Year End Roport 2018

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Year End Roport 2018 was created by Adhara
Year End Report 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen,
it is my pleasure to present to you the Year End Report of 2018. It contains many of the formal things that happened in the Temple this past year. But our Temple is more than that. It is the experiences we all had and have, the ups and the downs. When you look back and let your mind wonder through your year, take a moment to remember the good and the bad that happened. Maybe share your highlight or darkest time in a comment.
I hope you enjoy reading the report and I thank everyone for their contributions.

Membership Affairs

Here now, after 2018, we have a total of 17,445 users in the database.
2,653 of those accounts logged in during 2018
189 Membership Applications were approved during 2018.
During 2018, six Novices finished the IP and the following apprenticeships were started:
Senan and Kyrin
Zenchi and Avalon
Atticus and Preston
Rosalyn J and Jhannuzs
Sven One and Tannis Yarl
Atticus and Zero Storm
Madhatter and Llama Su
Madhatter and Aqua
Firewolf and Kohadre
Kit and Zero Storm
ThomasWFaulkner and UUJedi
Karn and Elizabeth
Reacher and Kasumi

In 2018 the following Members were given Knighthood:

In 2018 JLSpinner took over as Vice President of Membership affairs

Education Administration
Education administration has not been in operation for the major part of the year. It is planned to have all parts of our degree scheme, IP, SIP, apprenticeship, B.Div, in this department and to align them with the doctrine.
This year fewer Novices finished with the IP and therefor also fewer Initiates were active in the SIP.
There were no changes in the SIP or Degree Scheme.
- Adhara

IP team
After seeing many iterations of the IP team fail to have the stability to survive past the IP team lead, the IP team has grown and become more focused on decentralised ability to continue. Using the google spreadsheet from a previous incarnation, a team of currently fifteen members have so far filled of all the IP team roles, but in order to increase the team's effectiveness, it still needs more sponsors.
For the team, several goals have been set:
First, that the team has clear goals and methods for procedure in terms of several items: intaking new sponsors, officers, and IP students, checking journals for completion, giving feedback to novices, and efficiently moving and preparing finished novices toward initiate status
Second, that the team is more visible within TotJO and especially with current IP students, leading to novices feeling more enabled and integrated into the community
Third, that the team will be more integrated in actively mentoring novices through one-on-one and group study halls and tutoring
Fourth, that the team will have a richness of understanding the IP lessons in order to provide relevant feedback on the philosophy of the program as a whole
Fifth, that the team will be able to function long-term without a team lead, thus obviating my role

In order for these goals to be met, a meeting will be held 12 January to discuss study and discussion strategies. More input from knights involved in the SIP and IP curricula would greatly advance collective understanding of the program, and knights involved with the final check off process would decrease the time finished journals sit in our care. Finally, there is a vacancy for the assistant IP team lead role available to any apprentice or knight, preferably a person with experience creating or updating the IP.

This year the active clergy consisted of:
Licensed Clergy Person : 5
Ordained Clergy Person: 10
Senior Ordained Clergy Person: 4
Seminarian: 8

Promoted to the ranks of the clergy were:
From Seminarians to LCP: 5
From LCP to OCP: 3
From OCP to Sen.OCP: 1

The different teams of the clergy consisted of:
Seminary: 4
Outreach: 2
Synod/Administration: 5

The Members of the Synode are:
Pastor: Rosalyn J
Associate Pastor: Carlos.martinez3
Assistant Pastor Seminary: Raxicorico
Assistant Pastor Outreach: JLSpinner
Secretary – Interim: thomas.w.faulkner

A revision of the seminary was implemented starting December 2018 with contributions from a number of clergy, including most of the seminary team. Included in this revision is the division of lessons into three tiers, each corresponding with a particular clergy rank. While only the first tier has been approved, the next two tiers are in the works and will include a set of core lessons along with elective courses to suit individual ministry needs/personal interests.
Projection: On top of continuing to support seminarians, our first priority is to get the upper tiers of the seminary training finalized and published. This will hopefully help with the inactive clergy problem as well as provide a clear groundwork for promotion (presently the exact prerequisite for promotion is vague at best). As the seminary lessons are designed to be an evolving document, the next version of the first tier of seminary is already in the works, taking into account further feedback and requests.

Obtained an additional Outreach minister. Documents were created to support the ongoing continuing education and formal introduction to the Outreach team to support Temple welfare.
Projection: To recruit more membership and to create open relationships with the members of the Temple. To be there as a friend and to act as support.
- Thomaswfaulkner

Knights Corps
The knights gathered in 7 meetings to discuss various topics and to come together and learn and grow. One notable change that has occurred this year was that knights are actively involved in the knighting process. Until now the council decided upon the fitness for knighthood, since the end this year, all knights can contribute to the process and determine their brothers and sisters worthy of the title.

The council had a turbulent year. Council started out with 13 Councillors at the beginning of 2018. Over the course of the year and several heated discussions, Atticus, Kit, MadHatter and Tellahane left the council. Alexandre went on a leave of absence. With the passing of Senan we lost another valued member.
The current council members at the end of 2018 are Br.John, Carlos.martinez3, JLSpinner, NeajPaBol, ren, Rosalyn and Adhara.

System Administration
The TOJO moved to a server that is owned by the organization. With that some bugs came up, some were resolved. Overall there were no major problems or downtimes this year.

Treasury Report
PayPal Account: $80.31
Bank account: $722.46
To keep the site up and running donations are greatly appreciated via the Donate button in the top menu.

Rose City TOTJO
The Rose City Temple of the Jedi Order received authorization to begin operating in the Portland, Oregon region this year. Due to work and financial obligations, many members can not meet routinely, but as of December 2018 we have a physical temple to meet in. While 2018 did not provide the kind of start we hoped for, it has laid the framework for 2019 to provide great hope. 2018 also saw the creation of the Hurricane Response Network.
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