Announcement : Re-enactment of moratorium on new apprenticeships

21 Dec 2022 13:51 #371104 by Alexandre Orion

Alexandre Orion wrote: Hello there everyone,

It is my pleasure to reveal you today the new ADiv, BDiv MDiv. You can find them in the TotJO navigation bar under "STUDIES".

Thus, as promised in my post from 4 April , the moratorium on new apprenticeships is herewith lifted . :)


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23 Dec 2022 15:11 #371130 by Loudzoo
Huge thank you to the entire team who has put so much time and effort into the new syllabus - it looks awesome.

For my benefit (and everyone else's) would it be possible to repost how the new system will work, particularly as it pertains to the Adiv / Apprenticeship?

Thank you!

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23 Dec 2022 18:00 #371131 by Zero
Adiv is now totally seperate from apprenticeships. Lessons from your TM haven’t changed however there is no longer a need for points. You must complete all adiv lessons PLUS all lessons from your TM to be considered for knighthood. How many lessons the TM assigns their apprentice is totally up to them.

Example- The 35 or so lessons I give my apprentices used to complete the degree and apprenticeship. That is no longer the case. Now the apprentice must do my 35 lessons PLUS the 39 lessons contained in the Adiv in order to be considered for advancement to knight.

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