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16 Aug 2020 05:18 #353878 by Eqin Ilis
Ring Fit Adventure was created by Eqin Ilis
Is anyone playing it?

I just got it, and it's been a badly needed help in getting this quarentine body back into shape. I used to really enjoy my nature walks, but I live in an area that seems to enjoy crowding, even in nature. (Also without masks, because why not?) I just started playing Ring Fit Adventure about a week ago, and my girlfriend remarked on the effect on my mental health today. It's helping me regulate my sleep pattern, and I feel more productive and optimistic. I even managed to process some heavy emotional issues I had been pushing down.

I hope this was the right place to post this. If anyone wants to talk about the story or needs more friends to compete against, I thought it might be a nice resource.

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16 Aug 2020 13:10 #353882 by Ben
Replied by Ben on topic Ring Fit Adventure
My girlfriend bought it a couple of weeks ago. She’s been really enjoying using it, and I’ve been really enjoying the entertainment :evil:

From observing it, it seems like the kind of thing where the novelty would wear off after a while if it was the only form of exercise you were doing, but when alternated with other activities - video game-based or otherwise - it’s a really neat way to make exercising fun!

Glad to hear you’ve been feeling the benefits. If I ever get around to giving it a go, a bit of friendly competition sounds fun... :)
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