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    • My vision for a United Jedi Order (Last post by MJ Hannigan)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: The .method I attempted would have kept the orders separate. Free to have their own councils and methods...each order would have had 2 representatives on a unified council that would simply discuss matters that affected the whole community and provide a means of sharing ideas(kinda like how the vatican is with catholicism/christianity....but that was a fail.... That is such a cute idea. I guess many still FAIL to understand that there are some die hard forum members but many people travel from forum to forum, group to group and in truth the community is more united then what many want to believe with the exception that there is no direct leadership. The Knights of the Order is perhaps the most diverse groups that i know. These individuals were/are knighted by a review board of knights from the Jedi GAtherings and are seen as individuals who have been with the community for a while as well as individuals who made contributions to Jedi Realism as a whole not just this group or that group. Now in order to have true unity we must first accept the need for diversity. It's funny how loneliness made realists get along with each other. Heck even Opie acts like a normal person nowadays. Ren lets call a skifter a skifter here for a moment. You are still bitter from me reminding you of your place on years ago, when i first appeared at totjo you tried to convince the council to ban me because of this and you even made up some clever lies about me, but that did not work the way you intended. In any event it is great that you missed the point yet again so to make things a little easier i will put it into basic for you. The Jedi community as a whole is more united then what many care to admit. There is little brand loyality IE totjo, IJRS, FA and so forth so trying to say we "made a coucle that would have two people from each site on it is pretty much a waste of time. We are bigger then forums, websites, and facebook groups. Many of the Jedi Realist, and those who practice Jediism are moving away from the offline activies and moving towards real life groups and meetings. So the goal of connecting Online orders is and has been a waste of time for over a decade. Ren i know you dislike me, and i can feel your anger but I still love you brother and I am hopeful that one day you become the Jedi you are meant to be.
    • Coffee with Jesus (Last post by MJ Hannigan)
    • Gisteron I would imagine it is a good thing that I do not hold to religous dogma to keep myself from the dangers you mentioned.
    • Jediism, connect multiple communitys and orders. [... (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: There's your poll. It's above the first post. This will help to get a clean answer out of this. When more people have voted I can see what the options are for developing the idea. This will be most helpful, Thanks Br. John!
    • Tapatalk (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: I use "dark theme" because the darker you can keep a screen, the less battery used...:) Note: this is only true for OLED/AMOLED
    • Real Jedi vs Fictional Jedi (Last post by Brenna)
    • Quote: I do not care what thousands of people consider themselves to be. I do know what those who truly are jedi strive to be. Naturally.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: Quote: Day 2 of my training programme to 5 miles... ran 35 minutes today... managed about 2.5 miles so got some improvement to do. Didn't start finding it tough until about 22 minutes which is about 7 minutes better than last time. Best track of the workout was, by far, Loco by Coal Chamber. Nice that you also post your workout tunes with it :P I tend to have a nack for working out with that kind of style of music. I remember a rugby tournament from a while ago, Prodigy smack my bitch up came blasting tru the speakers at the right time. Well you can imagine the rest :P My gym plays music that sounds like it belongs in a night club so I have to do something to improve it (read.. drown it out :P)
    • the true jedi path (Last post by Doomeniek)
    • Quote: no but it is happening and we as brothers and sisters should try to see whats behind it all so we can stop it. Sorry had to quote this, if you read my journal you find out i kinda had the same experience when i was 17, i felt like i had to lift the whole world on my shoulders, and yes i feel you balis, but if you hold yourself responsible for the terror that is happening in the world you go crazy. O i have been on the brink of crazy then, but my parents tought me the ripple effect. Throw kindness and respect for life in the pond, maybe the ripples will get in touch with people around you and inspire them to also throw them im. And maybe just maybe it wil become a cycle. Ok on to reading the rest of this thread ..
    • How do you meditate? (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: Quote: That is a personal question I don't have to answer :angry: Lol... One of my favorite methods is to sit and sharpen my sword...watching the light reflect off the blade as I listen to the sound of the diamond stone sliding along the edge. Then listening to the sound made when I strum my thumb across the edge to check the sharpness...then feel the blade sliding past as I wipe the residue from it with a cloth.... If you like that, and doing it over the years.. the sword will get smaller from all those whetstones? I have lots of swords B)

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