Who am I?

Sunday Sermon

Who am I?

January 22, 2012


          Brothers and sisters, before you read further I would like for you to listen to the following:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qbZUM5caCk  you may stop at the 2:00 mark or listen in full.  Either is fine.



  “Risk! Risk everything! Care no more for the opinion of others, for those voices.  Do the hardest thing on Earth for you.  Act for yourself.  Face the Truth.”  -Katherine Mansfield

            Each of the preceding has a very important message and one that I am sharing with you.  In this day and time there are many people that want to tell you who you are, who you should be, or who you will be in the future.  There are television commercials and shows that portray a specific image of what you would have to look like to be successful.  It is all around us and we cannot escape the feelings that maybe they are correct.  They tell us how we should show our faith.  What type of food we should eat and so much more.  My question is why.

            In my travels I have met many people.  I have met people of all classes, nationalities, ages, genders, and both health and sick.  Can you guess what every one of these people had in common?  None were the same and none were perfect.  Why then do they feel it is their place to judge you and offer unsolicited advice?  I had a recent loss of control that some may have seen if you are part of my Facebook friends where I finally had it with people telling me how to raise my child and that my techniques were not suitable.  Brief explanation: We don’t make her believe in fairy tale stories like the ones surrounding Christmas and Easter, or even teeth if you follow me there.  And, for a punishment my 7 year old does push-ups, wall squats, or other exercises (I was a Marine, sue me).  They tell me that if I don’t lie to my child then she will have no imagination and I will ruin her childhood.  They tell me that push-ups are a form of child abuse.  I say my child, my rules and exercise is not abuse.

            So here it is in the short version.  You are a very special individual.  There is nobody in this world now, in the past, or in the future that will ever be like you.  It is time now for you to decide who you are and who you choose to be.  You have dreams that only you can dream.  Nobody can choose for you what passion lies in your heart and mind.  My parents told me I was not smart enough to live my dreams and called me a loser but, I found a way to rise above it and fulfilled my goals.  My father-in-law in contrast told me (as well as all his kids) that the only person that can stop you from living your dreams is you.  The minute you say I can’t do it or you choose not to try that is the point in which you fail.

            Even though you have your own dreams and I say don’t let anyone tell you what to do or who to be, it is still advised and encouraged to seek guidance on how to accomplish what you want to do.  I wanted to be a pilot so I had to find someone to show me how.  The difference in this and my opening statement is intent and the line between solicited and unsolicited advice.

            I submit to you one further quote from Benjamin Franklin “I did not fail the test; I found 100 ways to do it wrong.”  As I said you only fail when you quit or do not try.  So my brothers and sisters find who you are and be who you choose to be.  However, as a disclaimer to this I must say that laws are there for a reason and if you are under 18 then your parents still have a say over what you can and cannot do.  Other than that, dream as big as your heart allows.  And when you find who you are don’t let anyone take that from you.  You are and individual that is as special as a snow flake or a finger print.


#1 Planet of Chaos 2012-01-22 20:18
That being said, I couldn't WAIT to turn 18 so I could start living my dreams lol.
#2 LTK 2012-01-23 00:59
I'll be honest Master Damion_Storm: I almost didn't get through the Sermon text after I saw the video you posted (no fault on you, but my younger sister played, replayed and played some more the old Saturday's Warrior video-tape and I grew to hate it through repetition, haha).

But you wrote a great sermon here and I wanted to thank you for your thoughts. I'm glad to have read them.

#3 Leena 2012-01-23 02:06
Hello. Thank you so much for this one. I remember watching Saturday's Warrior and hearing these songs again made me think. I definitely enjoyed your sermon. Thanks again and may the Force be with you.
#4 Wescli Wardest 2012-01-23 17:23
I have seen many people give advice on how to raise children. What amazes me is how their own children behave and they have the audacity to advise others.

I don't make my daughter believe anything; but, I tell her what I believe and let her make her own choices.

This sermon has many of the life lessons I try to teach my daughter and she seems to be turning out pretty well rounded and seems to enjoy her life.

Good sermon and I look forward to reading your next one.

May the Force be with you, always.
#5 Kimla Daalm 2012-01-28 13:04
Thank you for the wonderful sermon. I tried to bring my children up with the same support that you encourage here. That being said I have only just found my way and it seems to be unfolding in a most unusual fashion...Who knew...Thank you again!
May The Force Be With You
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