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02 Feb 2009 20:01 #22015 by Kana Seiko Haruki
What Is A Martial Art was created by Kana Seiko Haruki
So why is a Martial Art important to a Jediist?

Well, first of all, it isn't exactly essential to every Jediist, it isnt compulsory, but it is one of those things thats deemed beneficial and ideally adopted into the Jedist lifestyle if possible, but obviously, everybody has time constraints and other issues/commitments and it isnt possible for everyone.

Another oh so stereotypical misconception is that a Jediist must learn a sword (or similar type) weapons based martial art because we all run about with lightsabres. Again, this is not the case (many real life Jediist's don't have lightsabres for a start). There are hundreds, possibly thousands of martial arts and variants from all over the world, and it may surprise you to see what is considered a martial art, archery being one example of this, and thus is why the definition of 'Martial Arts' has also been posted.

A question frequently asked by Jediist initiates is

'which martial arts should I practise?'

Answer :- 'Whatever you want to'.

Different people have different tastes, and abilities, and this is partly why different martial arts were devised. However one part of Jediism which may help one decide is the principal of defending the defenceless. Firstly though, one ought to be able to defend oneself before hoping to defend others, like the old saying of learning to walk before learning to run. Again, this is not a predetermined 'rule' of Jediism. Jediism is very much an individual thing and as said, martial arts too are an individuals decision as to, if at all, they are practised, and if so which one or ones.

This forum section has descriptions of many martial arts (by no means anywhere near an exhaustive list so please feel free to contact the appropriate section Librarian if you have an article to submit on this subject) but do not be set upon any particular one that you happen to like the sound of, as you may find it difficult to find (or fund) your 'chosen' form.

The benefits of martial arts are many, not just to Jediist but to anyone who trains. All the martial arts teach discipline, respect, honour, courage and sportsmanship. All of these qualities in themselves are desirable for all, one can often tell if a child or adolescent is either practising a martial art or is raised by a parent(s) who practices simply by their behaviour. Many of these ingrained facets of martial arts are also deeply held within Jediism. Other things martial arts teach are self-confidence, trust (in oneself and others), focus, concentration and commitment and these too are important parts of Jediism.

The philosophies of many if not all martial arts are shared at least in part with Jediism and visa versa, the fact that many martial arts (perhaps stereotypically) originate in eastern countries is possibly an explanation for this due to Jediism sharing many of the beliefs and ideals of religions such as Buddhism, Taoism, Daoism etc and these are often taught as part & parcel of martial arts.

But even if one does not chose any particular art, it is worth while anyone at least learning self defence in a general 'street survival' class, these are often run for women only classes and commonly teach 'dirty fighting' techniques but these classes are usually held in the same facilities and taught by the same teaches as those of 'proper' martial arts and are a good way to start or get a feel for what you may like or what feels natural to the individual.

Meditation is a big part of Jediism and this too is often taught as a part of martial arts, so a newcomer to Jediism may find this especially helpful as meditation is one of those things that is not easily taught or picked up through distance learning (over the internet).

So to summarise, a martial art is not essential to Jediism or Jedist training, but so much of each is applicable to the other that the two really are well suited. The fact remains that even for personal protection reasons alone, a martial art is a good thing to learn but like all potentially dangerous activities, proper guidance/training/coaching from insured and qualified instructors/teachers is essential.


Wikipedia Definition Of Martial Arts

A long and quite good definition of martial arts going into some depth, the reason it is simply hyperlinked here is due to the number of links to other resources within Wikipedia that posting the article here is impractical. Lots of information and worth spending the time reading.


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02 Feb 2009 21:45 #22019 by LUNO
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you know i asked the same question
i even typed in on google
and took a stupid quiz that had nothing to do with what
i like.
i ended up takeing kendo
and muay-thai,c.q.c well home trained c.q.c
man that was a good post. KANA

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03 Feb 2009 09:05 #22042 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic What Is A Martial Art
Forgot to mention that it's probably fair to say that the 'which art' question and reply is applicable to ANYONE - be they followers of the force or otherwise.


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