Copy of Post in the Knight's Forum: Election of Knights as Advisory Council

29 Jul 2017 15:35 #293447 by Br. John
Here is the committee creation resolution and the election resolution both of which have been ENACTED and passed via CONSENT by The Council.

I approve and CONSENT to the creation of a Knight's Council Advisory Committee, the members of which shall be elected by The Council via CONSENT and the number of members set and changed in the same manner. The initial number of members of the committee is five. The duty of the committee is to advise and recommend on all matters concerning The Order and be a liaison between the Member's and The Council

I approve and CONSENT to the election of Kit, Zenchi, JLSpinner, Senan and tzb as members of the Knight's Council Advisory Committee to a nonspecific term of office which shall not be longer than a year. Nothing prevents any member from being re-elected or being removed for cause before or after a year has passed from their election.

Founder of The Order

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