Weird...and not good

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29 May 2008 14:49 #15646 by SidAnDunn
Replied by SidAnDunn on topic Weird...and not good
sounds like anxiety to me when i get anxious i smoke but when i tried to quit awhile back i would peel paint off of my walls or wherever i was sitting i would just peel the paint or chew on stuff even soda cans i would bite and tear them into strips of sharp metal but then i started smoking again and i quit however i am not saying start smoking by any means just saying look for a different outlet my other outlet was eating and that wouldnt do so i smoke

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29 May 2008 16:00 #15652 by Kana Seiko Haruki
Replied by Kana Seiko Haruki on topic Weird...and not good
On a serious note, I used to be real bad for biting my nail... not a biggie but nails look a mess for it... ive kinda quit biting but am a little over keen when it comes to trimming them.

I think it can be good in a way to swap one habit for another (such as chewing gum) but ideally the source of the compulsion needs to be identified and thus the whole thing treated at source.

I guess weve all got habits of one kind or another, the problem with eye lash pulling is the risk of infection and ingrowing eyelashes, both very painful conditions

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