Take a deep breath!

06 Jul 2020 21:16 #353185 by Atania Kenobi
I'm currently getting out of the hospital for a follow up appointment with the doc. So far no surgery but we're going to see if the cyst or the symptoms come back. My risk of thyroid cancer is low, but not impossible. The doctor was really nice and patient with me when they stuck a camera scope down my nose and throat. It felt way better than the biopsy although I wanted to sneeze really badly, but eheh we can't sneeze in today's society. And I was also able to look at the ultrasound images and I was aghast at how big it was! Vertically it was past my jugular and widthwise it was 2.5 mm.

Also, this past weekend, 4th of July weekend. Was spent camping and being on the river. Unfortunately I did get sunburnt for the first time ever. I am very grateful for the chance to be with people and young children. I was able to hold a two month old little girl, and a very small siamese kitten. My heart was filling with cuteness joy at the fact I missed being around very young kids and influencing them! I hope your 4th was amazing and If you don't celebrate I hope you had fun regardless! :)

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Force Be With you!

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13 Jul 2020 00:05 #353301 by Carlos.Martinez3
May the Force you need find ya

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