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    • Thinking about the 8th teaching. (Last post by Kamizu)
    • To add to those three healths, the Air Force also teaches us to include social wellness. I know I've personally found that to be extremely important too.
    • Martial Arts: Your interest? (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: Quote: For those of you interested in lineage (The Dude?) here is mine: Shi Su Yuan> Shi De Cheng> Wei Jie Huang >Rugadd I've seen Shi De Cheng's video on youtube teaching kung fu. It seems to be a nice, flowing style from what I've seen. My own Shaolin learning was a little different. Grandmaster Chian Ho Yin taught what he called Shaolin, when really it was only his base that was in Shaolin; he actually would travel a lot and learn from masters of many different styles. Unfortunately very few good videos exist of the forms we studied, since the current teachers of his style are more into secrecy, and the ones that aren't are, well, not very good. There is one I found which is pretty good. thats cool man i dont have the familiarity with chinese styles to speak definitively but when i watched that vid there were several moments that i thought were very likely to be jian or dao techniques in fact in myimagination he took a sword from one enemy farily early on and then drew his own sword a bit later
    • Jediism.. way of asking? What are the subjects tha... (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: I'd like to see more discussion about how our belief in the Force affects our ethical stances. I have seen some discussion about ethics in TOTJO, but I haven't seen much which involves the Force as a point of interest while discussing these topics. In the doctrine, it says we believe: "In the Force, and in the inherent worth of all life within it." But how is this actually employed? Does this mean TOTJO has a strong stance against abortion? And does it mean that all life is equal as part of the Force -- that if I step on an ant, it is the same as killing a person by crushing them with a steamroller? Do we approach the subject of life and death in a similar fashion to Jainism? And this is the beginning to a new thread :) (There is a thread somewhere about the death penalty...)
    • 'How do you define yourself'? (Last post by Edan)
    • I posted this for the kids a while back, but I thought actually some of the rest of the forum might also find it interesting.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Still ranty so another post here... I am grateful for gaming that lets me relax in a little fantasy world for a while.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • Congratulations! You have succeeded where many have failed in making me so angry I am literally shaking with it. How dare you be so cruel, and if any of my cats turn up dead I know on whose doorstep to leave their bodies! You who told me there is 'nothing you could do about them' but you've already done something so bloody cruel! You didn't want to admit it so you lied to me. I hope you feel good about yourself! You better hope I don't see you for the rest of the weekend, cos if I do you are getting this rant directly to yourself with additional swear words!
    • Addiction Check-In Thread (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • ive gone through alcoholism, smoking cigarettes, and shooting both heroin and methamphetamine at different stages of my life i lived on the street for about four years total - including in tents out in the woods and blankets under bridges now coffee and occasional proccessed foods are my biggest vices i am fully behind this thread and am available to any one of you if youd like to talk PM me any time EDIT and congrats to Talariq for making the decision and congrats to Conner for your progress, its very commendable and best wishes to both of you
    • Wonders of our Doctrine.. (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: I wonder.. If the philosophical roots in the movies and Jediism are the same? The Doctrine tells us that Jediism and 'Star Wars' share almost the same philosophical roots. Do you think it is written correctly? -Jediism finds its roots in philosophies that did not make it to star wars. And some of the philosophies that made it to star wars did not make it to jediism. -Jediism evolved in a way that occasionally contradicts star wars, for example: The first sentence of the doctrine says: Jediism is a religion based on the observance of the Force, a ubiquitous and metaphysical power that a Jedi (a follower of Jediism) believes to be the underlying, fundamental nature of the universe. Star Wars says: "Life creates it, makes it grow". "life creates it" is an uncommon belief nowadays. Some believe that they can grow their personal force (a concept not found in star wars and directly imported from buddhism) and the living force (that's the force created by life; more life = more force). The universalist point of view (as adopted by the doctrine) stipulates the force is everywhere and responsible for the existence of everything, a very pantheistic view, with any other force concepts, objects, "souls", etc being avatars/manifestations of the force. With this often comes a belief that the Force is some kind of energy that does not grow but mutates (like any other energy). The star Wars force can be likened to chi, the jediism force is more like the tao or brahman.
    • Humble and Egotist (Last post by efuller18)
    • And in some cases you are actually encouraged to behave like an egoist. On the way back from a conference one of my professors and I had a conversation about what you need to do to suceed as a woman in computer science and academia in general. We also talked about the differences she sees in female students and male students. What she basically said was you have to be confidant in the extreme. You have to project the belief even if your not that you are the absolute best programmer/researcher in your school. She said a lot of female students don't project that kind of confidence which is on the edge of pure arrogance. She asked me how I would rank myself against my fellow students and I said I have no idea. She said most of her male students would say they were great in comparison. It was the first time I had ever really heard someone saying that having the attitude that there is always more to learn is a bad thing and that projecting that attitude could have negative consequences for your career. Apparently, being humble is not an advantage when it comes to a scientific career.
    • HEMA, what is it? (Last post by RyuJin)
    • despite my heritage i've never really felt a connection to european fighting arts...i've always been drawn to the east asian arts...and i've been studying them since i was 8 years 31 years i'm old.....
    • Jedism hippies? (Last post by Aqua)
    • If I would ask: ,,How can I know that different hippies like the same kind of music.'' Jestor would have asked: ,,What is music?'' If I would ask: ,,How can rules affect a faith?'' Jestor would have asked: ,,What is affection?'' When Jestor asked himself: ,,Why is Aqua trying to type what I think?'' Aqua would have said: ,,Knowing the mind of a person is not harder than expressing yourself.'' Just wondering.. what would happen if all people would give equal value to the same principles or rules? Would we still be able to separate an individual from a group? If principles are so important for groups, why is it that we find it so difficult to express the line between ourselves and others groups? How can it be, that understanding our self is just as difficult as understanding a group? :blush:
    • saber build (Last post by RyuJin)
    • once the parts arrive i'll be using this thread as a sort of tutorial.... my old ultrasaber was never oiled....6years and going and it still opens just fine...the body for my new build wasn't oiled either and it doesn't stick....but i'm constantly opening both sabers.....worst case scenario i'll use some oil from my gun cleaning kit....

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