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    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by Darren)
    • @Zeph This trailer for season two of Legend of Korra had some of my favorite music from the whole series: [video] And the end credits!: [video] Can't get enough of the urhu. :)
    • To be "an instrument of peace" (Last post by Daniel L.)
    • Thats a very difficult question but only because it depends on who you ask. The first question is are we at peace. You'll find just as many people saying we aren't as those that say we are. Peace could also talk about inner peace so its important to know what you're talking about. I'm one of those that says we aren't at peace but I've seen what its like to post such opinions publicly so if you'd like to talk about it PM me.
    • Best martial art? (Last post by Zeph)
    • Quote: Quote: It may sound a bit arrogant, but I believe that every Jedi should know at least basics about swordsmanship. Its not arrogant to say or think that, however an explanation as to how you have come to that conclusion would be great. Many Jedi say this, and I am not sure as to the motivation. In the Sith path, martial arts is not a requirement, or even a suggestion. I myself am a bit obsessive about martial arts, but that is my passion, other Sith have interests that lay well outside that, and it is more encouraged that one realize there passions wherever they are as opposed to to preset criteria, especially of the martial variety. Now, within ones passion, they should seek not only to pursue it, but pursue it with the focus deserving of the title of ones passion. So I am interested as to why Jedi should know swordsmanship on any real level, especially if its not even an interest. Hello! :) I mentioned swordsmanship because many so-called "Jedi" are simply obsessed with lightsabers, and that "curiosity" could be the gateway to a great tool for personal growth (martial arts, fencing). Am not familiar with the Sith doctrine, so I will not speculate anything about Sith; From my point of view (about the Jedi) harmony and balance with the Force are the main objectives (it is explicit The 21 Maxims). Martial arts, alongside practices like yoga or gymnastics, are the most effective way (as far as I know) to obtain harmony with your own body. If there is no corporal conscience and harmony with our own body, and perception about the functioning of our mind (analytical meditation; various meditative process) there is no practical application for the Jedi teaching or any other kind of “spiritual” teaching, and you will never understand anything about the Force beyond what you come to read or listening based on other people's experiences. Can be harmony with the Force when you can not even achieve harmony with your own body/mind?
    • Assigning the Deity (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Do you project your wants and desires into your interpretation of the Deity? Do you say it's the Will of the Force when you lose something, but claim credit when you win? Do you think it's ok to say: "Jesus would not approve", when you aren't Jesus? Do you believe that the world revolves around your tiny, insignificant perspective? I have found myself guilty of "assigning" the Deity, meaning that I interpret the divine so that it fits my morality, my views. Some will often use God as a scapegoat for a moral argument: "You shouldn't steal because it's against Christianity". Or, some will say that Jesus is Lord... but only for rich white men (and their wives). This is a problem. If you find yourself doing this, as I often do, think about what you're doing. It's immoral. It's dumb. It's creating your own totalitarian ideology. Instead, have reverence for the Divine, and don't force your own ideas into your interpretation.
    • There is no Death (Last post by Zeph)
    • Quote: Quote: "(...)all the paths are empty (nothingness), do not born, do not end (...)", as the Heart Sutra says.. True (to a point), it's what we do with it that matters. Jediism as a path is essentially nothing until it is molded and wielded into a workable philosophy that instills it's followers with the awareness that they each possess the power to better their lives and the world around them... Exactly the point! All the phenomenons are "empty of inherent meaning". When we say "all," that means everything, including the the path. We see a phenomenon as something with characteristics, and as an object that is conceived by a subject. To hold that an object is something external is ignorance, and it is this that prevents us from seeing the truth of that object. The truth of a phenomenon is emptiness, which implies that the phenomenon does not possess a truly existent essence or nature: we (our minds) construct and give meaning to the phenomenon...
    • Jedi Sentinel Findings (Last post by Daniel L.)
    • I'm having a difficult time with this. Every month there is a new Missing Teen Age Girl poster at bus stop cross walks and store door way. I'm not sure if its just a Tucson thing but it's starting to get to me. Never have I felt so useless. May the Force Be With those that are lost missing or in a dark place. How I wish I could be your light.
    • Local Orginizations (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • If you are in:Memphis, Somewhere close to Murray, KY, Chicago, or in Arizona, there are offline chapters established. They are not necessarily ToTJO affiliated, but they each have great Jedi running them, and it will help drive home the ideas and concepts you learn here. You can even bring some of your knowledge from here to these groups and help them grow. ToTJO also has a map around here that can help you connect with others in your area if there happens to be someone near you ;)
    • The Order of the Good Death (Last post by Proteus)
    • What makes fear or lack of fear unnatural? Who is to say what is "not part of nature"? Is fear not a symptom of ignorance? And yet, death to this day is the biggest mystery in this world of "hard facts"... There were civilizations and eras where many people were rarely afraid of death, but instead, looked quite forward to it, due to setting aside some lack of facts for decided beliefs. That may sound dumb in common contexts, yet that empowering belief gave them incredible power over the life they did have, giving it a great meaning. The difference between the common person of today's society and one of them, is that they spent their life learning - not hard facts about the tangible world so much, but about matters of the spirit which taught them to be less attached to their physical bodies, and not so concerned with losing it in death - which is the common issue for us: attachment to the tangible experience of life, and not knowing (tangibly) what lies beyond it. "There is no death, there is the Force", is an affirmation, that the physical, tangible realm that we experience in this life is very likely but a grain of sand on a beach of further experiences beyond it.
    • Jedi Altar (Last post by JHolle3)
    • That is awesome! I love altars. Mine will most likely have several Buddhist items on it as well. I'd love to have one of those miniature zen gardens, with the little rake and sand.
    • Jamie Hams It Up (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • This thread ... :huh: And I've been saying all along : "The Jedi do not have sin." :blink: ... until now. :laugh:

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