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25 Oct 2009 04:38 #26378 by david.wissman
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Hello all,

I just want to introduce myself to you all, I am Dave. First and foremost, I am a US Army Medic and have been in theater for over 27 months total. Working out is something that we do to get away from things that are on our minds. One of the surprisingly decent work-outs out there is called Cross-fit. Also there is this one you see on late night t.v. called PX90, and surprisingly it works very very well.

Before getting to much into a workout heres what I suggest you do to help ease into the routine. Try to go and get about 45-60 minutes of cardiovascular training in per day for roughly one to two weeks. After you have the ability to run 6 miles at a decent pace, I say its time to hit the gym and work weights and workouts into your cardio training.

Start this process, workout Monday 45 mins cardio, then 4 sets of 8 pull ups, 4 sets of 8 dips, and 4 sets of as many \"T\" push-ups as you can do (google it to see it) and 4 sets of as many incline rows as you can do. (google as well if you don't know what it is.)

Tuesday, 60 mins Cardiovascular (running, bike, oliptical, stairs, ect.)

Wednesday, 4 sets of 8 bulgarian split squats, 4 sets of step ups with dumb bells in hands, 4 sets of inclined sit-ups, and 2 sessions of 60 seconds planks balancing on a swiss ball with your arms, and feet on a bench.

Thursday, 60 mins Cardiovascular (running, bike, oliptical, stairs, ect.)

Friday, Repeat Monday but do 30 of each exercise in as few sets as possible. OR - Do exercise on a circut basis for 20 mins straight, 10 reps each set.

Saturday, 60 mins Cardiovascular (running, bike, oliptical, stairs, ect.)

Sunday, Rest recover.

Supplements, Everyday - Wake up, One serving NOXplode, and Cellmass, Pre-workout One Serving NOXplode, Post Workout One serving Cellmass.



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