Removal of ban on minors attending temple events

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As many of you know, we had an incident that occurred during a temple zoom meeting a couple weeks back. After the report came in to the moderator team, edan implemented a temporary ban on minors attending these activities until we could sort out the Who,what, where and when of what happened. Edans act was out of caution, and to protect those under the age of 18. After two weeks of talking to the Masters, council members, Knights, and members who were present, and considering the context of the words used during the conversation, it is my conclusion that no rules were broken during this event. It is also not lost on me that there is no real, or safe way to block a minor from attending a temple function without forcing them to lie about why they can’t attend, or identify themselves as a minor, which is in direct violation of our under 18 terms of use rules.( An issue that hadn’t even been thought of by any of us before hand.)

As Interim Head Moderator, I lift the ban on minors attending official temple events. I would remind all minors that an event is only an official TOTJO event if a knight is present. Our knights are here for your safety as is our youth officer (he’s here for you, so use him). If you are unsure if you should attend an event, please feel free to contact any council member, or any moderator.

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