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    • Never forget (Last post by RyuJin)
    • 2 brothers, all my grandparents, stepdad, all my childhood friends...
    • Saw a dead baby today... (Last post by RyuJin)
    • thousands of babies/children die every day for countless reasons, this has been going on for centuries, many can/could be averted....the media's mass coverage of tragedy makes it seem as though the world is worse when it's really the same it's always been, maybe even a bit better.... when dealing with the media, look at the coverage of the past and the one point there was no coverage....ignorance is bliss....the world only seemed better/happier in the past because they did not have the immediate access to a world full of information....just food for thought
    • jedi haiku (Last post by tzb)
    • Interpretation is happily broad and loose in reality. Most contemporary haiku poets eschew all traditional rules, syllable counts etc. Some examples... Quote: spring runoff carrying a tune Quote: swimming hole— the first dare Quote: frograffitinsidecemberain But we have our own thing going here, which is fun in its own way :)
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by V-Tog)
    • "Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another." - Carl Sagan
    • Encouraging exceptional individuals to check us ou... (Last post by den385)
    • Business cards are interesting theme. Yet, in Russia there ain't much people who are that good in English and metaphors of Franchise are not much infused in our culture. So I'm planning a different way, personal art site which relates to the Way. If it fires up well, than maybe there'll be some point of translating totjo in Russian or whatever. Don't wanna be a missionary of any kind, I'm creating a site just to stop being so verbose on my wall and make something out of my poetry/drawing skills. Will advertise a little in few months, I hope.
    • Clothing: Boots (Last post by RyuJin)
    • so far mine seem to be pretty easy on the feet...i haven't had a chance to really put them through their paces since i recently had a back sprain, and sciatica and now bursitis in my hip....but they do feel good walking around, and even though they come up to the knees they are very flexible...
    • Current Weightloss (Last post by RyuJin)
    • correct again...of course the trick is to maintain that balance of anger and clarity...anger can be sneaky, if you're not careful it easily becomes blind rage
    • Light Saber/Universal Remote (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • Quote: Have you looked into maybe using an arduino? They're smaller than a Pi and you can really customise it. I have one and I believe they can do PWM. They have a newer nano that is 0.73" x 1.70" which would work fine too. I moved away from arduinos because I hate writing code for the AVR micro-controller, uploading it to the arduino, running it, finding out it doesn't work, rewriting, etc. The raspberry pi lets you use any language and just kill a process, costs less, has way better hardware, includes ethernet port, hdmi video port, audio jack, 4 usb ports, camera interface, etc.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • Why do people always try to walk over the rope instead of just follow it to the exit? Everyday people trip over the ropes at work. The exit isn't that far folks, about ten feet from the spot most people try to go over. You would think that we wouldn't need a sign that says "Do not step over the ropes" as the ropes are, themselves, supposed to indicate "Do not walk across this spot. Follow to exit" but apparently we do.
    • Circuitry and Reality (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • Oh maybe you should check out graph theory. Graphs can be used to model many types of relations and processes in physical, biological, social and information systems. Many practical problems can be represented by graphs.

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