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    • Helping the Homeless? (Last post by Learn_To_Know)
    • Quote: no one said anything about it being right or wrong to give what you wish or to give nothing if you want to do that either. It's down to the individual. And it's not about casting judgement on anyone. Not sure if you were responding to me or not :) The OP mentioned is it good or bad to give/not to give. I was responding to that particular statement. And I do agree with what you said above, fwiw.
    • Everything is Made of Energy Stuff (Last post by Khaos)
    • Certainly, because then flying isnt just a metaphor :) The dream is damned and deamer too, is dreaming is all that dreamers do.-Chiron Those that have used logic, reason evidence, etc, have consistently made what was once a dream, a theory, a possible future, and made it manifest for all to use. “The brain is so powerful that the imagination has allowed us to conceive of any delightful future we choose, pick the most amazing one, and pull the present forward to meet it.”-Jason Silva
    • Father knocks out sons abuser. (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Like beating your wife is widely viewed as being bad whereas just a couple of hundred years ago it was perfectly acceptable so long as you didn’t use a stick that was thicker than your thumb, hence the rule of thumb. :ohmy: Now instead we have no wives. So we're going back to the athenian model of men have sex with men and only use women for procreation. I do have a question.. where in blazes do you get off saying that we have no wives? Sure the homosexuals marry into the same gender, but straight people have been marrying the opposite gender for millennia. Still are. The evidence that there are still wives in our culture is overwhelmingly against your statement. You might not have a wife, but you're not everyone else. Nor should you continue to dictate what others have and don't have. It's a nasty habit to be in, because the moment you start telling others what they do or don't have, can or can't have, and what they believe, you're going to be wrong more often than not. Well I do have a wife, unlike most men my age, and also no ex-wives, which seems to be increasingly rare these days (In modern western cultures that is). It's pretty obvious to me that long term homosexual relationships are increasingly popular and long term heterosexual relationships are increasingly less popular. No need to get your knickers in a twist.
    • Jedi Gets Advancement in The Military (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • More or less just a personal message to the community: Today, Seaman Recruit Thompson was advanced to Seaman in the United States Coast Guard. She will be going to USCG Cutter Hawksbill in Monterey, CA. I am back everyone, and man did I have the TIME OF MY LIFE during 8 weeks of hell (well the last 8 weeks, the first four were horrible, I now understand why Catholics would rather be in hell than limbo 0.0)
    • Forgiveness (Last post by Luthien)
    • [image] :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    • Still Around (Last post by scott777ab)
    • Quote: Quote: . I now try to keep most of my opinions to myself. Please don't. Your presence helps make this a better place. See my post above. Quote: Quote: For now I am going to go hide in my secret place. LOL. Please don't. Your presence helps make this a better place. By secret place I mean that place which is within. If you don't understand sorry. Those who do know what I am talking about.
    • What are your opinions about euthanasia? (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • Quote: If you have the correct conviction to end your own life you don't need to be so cruel as to ask someone else to do it unless extreme circumstances prevent you from acting on your own. Most everywhere in the US it is illegal to attempt to commit suicide and doctor or nurse who knowingly allows a patient to kill themself is considered complicit. So if you happen to fail to actually kill yourself, you can be in serious legal trouble (to say nothing of the psychiatric crap they'll put you through). I'm in favor of legalizing compassionate release. Life can be difficult when you're a relatively healthy, but if you've got some kind of progressively worsening condition, I can't imagine life is something you really want to cling to.
    • Words Mean Things. (Last post by ren)
    • I think I'll forgive Jestor this one time :P
    • invitation to totjo (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Actually, I can probably be there. I'll be back in the states next week, and I'll have the "right" time zone. I can't make any guarantees right now. But, if nobody cares, I can give a fair representation of what it's like to study the IP, work through part of an Apprenticeship, and go through the Clerical Training, even holding a minor staff position.

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