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    • American Jedi (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Ally, I have full confidence that Laurent will honor our efforts and hard work to help him create this film. He himself is working on all the edits and assembly of the film and will, I'm sure, pick the best parts of our efforts and leave out the bad. Force knows I stumbled on my words alot and my swordsmanship was miserable next to Mindas with a spear (Grumbles) put a spear in mindas's hands and you may as well withdraw XD Anyways As Alex said. Keep your eyes on the Facebook page American Jedi, there will be spoiler clips posted. Other than Opie I do not think many of us have seen any of the filmed work. (I know I havn't) So us in the film are waiting on the edges of our seats with the rest of the community. Support the efforts by joining the FB Page. Hitting the "Like" and commenting with questions. Im sure the Knights and Laurnet himself will be happy to answer as they come. On a personal note Thank you. Hannigan, Tanner. It warms my heart to see supportive friends here <3 *bows deep*
    • Discussion 0 - Introduction to the Monomyth (Last post by tzb)
    • Some absolutely wonderful responses so far guys, thanks to you all for your contributions! I'm holding off with my answers for a day or two, but I'd like to respond to a few of your points, if I may? :) One thing I'd like to pick up on is how you've all examined the four functions of mythology beautifully, from the perspective of the myths' heroes. But how about as a listener/viewer? How do the myths you speak of speak to us, here in the real world, of awe and the mystery of being, of the shape of the universe, of our social order and the stages of our own lives? I believe the examples you've given all satisfy these criteria in the real world as well, just as the myth of Star Wars gave rise to our real world religion. Quote: 1. I’ve chosen the movie “Willow” (1988) Pedagogical Function: Willow is guided by at least one character (I see even two here actually). The first one is the Elwyn wizard, High Aldwin, who inspires Willow to contemplate his potential to be great, as well as helping to set Willow on his journey across the land. The next one is a good sorceress by the name of Fin Raziel, who teaches him how to use Cherlindrea's Wand, to reverse an animal-transformation curse on Fin. In the last half of the film, Fin inspires Willow to believe in himself and to face his greatest fears in the event of an intense battle against the evil Queen Bavmorta. Excellent choice :) another great demonstration by Lucas of the Monomyth and a fantasy classic to boot. I wanted to pick up on the pedagogical function here, because whilst Willow has some direct teachers, I feel the pedagogical function of the myth is made elsewhere. In other words, whilst the hero has teachers (and I might even include Madmartigan in this, as a kind of "negative teacher"... an anti-hero teaching by bad example), what does the myth teach the viewer? In other words, as a kid watching this movie, what did you learn from it? What were the "morals of the story"? And as you move through the stages of your life, how does your understanding of the movie's message's change? Quote: It is not that we intend to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the world as much as we intend to acknowledge the teachings of Jediism in the light of what this above passage explains: To become aware of our communion with each other and the universe for the purpose of living life without being trapped in the illusions of our ego and discover and embrace the larger, more significant image of what we are a part of. Just wanted to pick up on how much I agree with what you've said here. Really fantastic stuff, thank you. Quote: 3. The hero’s positon in the world is mostly known as the hero, because he is wearing clothes from an ancient legend who foretold about a boy in green clothes that is to save the world, so that the people in Hyrule often ask the hero for help. 4. Throughout the game there are different characters to help the hero on his journey but there are two of theme who is with him throughout the game. The first is with the hero at all time and you can talk to him when you are stuck in a riddle or have forgotten what the quest is. And there is one who comes forth to give you a special tool that lets you pass through a special door or teaches you a song to play on the Ocarina to show you the path to follow. Similarly to my feedback to Proteus, you've selected a brilliant example of a hero myth with Zelda. Link is forced to leave his ordinary life in order to complete mammoth tasks. His skillset is increased with every stage of his adventure, and ultimately he becomes a true hero, well equipped to deal with whatever situation he comes across. But also I'd like to draw out the real-world significance of this myth. What does Link's quest teach you about your position in the world? How about the pedagogical function. What do the characters in LoZ:OoT teach you about yourself, and your life? This story has some quite specific messages about the different stages of a person's life. What did it teach you about the differences between people who are young and fully grown? Think for example about how one can only learn Epona's song as a child, but only ride her as an adult. Does this give you a real-life lesson about age? Quote: As a Novice in the Temple it has thought me in the short time I have been a Jedi to be the best I can be and to not be afraid to walk on paths untraveled. And to have faith in myself and the Force, and through that faith I become stronger. And that is what I believe that what the Temple is all about, to help us be the best we can be, and it is through the journey we become strong not the goal. An excellent point and great to hear your perspective as a Novice :) one of the future steps in the Hero's Journey is the Road of Trials. Do you anticipate any trials ahead on your road to knighthood? Quote: I think they both followed that structure because we are programmed as humans to want a hero who struggles. Its too easy to be born a billionaire playboy with a genius mind. We connect deeper with the man/woman who has everyday struggles. It resonates with us and we can identify with that hero easier than one who has always had privilege. I think the writers knew this and since this same journey progression can be found throughout history it obviously is something that we look for and enjoy to see. At this point we can almost say its instinctual. I really loved this point. The Hero's Journey is, to an extent, a mirror to the process of learning or growing, wherever we are and whatever we do. We leave our ordinary level of understanding, go and do something hard which challenges us, and return equipped with that new knowledge. You're right, that may well be why we love this pattern and structure. Quote: I think the world “Force” allows us to connect to that universal connectivity we instinctually are searching for without putting a label on it such as Buddism. By using the word Force we allow ourselves universal neutral ground. Another beautiful point. Universality is something key to our path, as is maximising harmony in all we do. As Jedi we work to understand what we have in common with all things, all other people. I like to think that because we follow a path based on mythology (Star Wars), understanding the way mythology unites humanity and influences our understanding is vital to being Jedi. The Force is also a kind of myth, a way of understanding something which is, perhaps, outside of our immediate experience. Like you say it's a short word which means a huge number of different things, but at its root it is about mutual understanding and experience. Oneness. Thank you. :) Quote: This relates to the Temple of the Jedi Order and my personal path as a jedi by making us aware of the pattern and inspiring us to persevere and succeed through the examples given which follow this pattern. I like to think so, yes :) the lessons of mythical heroes encourage us to persevere, to remember that after our dark moments in the belly of the whale and the many trials and temptations we face there is always the hope of return, and of growth. Thinking more specifically about the Jedi aspect of what we do, do you feel a desire to be a "hero" in your life? To undergo difficulties on behalf of others, and to face challenges in order for the benefit of your community (or the world, or the Force)? This is another common thread of the Hero's Journey - someone who does something for the benefit of others. Is that part of what it means to be Jedi, do you think?
    • Jediism, connect multiple communitys and orders. [... (Last post by Proteus)
    • Quote: Its not that simple, when you get deeply rooted in the Force Realist Community (there is the Jedi Community and the Sith Community, then you have individual sites[or in FA's case an additional council] which ascribe to a different philosophy than these two groups, such as Baran Do or Ashla Knights[eh, well.. They're Jedi...but that's a story of its own, lol]) as I, Khaos and Connor have- it's a lot easier to understand the sheer differences between the philosophies. It is difficult to describe, and took me meeting one in person before I could understand how he appeared to be Jedi in spirit but ascribed to the Sith Path. It's not something I can tell you, but rather you have to experience to understand fully. I know you were looking for an actual answer, but this one truly is something I cannot convey, even after meeting 3 in person (Sarith D'Moren, Lady Qadira before she became light, and Miles). Assuming this was replied to me, my questions are rhetorical. I asked them so you (any of you) would take some time to yourself to really think about it, deeper than the level of politics that are usually used to answer them around here. I see a great deal of wonderful diversity among us... of color, culture, purpose, personality, perception, etc,. However... I also see a great tendency to let these things get in the way of our view at times when there is a larger, more significant picture at hand. I tend to see people using our differences as excuses for accepting this but not accepting that. I tend to see people clinging onto their establishments, and worrying about merging them, or keeping them separate. Why do we worry about this? (I'm not asking for a verbal answer from you. I'm asking for you to ask yourself this personally, and to really think about it.) I'm not just trying to talk deep and be mystical or cryptic. I think this is something very clearly important to explore and consider, because it tends to become a cripple in our ability to communicate, and to connect... and I don't think looking at the politics can give anyone any real answers to the bottom line. I hope what I'm saying here is being understood. Don't mistake me for saying that any one community is not important. On the contrary, it is extremely important. Any one community IS the event that many people come together and connect. Why is it we do? If we can really look at what is behind why people come to, for example, this community, and communicate, share, reflect, learn, all together, we should see what actually matters among all of this. Again, this is rhetorical. I just ask that people who read this, who tend to have issues with the politics of it all, take their time to themselves to personally explore this matter on a deeper level.
    • An Answer for Unification- please read I know it's... (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: An individual is an individual- but the question isn't how can individual Jedi be taken seriously, it's "How can Jedi be taken seriously". Tell me, if someone that were a Scientologist were to run for office, do you believe people would take him seriously? As it stands, I know a Jedi (he's even got works in the Great Jedi Holocron) that is running for Congress- in order to do our best in supporting him, we've ensured his real life name has been wiped from the records. He has also pulled out of the community since he started down a political path. He is still Jedi in every sense of the word- and only a select few will ever know what he has accomplished as a Jedi. With any luck, maybe one of the old guard will survive him and log the story in our history- who knows it might be me. But don't you think it a bit of a tragedy that by just being affiliated with the community might prevent them from achieving some great things? Things greater than you or me? Or maybe even that a Jedi running for Congress? Interesting, and quite the conundrum... I am in a low level governmental elected position... I cant really see it being detrimental, but, I can only really see through my own eyes... Ive thought about running for something that is able to do a little more good, but, I have some reservations, and concerns that being a Jedi doesnt come close to, lol... When they (inevitably) start throwing up the "honoring of God", they may look sideways at a Jedi... But, if I ever do run for a higher office? I will use it as my major selling point, lol....
    • How can we be taken seriously? (Last post by Adder)
    • Most of your posts Alan leave me wondering whether it should be used as a new discussion topic or a sermon for the Seminary :lol: which is a good thing, thanks!!
    • Return and Confusion (Last post by jedi_roz)
    • Welcome Back Silvermane! When it calls you time is irreverent. We are here when you need us. Take a deep breath, know you are among friends and find solace. Good luck with your journey!
    • My vision for a United Jedi Order (Last post by Targeran Arynal)
    • Is it generally accepted that justice is a phenomenon specific to human consciousness, or are there arguments that justice is present in higher orders of the universe as well?
    • Course Comms (Last post by tzb)
    • Discussion 0 - Introduction to the Monomyth now available: PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THE COURSE COMMS THREAD
    • HAPPINESS (Last post by MikeBudo)
    • Greetings Each Bows Some more :) The Magic Of Positive Thinking/The Power Of The Subconscious Mind The magic of positive thinking is real. Adopting behaviours like positive self talk and daily positive affirmations can change the brain's structure and ultimately influence the subconscious mind. So how does the power of positive thinking work its magic in your mind? Together, the conscious and subconscious minds direct the show that is your life. So altering their function will lead to new and different ways of being. Let's begin with a few definitions: The Subconscious Mind: It's worth noting that the "subconscious mind" I'm speaking of, is what Freud called the "unconscious mind". There is no subconscious mind in psychoanalysis. It is more of a new age, self development term. So when referring to the subconscious mind, I'm talking about that part of the mind that stores feelings, perceptions, complexes, beliefs and desires that are all outside of our conscious awareness, yet have a powerful influence over the actions and behaviours we take in every moment. The unconscious mind is associated with the dreaming, reflecting, meditating and sleeping state. It is intuitive, easily making associations and connections between thoughts, ideas and feelings. It does your perceiving and feeling. The Conscious Mind: The conscious mind is the antithesis of the subconscious mind. It does all of your intellectual thinking. It's the part of your mind responsible for your self-talk, the endless stream of mind chatter that can on occasion almost send you crazy. The conscious mind likes logical order and sequential information. It likes things to make sense, to have reason. At any one time, the conscious mind can manage awareness of about seven or eight bits of information. The Magic Of Positive Thinking: The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind While we like to think we have conscious control over what we attract, what we do in life, and how we behave, the truth is, the subconscious has most of the control. So when you aren't attracting what you want in life, it's an indication that unconsciously you have low expectations for yourself. Even if on a conscious level you make every effort to achieve something, unless your unconscious carries synergistic expectations, then it will be difficult to achieve. The Magic Of Positive Thinking: Programming The Subconscious Mind Information is received by the subconscious mind from the conscious mind. Your conscious mind perceives the world through your senses. It then attaches a judgment to these thoughts that creates a feeling. The feeling is then lodged into your unconscious mind as a belief. Since all of your unconscious beliefs were first conscious thoughts, it stands to reason that you can change or reprogram your subconscious mind by actively adopting new thinking. This is where the magic of positive thinking comes into play! Using The Magic Of Positive Thinking To Impact Your Life Become aware of your negative programming and beliefs. For example, perhaps growing up you were teased (as so many kids are) about a facial feature or your sports ability. And now, no matter what you do, you cannot see yourself as anything but ugly or anything but a klutz. In each of these cases, the negative beliefs you want to reprogram are "I am ugly" and "I am a klutz". Activate the power of positive thinking: start feeding your conscious mind with new beliefs. At this stage, it's not important that you agree with your new belief, what's important is that it's motivating to you and you'd like to believe it to be true. So in each case, the new beliefs you would want to instill in yourself are "I am truly beautiful, inside and out" and "I am good at sports/I am comfortable in my body". Continue feeding your mind stimulus that aligns with these statements. Meditation (especially binaural brain beat meditations and hypnosis are like super vitamins at this.) They help you achieve a relaxed state where its much easier to accept and integrate positive self talk. You can also incorporate positive daily affirmations and visualization exercises to help make change more rapid. Overtime, as you keep feeding yourself new positive stimulus the negative thoughts you've become so used to hearing will become quieter. Through repeated exposure to your new beliefs, you will start to change your perception of yourself in these areas. At first you'll notice the change in small things. Perhaps you'll decide to take up a sport or if you're belief was that you are ugly, perhaps you'll notice that you suddenly feel more sexy and confident and you might start to dress differently to reflect this. The main point to remember is that you can practice the magic of positive thinking in your life by controlling what thoughts you focus on. It's not an over claim to say that positive thinking is one of the best self help solutions available. It can do wonders for your life.
    • Jedi and Padawan in the fictional Star Wars univer... (Last post by Goken)
    • I'd probably pick Obi-Wan. I like his saber style and his personality. You can see his loyalty to his friends while he remains detatched. He was patient and smart, avoided confrontation whenever possible but was no push-over. I almost have to force myself through an episode of the Clone Wars if he's not in it.
    • Jedi Prayers / Psalms / Invocations (Last post by Phortis Nespin)
    • I as the Force (a mantra) I breath in the Force; I breath out the Force I move with the Force; I am motionless with the Force I think with the Force; I am empty with the Force I am Kind with the Force; I am Compassionate with the Force I defend with the Force; I heal with the Force I Serve with the Force; I Love with the Force It is the Light in the Darkness; It is the Darkness in the Light It is All Things; It is Nothing It is Life; It is Lifelessness The Force as I; I as the Force
    • MTG prerelease tonight!!! (Last post by rugadd)
    • I used to be a judge for that. Got $85 store credit for the last few boxes just last week. I just can not afford it anymore. Crack the Gathering for sure.

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