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    • "If you're not doing anything wrong..." (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Quote: With regards to surveillance... (If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to hide...) Everyone reading this, think of the most embarrasing, personally damning and private thing you could possibly think about (off the top of my head such taboo topics as masturbation, sexual fantasy, how you feel about your boss and coworkers). Now tell everyone in the Temple about it. Guess what... I do not expect you to tell everyone in the Temple about it. Do you know why? Because it's none of our business to know or demand, just as it is none of the government's business to know or demand. And the fact that I don't want to tell people absolutely everything about my life makes me neither a criminal nor a terrorist. I'm a private person and I expect that privacy to be respected as I shall respect your's. Challenge accepted. :P Adult content Spoiler: When I was younger, like most young guys, I had a love of masturbation. Well, in my excitement one day I jumped into bed and started going to town. It wasn’t till I heard the giggles that I realized I had not shut the blinds on my window. Oops! Embarrassed? Sure. But as it worked out it was the cute girl in the neighborhood that caught me and she was… how to say this without sounding cocky? I ended up with a girlfriend. Things happen for a reason. You can either go with it or fight it. ----- As to the OP, I hear people talk about the injustices, bad laws and invasion of privacy on a pretty regular basis. I’ve heard a lot of arguments both ways. But what I have not heard is any kind of solution offered. Just something I found interesting.
    • ADD HEALING REQUESTS HERE!! (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Everlasting Force, essence of life. The Aunt of Peace, a child of the force, whose body has been harmed by illness, an illness that may grow, may weaken her body, is in need of healing and peace of mind and spirit. So too is her family in need of comfort, as she is, during these times of tribulation. Help her to receive the care she needs as this time passes. Send the healing flow of the force, restore her to health, ease their minds and comfort their spirits. And help her and each member of her family face the days ahead with love and compassion. As we, their brothers and sisters in the Force, stand by their side in thought and spirit let them know they are loved and supported.
    • speed of light (Last post by Gisteron)
    • If c was infinite, no equation involving it would be well-defined. That doesn't mean mass would be infinite, but that the proportionality of mass and energy would not be identifiable. Reference frame dependant energy types lika pretty much all pre-relativistic stuff like mechanics, electricity, thermodynamics, all would have a concept of energy that would be very much quantifiable irrespective of the value of the speed of light. The speed of light is also not finely tuned for the possibility of the elements we know nor life as we know it. Natural constants are not arbitrary and mutually independant and assuming that universes with different values to those constants are possible, there could be any number of them with vastly different values but with forms of energy nothing unlike the ones we are familiar with and therefore life just as we know it from ours and that is leaving out all the other types of life we probably haven't even dreamt of yet. Interestingly, things like population dynamics and the resulting evolution would be exactly the same no matter what the universal constants would be in the particular instance.
    • self examination and the Conflict Impulse (Last post by V-Tog)
    • Quote: why cant we help ourselves lol ? flight or fight seems to apply to even to silly things like internet trolling thats the topic -why do we react when we know better? Well firstly, 'fight or flight' is built into our nature - it's a natural biological/physiological impulse, survival of the fittest and all that... Sometimes we're a bit hard on ourselves when we conclude "Yes but I have the ability to think logically and I should know better". There are biological processes that kick in and send our nervous systems into overdrive, making it more or less impossible to think calmly. Once in that state it's very hard to voluntarily drag oneself out of it again, so it can be helpful to maintain an awareness of one's triggers and early 'symptoms' so that we can snap out of it before adrenalin and whatnot has really had a chance to take hold. I've learnt what some of my most common triggers are and nowadays the moment that they come up I mentally flag it up to myself ("V! TRIGGER ALERT! You're going to feel tempted to react to that!") and I take a step back and tell myself "Don't take it personally". The fight or flight response is our reaction to feeling threatened or attacked, which, when occurring in a verbal or written situation, more often than not translates to taking things personally. Other people's words can only affect us in that way if we allow them to. It sounds very simplistic, but for me it works. Mostly. :blush:
    • Global and catastrophic thinking. (Last post by rugadd)
    • I gave up on that level of self assurance years ago. I can't think that way any more. The truth is, I DON'T know, so thinking like I do is right out. It was causing too much harm, to much misrepresentation. I still catch myself in writing or occasionally while speaking, but that is more about comfortable phrases as opposed to a concrete, broad sweeping belief that it may represent.
    • Making of a Jedi Warrior (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I tend to see the ideal 'warrior' as some sort of non-state aligned Navy Seal type of character, using technology to insert somewhere, conduct special reconnaissance of some important inappropriateness or calamity, and then assist other more suitable assets to conduct operations. Though they tend to look like Imperial Pilots with the whole drysuits, UBA's and face mask thing!!! Then I wheel back to the ideology of the mindset to achieve that, and tend to think the US Army SF and USMC MARSOC have a neat approach with the foreign internal defense capability for that particular aspect - perhaps covering the civil engineering, medical and cultural components more. I guess there is a bridge there between being a subject matter expert and having some real world role in achieving outcomes, in outlandish ideal fantasy land, though hopefully not needing guns, demolitions and fire support :pinch: That said, the hand to hand fighting an improvised weapon training I think is a core component of that bridge between holding the mindset and using the toolkit, for a Jedi 'warrior'. YES! lol this exactly also de oppreso liber
    • Last names post marriage (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • My wife still has her name. I'm quite pleased that she did. Our son has her last name as a second middle name, or third name. People are funny about it sometimes, like I must not be assertting my will hard enough over the household. Most people seem quite pleased when I explain it, though.
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by elizabeth)
    • I am grateful for the sermons that many times say just what you need and grateful for the people who put in some much to the Temple. Not all of it seen. Thanks
    • Beyond Carnism and towards Rational, Authentic Foo... (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: I will always have a pro-meat bias. It is a nutrient- and calorie-dense food, and even though I'm turning chunky, my metabolism is about Goku-level. This makes meat (red or white), in conjunction with a balanced diet, really efficient for the way my body processes food. I could, theoretically, live without meat. But I've done it before, and I have to eat so much more food to maintain the same levels of energy that it would take me a lot of gardening or consume my entire income to try to eat vegan for a prolonged period of time. if yours is goku level and you can actually maintain your energy level without meat for any amount of time i'm scared to figure out what my level would be....every time i've tried going without meat i make it at most 3 days before i lack the strength to support myself...during those 3 days i'm eating nonstop and the hunger is never sated and i can feel myself getting weaker....
    • Harsh Words (Last post by TheDude)
    • I don't believe in harsh or offensive words. The words can be used in an offensive way, and even can be nearly exclusively used in an offensive way. But I don't think that makes the words inherently offensive. Now, it might be advantageous to say certain words sparingly or not at all, given the common reaction to those words. But I don't think they're inherently offensive. One word may be accepted in one situation and be unacceptable in another situation, even the majority of situations. This is just a social rule. And what if the word was created for the sole purpose to hurt? And I do not mean that one of its purposes is to hurt, but that the only purpose the word serves is to hurt? I do not think this is the case with any word in the English language. Even racial slurs, though used as insults, also serve the function of referring to a race. I will supply a word for the sole purpose of hurting someone, then, and it is xalagafalo. Now, since xalagafalo serves no purpose other than to hurt, it goes against most codes of ethics to ever use the term. It is an inherently offensive term, serves no purpose but to diminish pleasure and maximize pain, and has no place in a utilitarian society. Tl;dr: Words are not inherently offensive, but if there were words which are inherently harsh or offensive it would never be acceptable to use those terms. As for when it's okay to be harsh with someone, only in cases where they MUST be corrected (for example, someone who enjoys killing innocent people) and they will not listen without you being harsh it is okay.

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