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    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by steamboat28)
    • It has been my personal experience that the Runes seem to be their own thing, all independent (except maybe from the nornir, since even the gods bow to them). I feel like they're kind of free-roaming spirits that came about either alongside the thought patterns that they represent, or once humans started codifying them. I think these are kind of primal, unaffiliated things. That's been my personal experience.
    • Sometimes... (Last post by Senan)
    • Quote: Quote: There will always be acceptable reasons for censorship as well, even if you choose not to agree with them. I cannot yell "FIRE" in a crowded theater without fear of legal consequences because it is deemed irresponsible or dangerous by the society that I am a part of. That is not censorship. I agree, unless i have expressed this opinion that I should be allowed to yell it as a comment on a website and I have argued that my opinion should be protected speech because I am being unfairly censored. My argument would be wrong, but now I have taken the debate to a level that results in endless circular arguments about personal freedom vs. public safety (and apparently challenge assignments involving Boolean functions). I was just using the example to demonstrate that sometimes rules fly directly in the face of freedom, but we choose to ignore that for some reason, compelling or not. It's similar to the vaccination argument in that people believe they are entitled to their opinion and that gives them the right to endanger the public by not vaccinating their children. No matter how 'wrong' it is, we are hesitant to put our right to make stupid decisions (or stupid comments) at risk. I think censorship of any kind goes against every kind of progress, but to argue that people should be allowed to say whatever they want on a corporate owned and operated website and then be allowed to question that corporation's motives when they censor it is ridiculous. Just don't use that site anymore.
    • Unable to stop my anger. (Last post by Adder)
    • Tricky question, but remember some decisions always look bad in hindsight. If you get the chance look at why you decided the apparent best course of action over another actual best course of action... because if you can identify that you were aware of the actual best decision before hand but are choosing the wrong one, then perhaps you could isolate what made you choose the apparent over the actual. A real world analogy might be say for example when flying an aircraft, you have a dial which tells you how fast your moving. What it actually does is tell you how fast your moving through the air.... which is accurate to your ground speed when your on the ground, but as soon as you start going higher it becomes less and less accurate to ground speed. So its called an indicated speed, because its accuracy is conditional upon ones height its only indicative of part of the picture. A pilot has to calculate their 'True Airspeed' (TAS), which really represents how fast they are moving over the land, from both the Indicated Airspeed (IAS) together with the air density at whatever height above the ground they are at. Not including wind, which goes a step further and produces 'Ground Speed' (GS). The key point here is that the higher you go, say the more emotional you are, then the speed indicated more and more represents only where you are at while emotional, and not where you need to understand it - which perhaps is in a broader context removed from the present moment confrontational context. In that flying and navigational context, its in regards to how much dirt is actually passing underneath you. So as you get angrier you might find your priorities for decision making are becoming perhaps detached from other sources, maybe as it depends on your own circumstances. But in which case I'd be trying to let go of anger, and to do that I instead contemplate the fragility and sacred nature of life and how easy it is for loss of control to end up a long way away from where you actually want to be. That all assumes cessation of the aggravation, and it gets harder when your under active duress... which then yea I'd be channeling anger away from being 'reactionary' and instead focus on understanding their intentions and reserving important decisions until I have more time. Though sometimes you gotta make decisions under duress, and the most useful tool I've found for that is to have given the scenario some pre-thought and planning. It does not have to be a complete solution, but a partial strategy can reduce the demand on you enough to re-orientate your resources for the unexpected.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Not entirely sure why I bother, you reach out, you attempt to help someone out. People don't want to be helped, they want to be coddled and sympathized for being a victim, try lifting them up and they lash out, a Pax on a Pox....
    • Using the runes Odin (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I noticed and the only reason I read this thread was in hopes that you would explain it further. I never expanded because I just assumed no one was interested. Just for you, I started a new thread on the topic.
    • Calming the Mind (Last post by Ratcliffe)
    • In my case it depends on how quick I become aware, in a moment of honesty I still struggle to be aware of myself all the time. I start by realizing I am not present in the eternal now usually I find it is the worrying that makes me leave my mindfulness and presence. Once I am aware I start with breathing (outlined by the barefoot doctor in the library) if I catch it early. If I do not catch it I use grounding techniques. I have pasted some examples at the bottom if you are not familiar with this approach. The last tool I use is not in the moment but more systemic. I do daily medication and since I have started I find that really helps me to remain present. Grounding is a very helpful technique if you find yourself sometimes losing touch with the present moment. Grounding teaches you to stop losing touch with the present moment by concentrating and focusing on the present or by directing your attention to something else. Some Examples of Grounding Touch objects around you, and describe them (texture, color). For example, “I’m sitting on a red chair, and the fabric is really soft; it’s velvet. The carpet is beige, and there is a red couch in the corner.” Run water over your hands, and describe aloud how it feels. Name all the different types of animals you can think of (e.g., zebra, cat, dog, cow, etc…), or types of flowers, cities in B.C., etc… Say the alphabet backwards Calm breathing and progressive muscle relaxation can you help to reduce some of the anxious and tense feelings in your body.
    • In case you were wondering how purchasing TOTJO me... (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I've been wanting a few things that have the TOTJO logo on them and eventually I'd like to have something with the Code on it too, but anyway. I needed new mugs and thought one of them might as well be a TOTJO mug. Yesterday I got the mug and was quite excited. It came in a giant Styrofoam box (proportionally speaking). Unfortunately it was printed in an awkward spot directly across from the handle. I called cafepress's customer support and they're sending me a replacement without making me have to do any extra work (I get to keep the defective mug). [attachment] This is a stark contrast with Zazzle where I've tried to place two orders and both times they cancelled my order inexplicably (they simply said they couldn't process the order). So, I guess, yay for cafepress!
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I find the concept of privilege an interesting one. In general, we all have privileges and restrictions. This is generally a perspective. How do I perceive this situation - am I limited or am I free? When I teach grappling, I always ask my student - "who is winning? who has the advantage? Who is in control?" The only correct answer - no matter what position or lock the person is in is - I am in charge (of myself). If I feel empowered, then I am. If I surrender to my victim mentality, then I am a victim. People talk about "White Male Privilege". What people seldom talk about are the limitations, expectations and restricts that come with that supposed "privilege". Everything is a blessing and a curse. Everything has a good and a bad. Women have curtain attributes that "allow them privileges" and these attributes can come with a lot of challenges and "baggage". In the end, nothing about life in the Earth is "fair" or "equal". But in spirit, all things are one, equal and unified. What we should be focusing on is: how do we lift ourselves out of the victim state and into the empowered state so topics like this disappear? cosigned
    • Holy spaces (Last post by Alan)
    • Ceremonies designed to set apart one time or place from another can contribute to a deeper sense of the divine amidst the regularity of daily life. This setting apart is, in one sense, a working definition of the sacred. Animists and pantheists, for example Shinto, experience spirit as inherently immanent in everything, but they also have special places where the experience of spirit has a particular concentration. And regular times when a particular aspect of experienced reality is recognized. It appears that some of the statements above regarding the presence of the Force express a similar understanding. For me, Force is a principle, like Dao, logos, spirit and divinity. It is how the cosmos is ordered and not the cosmos (universe, reality, etc.) itself. The experience of the principle is perceived and understood as possessing an aesthetic quality distinct from the everyday life. And at any time and place I may turn my attention to the ordinary and experience it, then and there, as infused with a sacred quality. It is my perception of it that reveals the sacred there. It has not changed, I have.
    • Visions of the future . (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • I also have deja vu moments quite often. Again it is usually pointless conversations though, to the point I usually end up arguing with the person saying 'why are you asking me this again?' And proceeding to recount the whole conversation and just getting a confused look lol. The latest one was yesterday when getting the kids ready for swimming I asked my wife whether I dreamt it or if she'd put their goggles in my drawer (they are not usually kept in my drawer and this was the evening so I'd not been in them since the morning) it turns out she had but only a few hours before and had meant to tell me about it but forgot. Not really a 'vision of the future' - though I can't remember when I 'dreamt' it so could be. I just knew somehow, and that happens all the time to the point I often say, 'did I dream it or did xyz happen?'. Some of it I put down to situational awareness though. It's not so much we've been in the situation before but we know the people and situation well enough to effectively guess what is going to happen/be said.
    • Lived experience few hours ago... (Last post by fefok)
    • Good nights! I wanted to share an experience that happened to me a few hours ago while training in jiu jitsu my academy. *I hope i'm in the right section of the forum, if I'm wrong I apologize for that I was training with a partner (when I say training I mean fighting, is a contact sport, you know) and I began to feel violent and angry because subjected me 2 times. It is normal in my then this happens, start accelerating the pace of the fight to try to win, just that this leads to more aggression. Thanks to a good job I have been doing for a while now it does not, I meditate a lot about this to control myself. Well once finished the fight with my partner, I sat in a corner and meditate for a few seconds to calm. Then came another fight with another partner, the problem was when my teacher incited me to accelerate the pace. The fight started well, I submitted my partner a few times, and was well, but ended way too violent to which I finished hurt. I felt really close to the dark side. After that I returned to meditate for a few seconds and stayed in a corner with ice on my foot as the class ended. According to my teacher I was wrong to accelerate the pace and get carried away, that I share. I just think partly it was wrong for prompt me to fight more aggressively. All this leads me to the conclusion that I need to meditate more and control my feelings. By time not happening to me. I will contact my Kung fu master to guide me and so does not happen more. Experiences like this are what help me to realize my mistakes and approach more to being a good Jedi. Thanks for your time. Sorry for my bad english, i use the translator and my basic knowledge :P Greetings! May the force be with you all. !!
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 2 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps

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