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    • Padawan (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Using the term "padawan" would have made things more confusing I believe for newer members. Right from the front page of the TOTJO, is a statement that intentionally places separation between us and the Star Wars universe, which in my opinion is a good thing. The focus here within the temple is more on Doctrine, and the teachings that the Jedi in the movies were inspired from, such as the Tao, Shintoism, Buddhism, and the Bushido...
    • Conscription - Draft (Last post by SilverWolf)
    • I was once slightly teased by Zenchi about my beliefs and Ideals being those from back in the 60's. For the Record, I was born May 27th 1970. I joke with my friends and family by saying that my birthday is so special that the U.S. Government takes the day off. I know they don't, it's memorial day weekend, but it makes for a good story :lol: In the spirit of Zenchi's ribbing about my ideals, I post the following song lyrics: WAR, huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, oh hoh, oh War huh yeah What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again y'all War, huh good God What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me Oh, war, I despise 'Cause it means destruction of innocent lives War means tears to thousands of mothers eyes When their sons go off to fight and lose their lives I said War, huh good God y'all What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, just say it again War whoa Lord What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me War, it ain't nothin' but a heartbreak War, friend only to the undertaker Oh war, is an enemy to all mankind The thought of war blows my mind War has caused unrest within the younger generation Induction, then destruction who wants to die War, good God, y'all What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it, say it, say it War, uh huh, yeah, huh What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me War, it ain't nothin' but a heartbreaker War, it's got one friend that's the undertaker Oh, war has shattered many young man's dreams Made him disabled bitter and mean Life is much too short and precious to spend fighting wars these days War can't give life it can only take it away, ooh War, huh, good God y'all What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, say it again War, whoa, Lord What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, listen to me War, it ain't nothin' but a heartbreaker War, friend only to the undertaker Peace love and understanding tell me Is there no place for them today They say we must fight to keep our freedom But Lord knows there's got to be a better way War, huh, good God y'all What is it good for? You tell 'em, say it, say it, say it, say it War, good Lord, huh What is it good for? Stand up and shout it, nothing War, it ain't nothin' but a heartbreaker Songwriters Strong, Barrett / Whitfield, Norman J. Read more: Edwin Starr - War Lyrics | MetroLyrics On the subject of defending my home and my family, I would not hesitate to kill someone trying to hurt, kill or take my wife or son. On the Subject of War and being drafted or made to serve, I say this: I thank those soldiers that have fought for us and defended us in the name of freedom. I mourn those who have died. I feel truly sorry for those who have gotten injured because of fighting for us. I am disgusted how our government treats our soldiers now and how they are about as expendable to our government as a SOLO cup. That is a shame and a travisty. I also believe that we get involved in wars and conflicts for the wrong reasons, and that a lot of our soldiers died needlessly. It is for these reasons that I do not support a Conscription or a Draft. If a situation like the fictional movie "Red Dawn" happened....I know enough hold out and survive and Do what I have to protect my family. I have always wanted to serve in the Military, but I have flat feet, Epilepsy, cerebral palsy in my left side, and a titanium rod in my left leg below the knee. So that takes care of my military career unless they change their minds about giving disabilied people military jobs in office positions without going through basic training.
    • Exploring the Religious Naturalist Option (Last post by Anyanwu)
    • That's actually really interesting. My thoughts actually align a lot with the religious naturalist platform. I just never had a name for it. The closest was humanism, although I settled on agnostic. Ever since my deconversion I've been heavy on science (I was bared from studying certain scientific subjects for a creationist narrative). I like that it changes as new evidence is brought forth. :) I'd have to look into it more but it looks like so,etching I could align with.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 15 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 15 x 3 push ups 15 x 3 sit ups 15 x 3 air squats 15 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps And Meditation. 10# day without coffee.
    • Thoughts of a simple man (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Wisdom of the warrior I live by choice, not by chance. I live to be motivated not manipulated. I live to be useful, not used. I live to make changes, not excuses. I live to excel, not to compete. I choose self esteem, not self pity. I choose to listen to my inner voice, Not to the random opinions of others. I choose to do things others will not do. I choose to live by ‘The Way’ I am everything, nothing and all that is in between, I am, Ki
    • Did You Know? (Last post by Proteus)
    • Welcome to the thread of interesting and mind blowing facts about our wondrous universe! Post an amazing uncommonly known fact here, whether significant or trivial... (Tip: Be sure to cite your sources) ___________________________________ To start us off: Fact: You replace every particle in your body every seven years. You are literally not the same person you were 7 years ago.
    • What makes a Jedi? (Last post by den385)
    • @Cyan - sure, I meant the crashing plane situation - first you put on a respirator yourself, than to the kid - that's official instruction for depressurization.
    • Etymology of the word "Jedi" (Last post by den385)
    • @steamboat28 - let us dream of the word Jedi coming from every language on this planet ) Sure, I, too, think jidaigeki is the only source - statement by Lucas is clear.
    • Military Jedi and conflict of interests, help nee... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • So far, everyone here has talked about voluntary military service. There are many countries in the world (including my own) where draft is still enforced and every man (and sometimes woman) has to serve. I found my time in the military to be somewhat strange - Switzerland is neutral and our army is set up to defend the country, not to attack others. Everything about it felt somewhat surreal - you were ripped out of your peaceful life and thrown into a system that is built from the ground up to make killing feel "normal". over the last two decades, Switzerland has been involved in a series of foreign wars (mainly in the Balkans, we still have a presence in Kosovo), albeit as a non-fighting force. I was forced to join when I was 19 years old. I was handed a rifle and trained to kill, just like about 15'000 others that year. At that time, I considered myself a pacifist. I refused to shoot at human-shaped targets at the shooting range and was punished for that. I didn't mind the shooting itself - I still shoot guns for sports to this day, but I drew the line once they replaced the neutral aim with that containing the image of a bad guy. So again - Switzerland is neutral country and I'm grateful I was never placed in a situation where I actually needed to shoot at someone. If you look at this here, you'll see that almost half of the world still has mandatory military service: So while in the US and the UK, the decision of whether you're willing to kill someone for your country is made before you join up - and it's completely your personal choice - in other parts of the world you're forced to to prepare yourself for killing if you want to or not. So what would a Jedi do there? I believe that free will is the basis for being able to live the life of a Jedi. If that free will is taken from you, what is there left to do?

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