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    • Video Games Promoting Nationalism and War? (Last post by Arcade)
    • Quote: I struggle with this particular topic. I truly enjoy video games (borderlands/ Diablo III currently) and play them frequently. However, I find my mindfulness and presence suffer both during playing as well as for a couple of hours afterwards. I become so attentive to the game that I forget to be present in my actual body. I don't know if you'd find them as entertaining as I do, but there are many games out there directed toward those of us who are interested in enhancing/improving ourselves and helping us better connect with our true natures. For example... Deepak Chopra's Leela (2011) is a game for the Xbox Kinect and Wii that is more or less a training program to help with focus and mental/emotional relaxation. You make simple movements to control the on-screen visuals and they react to your body's movements (the Xbox 360 version is more refined and senses subtler movements along with your breathing). The music is quite nice and I've found the program reasonably beneficial. The Journey to Wild Divine series (The Passage, Wisdom Quest, and others) is also great (available for PC & Mac). Wikipedia refers to it as "a biofeedback video game system promoting stress management and overall wellness through the use of breathing, meditation and relaxation exercises." Basically, these are Myst-like first-person puzzle games, but instead of solving riddles you work through various mini-games related to breathing and meditation with the help of a biofeedback device that you attach to your fingers. The games are surprisingly responsive and it's an interesting use of gaming technology. And Your Shape: Fitness Evolved (2010) / Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 for Xbox Kinect have a 'Zen Training' option that teaches a combination of basic movements borrowed from yoga, tai chi, and ballet. I find it very relaxing and it's a nice stress reliever. There's a 2013 version of the game for Wii U as well, but I haven't tried it. The degree of benefit and joy that you feel you receive from these types of games may or may not be equal to my own, but I think they're worth taking a look at. I like the direction this kind of gaming is going and look forward to seeing even more interesting uses of modern technology as time goes on. I have high hopes for the Microsoft HoloLens. The ways in which it could be used to help people learn and grow (mentally, physically, and spiritually) are limited only by a lack of imagination. [video]
    • Do you have a loved one that has a mental illness?... (Last post by Fenton)
    • Quote: Quote: I noticed a couple of people suggesting therapy, but just like medication, you have to remember that it simply isn't for everyone. It's perfectly fine to suggest it, but if your girlfriend is introverted in nature (like I am), it can actually do more harm than good. Mental illness is different for every single person, and so the treatment has to be different too. While I appreciate the sentiment, I will disagree with you here. Therapy--good therapy--is about helping you learn how you process your emotions and thoughts currently, and how you can learn to process them in more healthy ways in the future. That's a skill everyone needs, in my opinion. In my case, it unfortunately caused me to regress further, and my doctor has cited it as the worst decision he made for me. The real problem isn't therapy itself, but when you force people who desperately don't want to go, to attend regardless. A kind of 'go or we'll have you institutionalized' mindset. In short, therapy is not inherently bad, just as medication is not, but it should be done at the will of the person involved, not their family or friends. Forced therapy will not help. People may also accept to go out of a want to make others happy, so the patient's intent must first be deduced before action.
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • coming for you right now middle of the night now whos gonna be the light now im not afraid to fight and I know how to know im right now! look straight into my eyes and the lies are exposed in the throws of demise of those who chose to trade blows with the wise as he closes his eyes to see roses and skies he despises the hate of his surmises apprises the fate of his disguises and lies is suprise is unpleasant for the lost and the eyeless apply this dont be afraid to die its the only way to fly you can make it to the sky if you try and no day will pass you by and you cry as you laugh cause you tried and at last you arrived and alas had to die to your past yet survived all the paths of resentment and wrath and the pain of the shame and the games still remain but the rules have to change cause the fools that remain looke like jewels that disdain their own glimmer and claim that their chains make them sane while their shimmer is stained and unpolished in pain unacknowledged and you have this knowledge its here with you right now the middle of the night now your turn to be a light now dont be afraid to fight you know how to know youre right now! who's coming for you right now? who's coming for you right now? _______ I think this belong here more than the songs thread cause songs are performed by musicians while lyrics are written by poets
    • Native American Jedi... tribes, skills, get to kno... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Hahahhaha RyuJin and I have the same name! :woohoo: Wescli Wardest Running-Wolf Black Foot, Sioux Irish American Hunting, tracking, leather working, drum and flute making, beading, knapping, cord making, bowyer fletcher (as it is called in Europe), horsemanship… and a myriad of other things. Basically, I love the outdoors. And I am very fond of heritage and native skills and crafts from most every peoples.
    • What's the difference between hunting and buying m... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • its serendipitious to me that you mention human/virus c connection i have a theory id love to share iv been saying this theory for a while and no ines been able to counter it to satisfaction my theory is not that we ARE a virus but thst we are INFECTED by a virus virus may not be an exactly appropriate word but its definitely accurate for purposes of explanation its not a symbiote which binds us to the force its a virus which seperates us from it ?
    • General reading question (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Tolkien's translations are always very good, but I haven't read this one yet. I'd wait for a few more posts, but I'm going to say it's probably pretty solid.
    • Jedi Knight in one word (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: The past couple of days I've been trying to identify a word that would be appropriate. As Brenna wrote, it might be impossible to choose a single word that would be totally accurate and meaningful to every individual. But... wholeness maybe? I wanted to say oneness, but that doesn't feel completely representative of what I believe makes a Jedi Knight. Wholeness, to me, says everything (love, oneness, self-awareness, compassion, balance, perceptiveness, patience, integrity, reason, etc.) and remains open-ended enough to support additional or alternative interpretations. Like Brenna I have been thinking alone the same sort of lines. When I first saw this question posted on Facebook I wanted to wait until I could get the language behind what I wanted to say correct. But: Quote: With only one word. Describe what makes a Jedi Knight. "No." That would be my one-word response. I of course understand what you are getting at when you ask that question, but since you want some kind of considered answer here is my explanation... (such as it is)... The problem with asking this question is, as Arcade points out, no one word could fully explain what it means to us to be a Jedi, much less a Jedi Knight. Jedi, in my opinion, reject the simple reduction of things to "parts", instead looking beyond what is immediately obvious to reach an holistic understanding of the universe. Jedi are forever journeying somewhere, training never ends, and to appreciate this is to realise that society (yet alone the universe!) cannot so simply be reduced down to "parts" as though it were some machine where each "thing" or each "being" is some sort of separate cog that is in some way removed from the whole. The Force leads one to an holistic view of understanding reality, so whatever "part" might be glorified at any one time is simply what happens to be popular (either to an individual or group of individuals) at any particular time and has no basis in absolute permanence. Reality is change and dividing it into boxes is to do it an injustice. Well there's my considered answer :P please don't look at it as "criticism", these are just my musings!
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Kohadre)
    • Quote: OK, so I know this is generational and you young ones will give me some sort of excuse like..." But that's the way our generation does it", but.... I DON"T OWE YOU ANYTHING! WHO THE F*&%%$$ DEITY DIED AND LEFT YOU AS*)&%%LES IN CHARGE? WE ALL CAME INTO THIS WORLD WITH NOTHING, AND THAT'S THE WAY WE ALL LEAVE THIS WORLD! IF YOU WANT TO BE RESPECTED, RESPECT OTHERS FIRST! THIS ENTITLEMENT GENERATION ARE NOTHING BUT FOOLS, ARROGANT, IGNORANT, AND LACKING ANY SKILLS TO SEE THE WORLD IN FRONT OF THEM! DON'T BE ONE OF THEM! Like retirement? My generation seems to understand the "we're fucked over scale" pretty well, it seems the previous ones still think they deserve something (even if they paid into it)
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by elizabeth)
    • I am grateful that people understand my crazieness... Here's to all the crazy ones :) Thank you
    • Honesty - what form or type do you like? (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • I try to remember the following quote when I'm faced with an honesty conundrum: "A truth told with bad intent, beats all the lies one can invent" - William Blake Your intent is the key. Under normal circumstances I'm skeptical of "tough love" - although certain circumstances will demand it. Search your feelings for the right approach - and timing is everything! Brutal honesty can often be avoided, to be replaced with a compassionate honesty at a different time under different circumstances. Obviously lying should be avoided but "white lies" have their place :)
    • Grey Jedi Code Anyone? (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I thought I might provide some sources. Check this out: There is a blog post about it too: "There is another way, however. The “love” you’re looking for is possible through being you, says Heer. “What if instead of striving for love you were willing to have gratitude, caring, and no judgment? If you were willing to choose that instead, it would take you out of all the judgments that are attached to that program of love.”" Access is all about deprogramming from society. For that reason, it IS considered a cult in many peoples' views. Any group that is hellbent on separating you from society is viewed that way, is it not? *shrugs* I have no judgment of that. ;)

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