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  1. All candidates for Knighthood must meet the requirements of a Knight, per the Knight Rank Law.
  2. The candidate's Teaching Master must submit the candidate to the Degree Administrator who will check the candidate meets the requirements of the A.Div.
  3. If the candidate meets the requirements of the A.Div the Teaching Master gets the candidate to write up an assessment of their time at TotJO (IP and Apprenticeship) to date.
  4. The Teaching master informs the Council Secretary who checks with the Degree Administrator that the candidate meets the minimum requirements for the A.Div.
  5. The Council will review the candidate's eligibility.
  6. If eligible, the Council Secretary will arrange the interview to include the Teaching Master and at least one Councillor.
  7. The Council will review the results of the interview and vote.
  8. If the candidate has merited the succession of the title Knight of Jediism, the Council Secretary shall organize the Knighting Ceremony. The Council Secretary will liaise with Former Teaching Master to determine who will make the announcement to the general public in the forums. If the candidate is not successful the Council Secretary will inform the candidate's Teaching Master about what needs to be addressed. Quoting from relevant posts from Council posts if applicable.
  9. When the Knighting Ceremony has been completed the representative of the Council present must post a transcript of the Knighting Ceremony to the candidate's Knighthood Ceremony announcement.