Knight’s and Assistant Knight’s Secretary

From the FAQ: The Knight's Secretary is responsible for organizing and chairing the Knights' meetings, managing discussions and organising votes. Furthermore, the Knight's Secretary is a contact person for all Temple Members who wish to contact the Knights directly.


Here are a list of the duties of the Knight’s Secretary and their Assistant:


Journal Checking


The Knight’s Secretary is responsible for organizing the Journal Checking process for Novice’s. 

  1. A Novice will message you to let you know they have completed their journal
  2. You will then make a sticky post as follows: Journal Needing Checked:[Novice’s Name] in the IP Checking subforum in the Knight’s Chambers
  3. Two Knights will then agree to check the journal and post their thoughts on whether it passes/doesn’t pass and any corrections that need to be made
  4. The Knight suggesting the correction will then PM the Novice 
  5. Once all corrections are made, the two Knights will pass the journal
  6. The final post will come from you and it will say something like “Thank you”[Novice’s name] is ready for apprenticeship
  7. Unsticky the thread and change the title to Journal Checked [Novice’s Name]
  8. Place the person in the Initiate’s Waiting for Apprenticeship (Year). If there isn’t a thread, please make one and sticky it
  9. Once they are taken as an apprentice, please make a note of that in the same thread Under the heading “New Apprenticeships” 


Knights Meetings 

  1. At regular intervals (at your discretion) there are Knights meetings, which either Knights Secretary or Assistant Secretary chair
  2. A notice is given that a Knights meeting is to be held, location and time is to be at your discretion, but please give Knights two weeks to add to the agenda
  3. PM all Knights to ensure they are in attendance if they can make it
  4. Post the log on the forum in place where you made the announcement

Knighting Apprentices

The process for Knighting Apprentices is here:

These are the questions: 


Steps 1-3 should take no more than 7 days

Steps 4 no more than 7 days

Step 5 no more than 7 days

Step 7 is allotted 10 days

Quorum is 6


End of the Year Report

Each year, the Council is responsible for the End of the Year Report. Knight’s Secretary typically collates:

  • New Initiates for the year
  • New Apprentices for the year
  • New Knights for the Year
  • New Senior Knights for the Year
  • New Masters for the Year
  • How many meetings were held this year for the Knights Corps