Vegetarian Recipes

27 Dec 2013 17:44 #130823 by rugadd
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Hi all!

After reading another thread and in combination with some health concerns I've taken a deeper interest in my food. I would like to gather some recipes from my fellow Jedi of the vegetarian persuasion. I'm not ready to give up meat entirely but I'm going to be reducing it significantly. That said, please share some of your favorites!


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27 Dec 2013 18:13 #130828 by Rickie The Grey
Replied by Rickie The Grey on topic Vegetarian Recipes
One of my favorite animal protein subs are beans. My simplest prep is to drain and rinse a can of cannellini beans, add as much Red Hot Sauce as you like along with some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and let set in the ice box for a day or so. Put them on rice, salad, pasta, toast or mash them into a spread. Enjoy :woohoo: :)

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27 Dec 2013 18:22 #130830 by Mareeka
Replied by Mareeka on topic Vegetarian Recipes
I have gotten a lot from .

the recipies are vegetarian of the vegan order . . the usefullnes that i find is:

it is a very large data based created by the site users
it is not polluted with commercialism
the recipies are often in small quantities

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27 Dec 2013 23:43 - 27 Dec 2013 23:50 #130861 by Wendaline
Replied by Wendaline on topic Vegetarian Recipes
I don't know if you like kimbap, but it's an easy and delicious food to make.

All you need is:

Nori sheets
Cooked quinoa or rice (quinoa keeps longer)
Sliced produce like cucumber, pepper, asparagus, carrot, avocado, whatever you like
Kimchi (optional)

Slap some quinoa on a nori sheet, stack some veggies, and roll. You can cut it up like sushi or fold it like a burrito. Adding soy sauce makes it even more yummy.

Vegetarian chili, rice and veggies, bean burritos, and soups are all easy vegetarian comfort foods. Really anything can be tweaked to make it healthier, you just have to get a little creative. Like mashing beets into your potatoes. You still get the goodness of mashed potatoes, but now you get extra vitamins, fiber, and color! Woo. Good for kids, because who doesn't like spooky monster taters?
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