Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?

10 May 2007 15:06 - 29 Jan 2009 21:05 #1961 by Garm
As part of our beliefs, we endeavor to follow our basic Jedi teachings, and under most conditions we can adhere to our principals. If I understand their meanings correctly, our goals are to aid in the betterment of the human condition by the spreading the word of peace and wisdom, the counseling of anyone seeking answers, and to aid in the course of a just society
This last one is the crux of this discussion. While we seek the peaceful conclusion of all conflicts, where do we stand as an order in the case of failed negotiations and when the direction of aggression turns to ourselves? If we are intent on keeping the peace and choose to step in to play an active role, it is imperative that we understand what these consequences may be.
As a martial arts practitioner and sensei with past military and law enforcement experience, I believe that we should explore this further. I will not reiterate what I said in my posts in the topic of “Aikido, but the possibilities of grave and maybe mortal danger is present when faced with this environment. The Police Officers and members of the Armed Forces within our Order can attest to this. You may never encounter this behavior but I think that we should all be aware that it exists and if the interest is there, how to best deal with it.
The Martial Arts, including the ones that I practice and love, all have history, religious and spiritual aspects…all good, inspiring items, but the real purpose of these systems are to teach you the techniques that allow you to survive in a combative encounter. If the time should ever come, our opponent will not give a rat’s butt about the Zen we have learned in our class's and neither will you. Maybe that's just military and police training talking...

So to begin, where do we stand on this?

Lenny O.C.P.
Knight of Jediism
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  • thud thorax
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12 May 2007 12:30 #2017 by thud thorax
Replied by thud thorax on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
Greetings, Lenny. I do not speak for the Temple here, only myself, but i have strong views on this subject.

I believe that yes, we are peace makers, yes, we strive for peaceful resolutions to conflict wherever possible, yes we aid and protect those in need, but no, we are not required to accept physical abuse from society's miscreants.

Many of the Jedi i have encountered are either serving in the military, police force or other public service areas, or have done so previously. Also, many of the Jedi i have met have had reputable and ongoing martial arts training. The Order seems to attract those who are trained and capable of serving and defending our fellow man.

I say apply your knowledge within the boundaries any reputable martial arts instructor will give you, and that's usually last resort, defense only and short, keeping the equal and opposite reaction rule in mind. As long as cruelty, vengeance, vanity, and other traits of the Darkside are kept out of the equation. Nice topic.


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12 May 2007 16:41 #2024 by Garm
Thanks brother Thud, I only wish to open the topic and see what opinions will arise. For awhile there I was afraid that this was a sign that I was sliding uncontrolably over to the dark side. Thankfully not it seems.

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  • osgoodj
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03 Jul 2007 17:29 #3682 by osgoodj
Replied by osgoodj on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
I feel that the study of martial arts, or at least basic self-defense is essential to a Jedi, and is good advice for all people. It builds discipline, physical and mental strength. We should always seek the most peaceful solution to any problem, however, there are times when the use of force is unavoidable. And it is in the best interest of not only ourselves, but all mankind, that at the end of the day it is the Jedi still standing, and the assailant defeated, rather than vice versa.
almost always, only enough force so to control the person until the police arrive is best.

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  • Daniel L.
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14 Jul 2007 11:21 #4071 by Daniel L.
Replied by Daniel L. on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
I for one cant really leen on any side for this one...on the one hand martial arts are very use full but we cant count on all our Jedi to stay true to the Jedi way in the heat of the battle. That would be living in denial.So i ask for your opinion. If your Order ever meets and we do have a space for martial arts teachings should we only teach styles that require an offensive attacker in order to be used...
For example I study Zui Quan or Drunken Master...
Some think this style is just for show and that no one has ever really seen this style in action.Thats because you cant really use it as an offensive style,most if its movement are counter attacks
What i suggest is mixing and forming a style made out of only defensive styles
this is a small list of some...

Jeet Kun Do(can be use as offensive but not what its ment for)
Zui Quan
Tie Chi Quan

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  • monkonfire
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14 Jul 2007 16:14 #4081 by monkonfire
Replied by monkonfire on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
I think it is very necessary that Jedi train in martial arts so that they are prepared to serve their neighbor with protective ability. I train the Moh Temple (or Moh Kempo) system ( ) and it is primarily a defense based art. Yet part of being a Jedi is to offer protective stewardship for those around you. I also, one can train such that the Jedi way is maintained even in combat.

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  • mojiimoto
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13 Sep 2007 03:54 #7003 by mojiimoto
Replied by mojiimoto on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
Does anyone in the order study traditinal Japanese Shotokan, it is the style I enjoy and have been training in for the last three years under Sensei Fusaro that art form is less show-off and uses your body mass to your advantage, the best part of tis type of karate is it does not matter what size you are, any one even if your are not atletic can do it.check out is web site

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  • Decimus
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13 Sep 2007 10:00 #7011 by Decimus
Replied by Decimus on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
I believe that martial arts is very intregal in establishing discipline in an individual. Jediism and martial arts can work hand in hand in this way. I am one of those who is a Jedi and in the military. The military has taught me alot in the way of martial arts, both lethal and non-lethal. Which shows me that there is more than one way to subdue those who wish to do harm to you or others. I like to think that Jediism and martial arts can be cohesive to one another.

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13 Sep 2007 17:16 - 15 Jan 2009 22:09 #7021 by Garm
I tend to favor the Martial arts that are very direct. I do not like any wasted movements. This is just my preference. As mentioned in other threads I practice Shotokan and Chito Ryu as well as Iadio. I hold blackbelts in both of these arts, the iadia I practice for myself and have no intention of bothering with any ranking system.

When I first started practicing in the eighties I was a Conservation Officer and a reserve soldier, my needs at the time were more rooted the practical application of the art than the spiritual. (Alone in the woods confronting a group of drunken hunters is not the time to think about forms and philosophy ;) )

Most of the clubs that I have been a member of (until recently) have been extremely competitive. In otherwords if it doesn't work in the ring they won't stress it in training. As of late I enjoy the forms and the spiritual more now than when I was younger, I remember that not too long ago, given the choice, I would practice sparing over Kata. But remember that is just me, and that was then. Now I take the time to enjoy the many other aspects of martial training.

Martial arts is a semi individual activity and everyone should aim to get what they enjoy out of the sport. My goals may not be like anyone elses'. There are clubs out there that cater to all interests and personality types, with a little patience one can find exactly what you need. There is not a 'right' way or a 'wrong' way, like the Force, martial arts just exist and it is up to the individual practitioner to use their knowlege to his or her ends in a responsible manner.

just my two cents worth. MTFBWY

Bshp. Lenny O.C.P.
Master Knight of Jediism
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  • Sekhu_Ba_Ra
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24 Sep 2007 11:44 #7527 by Sekhu_Ba_Ra
Replied by Sekhu_Ba_Ra on topic Jediism & Martial Arts-practical application?
I would think that as Jedi we would naturally be drawn to the martial arts, especially those styles that favour sword techniques. Where a sword technique is known, a lightsaber can not be too far away.

As for my history with martial arts, I studied Tae-Kwon-Do, Ninjutsu, and Chinese Wu Shu,(Contrary to popular belief, kung fu, or \"gong fu\" in the chinese language does not mean martial arts. It translates, \"hard work\". Surely one can train in kung fu for the martial arts, but a blacksmith can also train kung fu in his craft, or a painter or baker in his. \"Wu Shu\" would be the correct chinese word for martial arts). I would love to study any sword-related art, if only to mimic the jedi of the movies.

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