Northern Shaolin Kung Fu

11 Jan 2009 22:00 #21319 by Angelus
Hello my fellow Jedi. As a Jedi apprentice, I would like to take a Martial Arts, specifically Norther Shaolin Kung Fu. Does anyone know how or where I can find a school in South Jersey where I can learn this?

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16 Jan 2009 11:21 #21459 by Gabriel
Replied by Gabriel on topic Northern Shaolin Kung Fu
Okay, first you should figure out why you want a Northern style as opposed to Southern style. I think there are over 14,000 registered martial arts of China (maybe I am missing a 0). General diffrences between North and South is North use more legs (kicks) while South is more grounded and use more upper body. Again it is just a generalization. Now, Kung Fu can have VAST diffrences, what is it you are looking to get in the art? I know you are athletic as you are a cheerleader, In that I would think if you could find an Eagle Claw school, you would really like it, it has acrobatic feathers, but is also a fast art. Remember, all arts have their uses, but ultimately it is the practitioner that makes the art great. So at this point, I would suggest finding any school that is 1. close by and 2. not expensive and see what you like, get your feet wet and from their you can make a more informed choice as to which art you wish to persue.

Just my $0.02

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11 Feb 2009 04:10 #22272 by Calimanar
Replied by Calimanar on topic Northern Shaolin Kung Fu
Well I've done Shaolin Kung Fu, and they will teach you both Northern and Southern. Master Sir Kwan The kind of standardized the education of the schools. So just find a school for Shaolin Kung Fu and you should be fine...though I don't remember if there was or wasn't a school in Jersey.... You'll have to let me know if you find one.

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