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07 Jul 2018 23:47 #323957 by Alethea Thompson

Reread the whole of the process. It states, under the section entitled "Defensive Asylum Processing with EOIR" that if you are caught by CBP at the border (either at a port of entry or entering illegally into the US) that you will be detained while they process your request.

If, however, you illegally immigrate to the US and get past CBP, then you are not are at risk of getting hit with illegal immigration when you ask for Asylum.

Entering illegally is a crime, but it does not prevent you from applying for Asylum- it's a just a different process.

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08 Jul 2018 04:40 #323959 by Beano349
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They claims are not really false. The executive branch is enforcing a law harshly. They can not hold adults and minors together, so they must separate them. Congress has declined to write, rewrite or clarify immigration laws. I think it is factual to say that enforcing the law as written and applied, requires the separation. Congress, and by extension have control over this. This is an on going issue, and the use of executive actions over the years has allowed congress off the hook.

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09 Jul 2018 15:12 #323988 by Locksley
Replied by Locksley on topic Regarding Current Events
As a Church with very clearly progressive beliefs built into the foundation of our Doctrine, it strikes me as important that we take every available stand against injustice (what is just and what is lawful are not necessarily the same) within the scope of our legal rights and status. Individually we can take whatever stance we wish, but it makes me very happy to see TotJO reinforce what is, essentially, already part of our foundation.
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