Take a Deep breath

18 Sep 2020 23:04 #354767 by Atania Kenobi
Hi, let me first start this off by saying sorry for the last post it was mostly a vent!

So a short update, I have decided officially to have the surgery in December and I graduate in January! A funny thing happened today! I had that meeting with the doc about 2 hours from my hometown so I planned to be out of school for most of the day. I sat in the patient's room with my mom for two hours! Then after the consultation, we waited a mother hour for the nurse to say 'I need to ask some pre-surg questions before you leave.' We're finally out of the doc's office and went to find the car, we got lost! XD. (Praise the stars that I got coffee afterwards.) We got back to town 8 hours later the exact time that school gets out! It's been a day of testing my patience for the better! XD

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”People are like flowers. We follow the way of heliotropism: the following and turning away from the light. From this, there is a diversity in the flowers some are large and small, tall and short, putrid and fragrant, yet in the end they bloom in their own time and in their own ways. Beauty in diversity and in yourself is for you alone to experience and to cherish. ”
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Testing patience and learnings everyday ... Stars are shining...

* Ben Kenobi told to focus on the most important emotions in mind, to be honest with ourselves about the sensations experiencing and how they affected us. Then Luke had to let them go, one by one, as if emptying a glass of water. The goal was to become an empty vessel; only then could the Force fill it.

I will look at the stars too and breathe a little serenity that renews my inner Force, Keep shining Lady Kenobi

I am also paraphrasing a possible Jedi meditation from - * Weapon of a Jedi, Chapter 2 by Jason Fry.

* * *

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The Force is all, I choose my Focus
Life includes suffering, I am Resilient
The Force include my imagination, I extract Wisdom and Harmony
Life includes adversity, I obtain Knowledge
I respect your Life, lets revitalize our Force while breathing
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