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06 Jan 2022 19:08 - 06 Jan 2022 19:32 #365218 by Edan
I posted a rant yesterday about the state of women's health, and how it's treated second class to men's.

Then today, I read this (warning, if you do not like blood I recommend not reading):

Of my own experiences, I've had a doctor tell me that my false pregnancy symptoms were normal and talked me in circles until I said what he thought was right.
I've had multiple doctors tell me that losing half my hair was fine and I'm not dying so don't worry about it. One doctor wouldn't refer me to a specialist until my husband intervened. That's right, a man had to speak up for me to get the appointment I needed.

This is a post to highlight the very real struggles that women get when it comes to getting their health taken seriously.

To all people, but especially women... stick up for your health Don't let people tell you to go home if you know there is something wrong. Don't let doctors tell you you're fine when you know you're not. See a different doctor if yours won't listen. If you don't stick up for your health, no-one else will.

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10 Jan 2022 06:00 #365350 by Adder
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Lots of opportunities for Doc's not offer any or very good advice, regardless of ones gender or sex, or even if you ask them. It seems to happen a lot.

Not only does the system have one hand tied behind its back (albeit for good reason) but then there is the human aspect of laziness, distraction, exhaustion, ill health, different areas of interest/knowledge etc which can add new layers of impairment on the delivery of individual healthcare.


I, and several people I know, have to had to basically solve our own quite serious health problems when they fall outside the specific diagnostic criteria for the provision of health advice and care. I also certainly wouldn't stick with only one Doc for the same above reasons. I know as a kid I sorta looked up to them a bit, but yea nah it's a zoo out there, a degree and job don't a mastery make. Great when you find a good one though, makes it easier, but all have limits.

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10 Jan 2022 14:14 #365359 by rugadd
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Agreed. My brother is a general surgeon and his advice is basically the same: it is YOUR health, find out as much as you can and talk to the Doctors that have been working with YOUR health problem the longest. Sending messages and letters and researching has never been more accessible.


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