Some interesting news in spanish about Kendo master

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11 Sep 2009 00:50 #25718 by ObiOne
These news are from Mexico, thus is in spanish, for those who can read it:

I'll try to translate it as best as possible, my english is far from perfect:


Jose Eduardo Carnalla Flores, martial arts instructor and owner of the house, mannaged to untie, took a saber that was in his bedroom and using the pratice of martial arts, he confronted the muggers.

Mexico City.- Martial Arts instructor was apprehended after he faced three delinquents who entered his home to steal; one of which he killed using the japanese sword used in kendo.

At the moment city sheriff has not determined the legal status of the Karateka who is at disposal of the Juridic Bureau.

According to preliminary investigations, the afternoon of 09/02/09 three individual forced their entry into the address. It was 12:48 hrs when they threaten on death one man and one woman, the inhabitants of the domicile and then also proceded to tie them.

While two of them were taking valuable objects the other one stood outside the building on guard.

Jose Eduardo Carnalla Flores of 38 years and owner of the house mannaged to get free, took his saber he keep in his bedroom and using his knowledge in martial arts he confronted the robbers.

One of them threaten him with a firearm*, but Carnalla Flores, with a faster movement disarmed the thieft and struck him in the belly.

The injured one, unindentified to the moment and of 40 or 45 years, was translated to the E.R. where he died.

Crime scene has already been called to the place and in the next hours the legal status of Carnalla Flores will be determined.\"

He got free:


Eduardo Carnalla Flores was absolved after self-defence was proved.

Family of the sportman declared that he will not come back to live in his home where the events took place fearing reprisals after investigators of the crime scene determined that the dead robber was part of a gang, who was already seized at least in two ocassions in the past\"

*I heard the firearm was actually an assault rifle

I though this new might be of interest to the jedi online community, since many of us are great admirors (and many are practisioners also) of japanese fencing and martial arts in general.

It's a household question if a katana can defeat a firearm, the common sense answer is that it's not feasible. I guess this is one in a million.

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11 Sep 2009 08:43 #25728 by ChanceArgo
I suppose that a Martial Arts Master *could* risk bringing a knife (or kendo stick, as the case may be) to a gunfight, but I think for the rest of us, it should be clear:

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11 Sep 2009 15:50 #25733 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Some interesting news in spanish about Kendo master
Well - we dont know the 'details' but I fully imagine the scenorio being more than feasable.

Imagine the scene in (for example) your own living room

If the gunman had be caught by surprise ie he didnt expect the guy to free himself from the bonds let alone show up with a sword - the element of surprise would immediately give the swordsman the upper hand - the fact he was a practiced and competitive kendo expert means he would have fast reflexes and excellent hand/eye coordination. Also if the rifle (assuming it was an assault rifle) may well have been held at a somewhat relaxed position again giving the swordsman valuable split seconds.

From this im assuming mexico have similar laws regarding home defence etc as the UK

I wouldnt think the guy intended to kill the robber - and its possibly the dead man had underlying health conditions - as I said we dont know the exact details but I do feel for the home owner

Im sure no one would like to find themselves in such a situation but I think most of us would have responded in a similar way.

As said - dont try this at home - life isnt a movie or a video game - life is precious - you get one go at it.


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12 Sep 2009 18:15 #25746 by Garm
Oh my gosh!! two Star Wars quotes in one night!!!

Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.

~Han Solo

'ol Han was wrong this time...

Nice to see that the homeowner (victim) didn't become the perp in the eyes of the law for a change. B)

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12 Sep 2009 21:48 #25747 by Onokoro
I'm guessing the homeowner has neighbours. Of all the houses these guys could've chosen to break into, they chose one owned by an experienced Kenpo guy.

It's possible this realisation was more painful than the sword :laugh: .

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