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Attention all Members, especially Youth Members…

It has come to our attention in the recent hours, of an Inappropriate request made to a Youth member by another Member. I applaud the strength and courage of this member to inform us as quickly as this person did! Details will not be provided due to the nature and context of this….

This is totally Unacceptable in all areas.


Inappropriate Content has been defined in the Children's Internet Protection Act as visual depictions that are obscene, child pornography, or material that is "harmful to minors."
Categories under this topic include pornography, hate groups, violence, illegal activity, extremist groups, and online advertising.
This may come off as an inappropriate topic to be discussing in reference to children, however, occurrences of this act are more common than many people think.

What can I do?

Use these tips to help kids and teens recognize and report sexual solicitations, personal information and meetings.
You have the right to say “NO” to anyone who talks about or asks you to do something that makes you uncomfortable, even if it’s someone you know.
Someone who pressures you to talk about or do something sexual, provide information online is not someone you should trust.
Block, unfriend or report anyone sending an unwanted sexual, personal information and meetings request.
Talk to a friend or an adult you trust if you get upset about a sexual personal information and meetings request. Sometimes just talking about it can help.
Be very careful about meeting offline. You should get your parents’ or guardians’ permission first, take them or another trusted adult with you and meet and stay in a public place.


Think about restricting who can view your profile such as friends only through the privacy features.
Do not provide too much information about yourself. Phone numbers and addresses should not be placed anywhere public!
Think before you post! Employers, parents, and schools will check up on you and inappropriate content simply shouldn't be posted.
Always be aware that it is simple to make a fake profile. People are not always who they say they are so think twice before allowing others to communicate and connect with you.
Report any concerns you may come across to someone you trust or an administrator.
Watch the clock. Social network sites can make time fly by so be cautious of how much time is spent on them.

As with laws and policy, any member, especially youth members, we are a NO TOLERANCE Organization for this behavior and will act upon it Immediately, as we are Now!!!

If you, or know someone that has had inappropriate contact, requests, statements and so forth to your person or another person by another member, regardless of the Members Youth or age, you can report this anonymously!!! The Best Practices for Youth, such as not giving out contact information, not connecting with people on FB or other Social Media if asked and Reporting anything remotely suspicious to us instantly!

Contact: Security Officers, Youth Officer, Pastor’s, SIG’s (Special Interest Group Advisors) and any Council Member by PM or email, PLEASE….

We Thank You and ask to help keep our Youth and Members Safe.

Master Neaj Pa Bol, on behalf of the Council…

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