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06 Dec 2013 21:50 #127466 by Wolverine
HIV and Jedi was created by Wolverine
Are any HIV positive members on here? What are thoughts on HIV and Jediiism? Can the jedi be hiv+? Or is it against the force? I don't know my status yet (tested negative last month), but my wife was infected and I might be too. Can I still be a jedi?

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06 Dec 2013 22:06 - 06 Dec 2013 22:08 #127467 by Alexandre Orion
Replied by Alexandre Orion on topic HIV and Jedi
Yes, Wolverine, you can still be a Jedi --

All things that are arise of the Force ; there is nothing that is 'against' the Force as you may hear some say "against God". In fact, just the concept of 'against the Force' is thoroughly ludicrous.

Be a philosopher ; but, amidst all your philosophy, be still a man.
~ David Hume

Chaque homme a des devoirs envers l'homme en tant qu'homme.
~ Henri Bergson
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06 Dec 2013 22:16 #127470 by Connor Lidell
Replied by Connor Lidell on topic HIV and Jedi
Yes, you can certainly be a Jedi while having HIV.

Question though... why would you think otherwise?

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07 Dec 2013 00:26 - 07 Dec 2013 00:29 #127479 by Arcade
Replied by Arcade on topic HIV and Jedi
I have a few close HIV+ friends (and have dated someone who is HIV+), and they are certainly worthy of being called Jedi (had they the desire to identify as Jedi). In almost all of their cases, they were unfortunately infected by people they loved that weren't aware of their HIV status.

Of course I'm wishing you the best as far as results go and have the deepest sympathy for you. I've been in the situation you're in, and after months of worrying (test results come much more quickly now), I was told that I was negative.

It was an experience that made me think hard about the things I loved, the things I wanted in life, and what it would mean to be living with a disease like HIV. I probably didn't even need to express any of that. I'm sure you're going through the same thing.

After a while, I realized I had to let go and accept whatever might be in the future. I hope, despite all of the stress you're feeling, that you can reach that point of release before you go in for your results (if you haven't already).

Please know that HIV isn't a death sentence in most instances. It does become the focus of your life in some ways (keeping up on medicinal cocktails and going in for regular checkups and such), but it doesn't have to destroy you and it won't make you less of a Jedi.

I'm sorry about your wife, though her chances of living a fairly normal life are very good (as are yours if you happen to be positive).

There's been a significant spike in HIV transmission over the last 2 years, which I find quite sad. Perhaps, no matter what your test result, you could use your personal experience to educate others about HIV or help those in the HIV+ community.

Believe me, I realize all that you're thinking about right now is your HIV status, but maybe that's something to consider down the road.

Take care of yourself (and your wife), Wolverine. Really. Don't let this drag you down. You're stronger than HIV.

As my wise teaching master wrote a while back when I was consumed by draining personal issues, "The Force IS With You."
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07 Dec 2013 01:52 - 07 Dec 2013 01:52 #127489 by Leandros Von
Replied by Leandros Von on topic HIV and Jedi
To follow up on Arcade's post, I would say that Jediism is a religion very suited towards someone with HIV.

My teacher Master Reliah is a Yoga instructor, and through her I have learned a little about Yoga / Prana / And general health and well-being, an interesting subject in my opinion is Ayurvedic Medicine (which some will groan about but I feel is worth looking into)

As someone who may suffer from a weakened immune system anything that will prolong health and vitality before reaching for the prescription meds can only be a good thing for the body, keeping immunities boosted through meditation, yoga and a yogic diet would certainly aid in prolonging health until such a time as western medicine become essential.

Alongside this I'm certain that Ayurveda will have a supplement of sorts that would compliment the lifestyle.

You also have to remember that HIV is not AIDS, and either way you are not going to die of it, it may complicate any future illnesses but ultimately it is not a death sentence.

I am not claiming that any of the above will cure you, but as a lifestyle choice it would certainly benefit your body and mind, perhaps even add a few years.

We try not to judge here at TotJO, I don't know if there are any others with HIV here but I would hope if there are that they would have spoken with you via PM to let you know you are not alone.

Thankyou for being so open and honest in the public forum, it's very brave of you, a good quality for a Jedi to have.
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07 Dec 2013 02:38 #127497 by Rickie The Grey
Replied by Rickie The Grey on topic HIV and Jedi
Thank you for sharing. I hope this place fills you both with healthy positive energy. Be well and be happy.

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07 Dec 2013 09:26 #127528 by Whyte Horse
Replied by Whyte Horse on topic HIV and Jedi
You can have HIV but only if you're positive. B)

Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.

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08 Dec 2013 18:10 #127654 by Wolverine
Replied by Wolverine on topic HIV and Jedi
Thanks to everyones for your kind words. I was told the jedi were a very understanding persons, I am now sure that is true.

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