Take a deep breath!

18 Jan 2021 20:41 #357867 by Atania Kenobi
Replied by Atania Kenobi on topic Take a deep breath!
I'm healing very well from the surgery and having the extra free time is verybeneficial. However, on another note I am losing weight fairly fast. I'm not one to worry about my weight just as long as I regulate around 130 lbs. A month before the surgery I was 131 lbs, day before the surgery I was at 125.3 lbs, week after surgery 124.2lbs. And as of this morning I'm 123.6 lbs. I may just be losing muscle mass, but I don't try to lose weight and gaining weight is a little more difficult to do healthily. At least without eating too much or too little, and the strange thing is that I just learned about it in health class!
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