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    • Helping the Homeless? (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • There are two sides to any street and any coin. I genuinely want to help those that need help. And it is not right (in my opinion) to judge the degree of severity and authenticity of ones needs. Even though we have all done it including myself. That said, I want to tell a funny short story. :D I use to have to drive by a particular street corner on a regular basis where a panhandler worked. (Someone who asked for money) I have no idea how much money he made, but I rarely donated to the cause. One day, as I approached the intersection I saw that he had made a new sign. It read, “why lie, want beer.” I chuckled to myself, rolled down the window and handed him $5. What he used it for was his business, but I found the whole thing rather amusing. A couple of months went by and I saw him a gain. Winter was approaching and the temperature was dropping. His sign now read, “Too cold for beer, want whiskey.” Again, I donated. Why? Well, I always assumed that homeless people were just spending it on beer anyways and at the time I found the honesty refreshing. And it was funny. And sure, some of them do. But there are also those that need help. I realize now that far too often in my life I was too quick to judge and make assumptions. And where I can’t go back and change things, I can at least try to be better about it moving forward. ;)
    • Cathedrals of Utopia (Last post by Brenna)
    • I love cathedrals. Old ones. I love the smell, the art work and architecture. The gaudy opulence... Whenever I get the chance to be in Europe I spend most of my time roaming from one church to another. But more than that, I like the feeling that most have. A sensation that I have found in sacred spaces belonging to various religions in so many different parts of the world. Its the feeling of quiet. The sense of being in a place where mindfulness, reflection and connectivity lives. But like anything, when you prepare to be in a mindset of spirituality, the very atmosphere of the space changes. Do you need a temple or a cathedral for it? I don't think so. but its easier to make the switch in thoughts when you have one.
    • What Do We Mean By "Temple"? (Last post by Brenna)
    • Quote: I agree with Edan that it definitely extends beyond the boundaries of the site... I have conversations with Temple members via Skype, email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, even by SMS sometimes. But more than that I feel like it's something I carry with me, a principle of encouraging ideas and approaching things with an open mind. I'm really interested in this aspect. Particularly when the discussions around online vs offline pop up. It HAS to extend past the boundaries of the site. Otherwise, what is the point. And I am convinced that its that expansion into our "offline (i hate that term) and off site lives that is what makes it so incredible. And of course when it moves past the boundaries of a site, there is the expectation that people carry over the behavior expected of a Jedi. Helps eliminate the role play aspect or the "its not real, just a website" nonsense :woohoo:
    • Caterpillars Blowing Smoke (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: Wow wow. I don't feel insulted by arcade. "most insulting" doesn't mean there is actual insult. I am well aware i have a strong aversion to things that are in some way altered for me, but let me tell you here and now, there is nothing you, me, or anyone else can do about it. (also I like it this way) I will never like people who aren't straight with me. Ok, seems a bit contradictory, but if your not insulted then it would be less likely you'd be insulting other people perhaps.... Quote: Where's the insult? Well no-one has complained of an insult to me yet, but it seems like your bullying Cade because you keep using him as an example in your posts, where you seem to be saying some people are fake and weak. It 'seems' to me your either insulting him directly by saying he cant handle it in post 154169, or insulting him by passing on contents of a PM where he might have said he cant handle it. Likewise in post 154136, where your saying he changes his speech to protect his audience, which you call manipulative. I'm not aware of where he has said that in public here, I might have missed it, but it would seem your either making it up or passing on his words from a PM either way I find that behavior insulting. Further, given that I know he is having a rough time now and asked to stop hearing from you - for you to continue to do this in a public forum makes me question your welfare and integrity. Let me know if I'm wrong of course, but I do know you like to be told how people see it.
    • The Gallon Challenge (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Lol...that's what I thought too as it's a popular radio stunt here...and internet I don't recommend... :sick:
    • Gisteron (Last post by scott777ab)
    • Gist I am still reading up on those 3 things. It is just not clicking in my head. So I did a google search for philosophy forums, and I am currently checking them out right now. I will get back to you with some more questions when I have them.
    • Healthcare Consumerism (Last post by Senan)
    • I believe a big part of the problem is in applying economic ideas to what should be a humanitarian issue. It is difficult to act like a consumer and effect the supply/demand of hospitals and quality care when often we have no power over when we will need that care. If the demand for care is always there, the hospitals can pretty much run however they want. If it's the difference between living or dying, I'll take a crappy hospital over no hospital. That allows for the existence of crappy hospitals. In fact, it encourages them because the cost to run them in a crappy way is much lower than doing it right. It is the patients who end up getting the shaft. We absolutely should demand quality service, but that doesn't mean anyone will listen to our demands. The money talks.
    • Favorite Art (Last post by Edan)
    • Outside of the Dali Universe exhibition, London [image] Photography from:
    • What form(s) of magic(k) do you practice? (Last post by Arcade)
    • Quote: Everyone uses soap! Well, that's debatable. haha Quote: I really want to! It's a funding thing again. Understood. I think he got everything he needed for a reasonable price, also from an online source. Quote: How does your husband enjoy it? :D Loves it. He's a very hands-on kind of person, though. He works with everything from robotics to amigurumi. :) Quote: Hush you! I have enough projects to finish hahahahaha. Whoops! ;)
    • Emotional Meditation (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: Has anyone else used this or other methods to explore their emotions and would you agree it can be beneficial? This is actually how I process most intense emotion. Unlike most people, who want something happy to take their mind off the sadness or anger, I kind of dive deeper into it. It's almost as if others tread water, and I swim to the bottom to pull the plug. I learned a long time ago that is best for me, personally, so I try to do it as often as I need to stay balanced, and to remember that emotions aren't bad--it's what we do with them that makes our lives difficult.
    • Best star wars movie/scene (Last post by tzb)
    • Quote: Anakin: From my point of view the Jedi are evil! Oh man, I'm sorry to do this after saying you were getting old the other day but... for me this is one of the worst lines in the whole saga. It's a perfect example of bad writing... it embodies the opposite of the classic advice "show, don't tell". It's Ep III's equivalent of the toe-curlingly awful "No, it's because I'm so in love with you!" The other ones you mentioned are all pretty great. Ep III is seriously underrated.
    • Steamboat (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I don't know the guy but when someone says they're nice when you get to know them I always think that what they really mean is they're an ass but you get used to them! :laugh: In this case, that is precisely what it means.
    • Elite: Dangerous (Last post by Streen)
    • That's cool, Adder. Nothing wrong with jerry rigging your controls. I actually dusted off an old track-ball mouse to use for Head Look mode while I'm flying with the joystick, as long as I don't need my hand on the throttle. That's a really good question, as to pricing. From what I've gathered, no one has ever mentioned a monthly fee. I don't think the game is technically an MMO. I hope there isn't a subscription though. Now you've got me worried Adder! :huh: LOL

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