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    • Which lightsaber colour should i use (Last post by Darren)
    • If you're like me, and you have friends that play rough, get the heavy-duty dueling blades. I have a pair; my first was a very simple hilt and Guardian Blue light, and my second is a more intricate hilt (a customized Bellicose model) with Consular Green light. Lots of fun back-yard sparring. :laugh: Go with whatever color you feel represents you the best. There are some quizzes lying around the internet that may help. I ultimately chose Consular Green for myself because the type of fictional Jedi that I identified with the most use that color.
    • How do you meditate? (Last post by benedictveritas)
    • this is a difficult question ....i dont meditate by clearing my mind ...just hearing all the thoughts at once untill i can focus them and understand them at the same time ....(kinda like distinguishing the individual voices of a choir ) and once they are brought into unison i am at peace and they fadeto little more then background noise
    • Tapatalk (Last post by Jestor)
    • Roz, this is like a puzzle for me, lol... So, tell me to stop if I bore you, lol.... Do you see this screen? As Kamizu said, choose "forums"... [attachment] [attachment]
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Doomeniek)
    • Ugh i feel terrible!! I used to play rugby train two times a week. When i was in top shape i weighed 110KG, but after i had to quit due to my knee injury i dropped to 81KG. Reading all this makes me realise i have to work out some more ... but for now im grabbing another beer :) free from work tomorrow! Cheers -Doomeniek
    • about meditation (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: Walking is for me a good way to meditate, when me and my wife take the dog for a long walk in the forest, we actually dont say a word, we can let go of thoughts. Time we forget :P it feels so refreshing afterwords I have done that while walking very slow on a treadmill, eyes closed, holding the side rail, breathing in and out in sinc with my steps. I focus and visualizeon on the repetitive motions of my body & it's sensations as it moves through the steps. Very grounding.
    • Grey Jedi...Anyone else? (Last post by ckott)
    • I thought it was India and they did it because you mostly eat with your hand and wipe your ass with your left basically they cut off the left and u can imagine from there im sure
    • Jediism and inspiration (Last post by Goken)
    • While I find the whole of Jediism inspirational I guess that the parts that really got me hooked would be: the code, the Creed (which I repeat in my head whenever I face adversity), and Jedi themselves. I wasn't really sold on becoming a member here until I started reading the forums.
    • I, Mormon jedi (Last post by Reliah)
    • I guess I'm still Mormon. I haven't been excommunicated or have withdrawn my records or anything like that... but I can't truthfully claim to be a Mormon.. because in my heart and mind I'm not at all... Does that even help...? Probably not... :dry:
    • Think about it quote... (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • "The universe doesn't owe you anything but an education......and it gives you lessons every day." I read this today and loved it. Enjoy

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