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    Hello Friends,
    I'm new to the group and would like to share a recent rambling.
    Thank you and May the Force be with us all.

    See them jut from the terra below, leaving the jingle-jangle world of cars, voice mail, and plastic two-liter bottles.
    Walk to them. Resolute and shaggy beasts, a promise that if left alone, nature will eventually touch the sky.
    Oily, broken concrete gives way to a soft, clean floor. A carpet, moist and warm with life and decay living and dying in unison. Fingers and hands wave and beckon, reeling and coaxing. Come inside.
    Sit low and stare into the great above. Cedars, Scotch pine, Douglas fir, alders, yew, maples, Sequoias: a cathedral rising undaunted. The hands and fingers which hold and touch, reaffirming their strength.
    A shift in the wind and these scarecrows bend to speak. Sharp fingers stroking, teasing your torso and head. Stand and listen.
    They are talking now, screaming to you. The wisdom of a thousand years and the pain and fear of recent days. Hear them. Whispering secrets, divulging spirits and paths. Hear these Scarecrows.
    Stand and walk on, the carpet growing deeper and wetter. Needles, leaves, pinecones – the embryos and the dead, the collective future – roll and poke underfoot.
    Breathe. Feel the pores in your chest open, releasing the languid air of so many cities and sucking at this healing newness. The scent of time rolls and weaves in filtered sunlight. Walk on.
    The beasts spread apart, a living space, a breathing space; columns grow in circumference, stronger and older. Above the canopy entraps and entombs. Walk on with reverence.
    In the center, the heart of hearts, a lone pine punches cracks in the sky. Peeling brown skin hides old, white innards. Touch. A rough blanket. Pitch oozes from deep, old scars. A sugary blood rising from Earth.
    Lie down.
    The moist carpet pulls at you – your soft warm form kneaded into rich soil. The sugary blood rising and flowing up and into the fingers and hands.
    Touch the winds and bow to the beasts.
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