The process for Knighthood is as follows:


Teaching Master must present their candidate for Knighthood by submitting the following to the Knights’ Secretary:


  • their recommendation
  • the apprentice’s assessment of the journey
  • the evidence for points obtained
  • a link to the apprentice’s journal 


The Knight’s Secretary will submit to the Education Administration the evidence for points obtained and the journal and grant the A Div if appropriate.



The Knight’s Secretary will create a thread titled [Candidate, Promotion to Knight] and announce that the candidate has “completed the A Div program to the satisfaction of the Education Administration of the Temple of the Jedi Order” which will be used to make further announcement regarding the knighthood process.



  • The Knights will then be requested to submit 5-7 questions to be put to the candidate.
  • They should be related to the candidate’s work and development
  • They should not be discussed outside of the Knights’ forum
  • Every knight who has further questions may also ask them outside the interview. They should be shared in the thread for all to see.


An interview will then be conducted by a voluntary Knight with the candidate and their Teaching Master. The interview will be derived from the questions of the previous step as well as the following standard questions:


  • What does being a Jedi Knight mean to you? (as compared to someone who just believes in the ways of the Force – a regular Temple Member)
  • Thinking about the code, creed, teachings and maxims ... which part or how much does the doctrine help you in finding your path as a Jedi? What does the Doctrine of the Order mean to you personally? Which part or aspect of the Doctrine have you found particularly challenging?
  • Do you feel that you can honour the Solemn Vow you would pronounce at the hour of your Knighthood? Do you understand the earnestness that this Vow implies?
  • What are your future plans for TOTJO? (while the candidate consider this question, see the next point for questions to the Teacher Master)
  • How are you feeling right now? 
  • The Teaching Master will be addressed with the following three questions:


  • TM: How do you feel about the time you spent training with [the candidate]?
  • TM: How do you feel that the apprenticeship evolved over time?
  • TM: What do you feel you have learned from them?
  • The transcript of the interview will be posted in the thread by the one who conducted the interview. There will be one week for discussion.

Following discussion a vote will be held for ten days to determine if the candidate is knighted or not.


Majority rules. Quorum for a vote is six knights minimum.


A reason for a decision should be given.


If the vote is positive, a public announcement will be made and the Knighting ceremony arranged.


If the vote is negative, reasons for the denial of Knighthood will be given to the candidate and the Teaching Master.