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    • Thoughts of a simple man (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Greetings Each Bows Something I have touched on before but I have added a few bits. Hope you like it :) MIND BODY AND SOUL It has been my belief in recent years after discovering Ki. That it is a vehicle for all things . As a simple human it can take time to organize oneself to accept Ki As mentioned in my Great Leaning post. The Mind, Will and Ki need to balanced . One has to be in control all of the time. Right mindfulness ,right action and do not fall behind in the Way. A shorter version of the Eight fold Path. If one can break free and finally release oneself from debilitating negative emotions and limiting beliefs. One should be able to reach ones highest potential, create healthy and loving relationships, live a happy and fulfilling life by establishing new positive beliefs and releasing fearful, negative emotions. Ones’ body will communicate to ones self, clearly and specifically, if one is really willing to listen. I often go on about Ki and creating a universe from which one can operate from. Ki can be thought of as positive thinking, belief in yourself, faith, confidence, or a state of ‘Emptiness’ and unification. When it is used, ki is quite naturally in your life, at those moments when something totally captures your interest and imagination. Something like, playing a sport, working late into the morning on a project that was important to you, playing with your child, or simply spending time with someone you love. In each case, you become totally focused and completely yourself. You are achieving a wonderful effect and posses a limitless supply of energy. These experiences often define our lives, yet their occurrence often seems to be out of our control. Or are they ???? Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend. - Bruce Lee Find your true self, take that path. Ushin, be mind, Moshin, false mind, Mushin, no mind, Munen, no-thought, Mushin no shin, mind of no-mind, Honshin, true mind, true spirit Jedi mind Zen mind. Budo mind, beginner's mind. What matters in all of these in my view is the concentration of thought and the prompt response of Ki to the directing will. He who deliberates and moves with the sole intent on winning at all costs, misses to a still greater extent of the Way . To be accomplished in any skill, realize the spirit of the Way. To realize the Way, develop a proper attitude ,spirit and posture in all that you do. Practice with this in mind for ten years, twenty years, and become one with your movements, then forget all of it when you practice and place yourself at the mercy of inspiration. This is mushin, munen, honshin. Musashi ( A Samurai) struggled with life's meaning. He felt there was something more important than life and meditated on this. "Sometimes the obvious is right in front of you, you just have to slow down and look for it." Truth is no where if not from within. When you reach this state, you will place yourself at the mercy of the Way. If you do not understand this, you become a slave of exterior conditions. What is required is to have a firm hold of the spirit and yet not to be conscious of the fact. This is a very difficult task achieved only after long spiritual training. The Way, is moving with the rhythmic movement of the spirit. To realize this, I believe you must subject youself to the discipline of The Way. The Way is the doctrine of mushin. The insight of the following poem will lead to the secrets of mushin, where everything is being left to Nature itself. (I pinched this of a site I was doing some research on) "The moon has no intent to cast its shadow anywhere, Nor does the pond design to lodge the moon; How serene the water of Hirosawa!" To realize The Way, you must have the proper training. The Way can be harsh, so some people think but I actually see The Way as being “Empty”and is straight to the point. There are no shades of gray. A clear, undisturbed mind. A healthy body will in turn look after the spirit. You must keep the mind situation as it is and as the truth. The worst is your ego which sways you. If you have not gone astray by ego, you are able to accomplish your purpose. For Zen, martial arts, tea ceremony and any others, this mind is common. Both at the time of practice and at the important time, to get into the habit of keeping your ordinary and constant mind is the best way. For example, at a martial arts match, if you are always stained, you lack for this ordinary and constant mind. A good player can always keep a constant mind. "True knowledge cannot be imparted by words. The Zen mind, enlightened and disciplined, is able to rise above mere technique and go straight to the core of reach the soul... the essence."
    • Words Mean Things II... The Revenge... (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Words mean things, but thanks to cultural,regional, and generational differences the same word can have a million different meanings...ever try to study japanese...they have 3 alphabets, like 6 different words for the same thing all determined by context, whole expressions that can't be explained outside of their language and no comprehension of many foreign expressions...yet they still manage to communicate effectively with other cultures, because they work at it Proper communication is work....and frustratingly difficult work at that... And for the record even I have been contacted in the past about things I've said and the manner in which I've said them....I was being myself, and stood by my words,I'm still here and still myself, and still stand by what I say....all because I am free to speak your mind(within the rules, of course) that is the only way to become understood...
    • Quantum theory proves what?? (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: I doubt any real scientist would make the claim of disproving such a thing. At least not without alot of evidence to back it up. Which was my point, it seems people only make the scientific claim one way.... Which is ultimately, as I see it , wishful thinking. Also, think as small and as fine as you want, but just as you cannot fit God in those gaps, neither can you fit consciousness just because you want it there. I not so sure about that maybe consciousness is in those gaps? You can call it god if you want, I don't know. Wait and see what real scientist come up with next and after that and after that and......
    • Tournement video (Last post by rugadd)
    • The music was added by the guy we hired to film the competition. It was not playing when I did my form. He put this video together as a thank you for me getting him the filming job.
    • Pathfinder (D&D) Tabletop Campaign (Last post by Karn)
    • You may want to look at the below web site. Some of my old gamer friends have been trying to get me to run some games for them since we cannot get together in person any more. I have not tried it yet, but it looks like a decent spot to do this. I am an old player/GM had my own game store since 2001 and am familiar with almost every genre of game and style. I just have not been able to coordinate time to play like I used to.
    • Arcade Promoted to the Rank of Knight (Last post by Lorian)
    • CADE! MY FRIEND! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm most happy for you and am very excited to hear that you have crossed the threshold and moved into a new phase of walking along your path in life. I hope to talk with you and catch up soon, and wish you all the best in everything you do. May the Force forever guide you and be with you, Cade. By the way, Canada and summer don't mix Ever. If we ever want to meet up, can we agree on a tropical destination or wait for a day that looks to be 30 Celsius or above? ;) Warmest regards, ~Your Canuck pal, Lorian :laugh:
    • The existence of horrors explained in Jediism (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: Quote: Yeah..the next time a self centered, ego maniacal, tyrant "visits" a neighboring country we should take him out immediately...oh wait we still haven't learned that....putin... My "we" is world wide not just the US. So is mine...that's the sad part... I can't help but feel he's going to be involved in making things much worse....north korea is moving it's military to "protect" itself from china, who's moving to agitate border fighting with india, and russia has been supporting certain middle east trouble makers opposed to the u.n.... Neither country has the capacity to go against the u.s on their own, let alone the u.s AND our allies....however if they work together (as they have in the past) they could prove troublesome... And considering the interconnectedness of our economies and cultures what affects one affects all...when the u.s's economy tanked it hurt global economies, not just ours...

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