Sermon 3/25/2012

"Stop and smell the roses"


You know, its 10:05pm, Sunday evening...

I plumb forgot to finish writing a sermon this week...

I have a subject, as shown by the title, but, believe it or not, I was actually "stopping, and smelling the roses"....

I had a busy weekend...

Had to take the wife to the salon, belt testing for my students, and a family shindig on Saturday....

Today, picked up the yard, went got gas for the mowers, mowed, grocery shopping, then to another store for grocery shopping... Toys 'R's Us (clearly the stop here was not long enough!) for a birthday present for a niece, then party for the niece, home, then K-Mart for some quick shopping, then home to grill some brats, some pork chops, and a coupla dogs....


Not to mention the visiting TOTJO, words with friends, facebook, demotivational and fml site visits....

Now this sounds pretty busy, and granted, it is...

But, I was 'there'....

In the moment, the 'Now's...

I was at the stores, I was at the testing, I was paying attention at the family get together...

I noticed the way the grass moved as I mowed it, how the snake tried to stay ahead of me as I caught him, and released him in an already mowed area... The decor at my cousin's house, the toys at the niece's house... The squirrels feeding on the corn and the peanuts after we were done mowing...

Sigh... It was great....

Make sure, as you go through your day, your week, your life, to pay attention to as much as you can...

I'm not perfect at it, but as I reflect on my weekend, it was GREAT....

Nothing spectacular, nothing earth shattering....

Just a good weekend...

I hope yours was too....

May the Force be with You....


#1 Jestor 2012-03-26 04:07
Grr, editing will be fixed tomorrow... lol...

My apologies to all who read it before I get it fixed...

EDIT: fixed editing
#2 Jacen solo 2012-03-26 04:36
Thank you master jestor it was good and that has been what i have been trying to do for awhile but my mind is sometimes focused on the future instead of the now
#3 Psyddhattha 2012-03-26 07:07
Live the dream...

Live the moment!

+1 #4 Jestor 2012-03-26 18:40
Quoting Jacen solo:
Thank you master jestor it was good and that has been what i have been trying to do for awhile but my mind is sometimes focused on the future instead of the now

That's why I like saying we are "Practicing Jedi", not "Perfect Jedi"... lol...:)
#5 RyuJin 2012-03-27 02:09
Its always good to do just that..."stoppin g to smell the roses"....somet imes I spend too much time doing that and forget what I was doing to begin with becoming lost in the moment
#6 Wescli Wardest 2012-03-27 12:07
I love the bit about the snake. This was a good sermon with a good message.

Thank You.
#7 Reliah 2012-03-27 16:28
This is something that I need to work on - a lot. My mind wanders, I day dream, and often find people telling me, "I saw you but you didn't see me." when I'm out and about. I don't pay attention. How do you begin to train your mind to be here with you? I meditate.. shouldn't that help!? D:
#8 Aceboizor 2012-03-29 19:55
Excellent advice, Jestor. Living in the here and now can be a challenge, but it's certainly worth it. :)
#9 blitzemv2 2012-03-30 18:26
That really spoke to me. I often forget the small things and I just need to stop to take it all in.
#10 Fennan 2012-04-08 07:00
Very nice
Thank you :)
#11 Shalazar 2012-04-11 02:56
Have any of you heard of gluons? I beleive this to be the true Force or God. When I hear man is created in the image of God I imagine a big circle of cheese. If you cut out a small piece of the cheese does it look, smell, and taste like the big piece of cheese? Yes. Is it? No. Your soul owns your body, not vice versa.
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