as Jedi we do not suppres feeling we just know when to use them and this is one way when you get angry you stop caring about how much damage can be done to you so pushing your body to a its limits can become very easy in a short sprint of flurrys and blows.
but ill stick with ataru seeing as how most if the fighting styles i was thought use this type of form....

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28 Aug 2007 14:41 #6384 by Anakin Kenobi
Replied by Anakin Kenobi on topic Lightsaber Training
I would agree that sabre skills would be good as it focus's the mind and brings one into balance


Anakin Kenobi

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11 Sep 2007 06:48 #6905 by stevef
Replied by stevef on topic Lightsaber Training
i know i'm late to post on this but there is so much here and it's tough to keep up on. but here's my 2 cents:
i'm not a huge martial arts guy- i took plenty of takwando (spelling?) when i was younger and it faded away in high school (it was replaced like most other hobbies for the pursuite of women- hey i was 16!) although it is a worthy and honorable pursuite, i prefer other excersises.

i actually am planning on taking fencing with my buddy first and then (when he's older) my youngling. i like the concept of fencing- it's similar to the lightsaber as it's graceful and elegant. it really is a lost art. the other thing is it teaches balance, creative thinking and quick response. something that i want to learn better as well as buddy and it's something i want my youngling to try.
it seems to me that fencing is a good idea and an honorable pursuite. also have i mentioned it looks like lightsaber fighting?

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