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14 Sep 2021 18:48 #362613 by Eleven
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From time to time I find myself falling into a state of depression. I keep myself busy but now and then I find myself either slow fall in or slip and fall hard into it. I’ve seek help for it over the years through council Jedi or professional. I’ve tried anti depressants but they all make me angry and say violent things so I discontinued it.

I’ve done meditation, yoga, gym workouts and they help but still no matter how positive ir how good things can be I fall into it.

No religion, practice or training can make it go away fully. However it’s like being in a dark room. However in that room there is a speck of light and regardless how long it takes it’s always there hope.

Look for hope. It’s always there and when you find it cling to it. I am in that place right now looking and searching…the light it can never ever be distinguished…The Force may it guide you protect you, and find you when in a snare and in darkness. “My Ally is The Force and a Good Ally it is.” -Yoda

I wanted to share. MTFBWY
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14 Sep 2021 18:57 #362614 by Arisaig
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It never does go away. It only gets easier when we realize that and learn how to keep it in check.

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