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    • mind over matter (Last post by Zhaerys)
    • This is where meditation comes in, as well as the idea of practice. meditation allows you to control your mind and thoughts, meditating ( at-least closing your eyes and breath control for 2-3 minutes) before a test or event greatly helps with the nervousness. Practice is what we also fail to do, the more you apply yourself and do, the more you can do, .. a simple example is physics and my math homework, I have never done this before but do have a great interest in it. Its so making me angry right now but as i keep practicing and going over and over, I find myself do so much better. In our studies of the force, I believe what you put in into it and what you want it to do is up to you, mind over matter is up to the user in a way.
    • Guns in America (Last post by Klink)
    • Quote: First 30000 is lower than 610000 Sure I can. In fact you just did use it to tell your story, but here's the story I would paint: How many of those deaths were motorcyclists? How many were drunk drivers? How many pedestrians? How many were single vehicle? Multiple vehicle? I actually have those stats (found them just for this argument): Onto Heart Disease: 611,105 is the number of people that died in 2013 of Heart Disease. 26.6 million the estimated number of adults diagnosed with Heart Disease, according to the CDC that's about 11.3% of the adult population. So between these two, I could say that since only 11.3% of the adult population is diagnosed with Heart Disease, you have more to fear from your own ability to drive (as most vehicular accident were single vehicle) (though really there is about on par, separate only by 7%) than you do of heart disease. It's the leading cause of death, but our mortality rate isn't like it use to be. I can crunch those numbers, it's about breaking them down further, and that's how people get you. 30,000 IS lower than 600,000. Both of them are a fraction (/3,000,000.) The largest fraction is the largest occurrence usually expressed as a percent (how many parts out of 100.) One cannot make 30>600. Just doesn't work that way, so you cannot twist that statistic to state whatever you want. The most you can do is the question character argument, which essentially signals you have lost when the data points are already peer reviewed. Essentially such as a argument goes like this: My proposition "Well these are the numbers as collected and peer reviewed by a panel of some of the most qualified minds in this country." Your retort "Well I have no degree, am one man, was not part of this study, conducted no study of my own with no data for other people to inspect for proper collection methods but I with all of my mighty qualifications denounce your panel of qualified minds and call their data bunk!" At that point you might as well be a fool on the street screaming about the end is nigh. When you continued onto heart disease after posting that link I failed to find a complete argument. I found half an argument like half an equation. In this case its sitting like (y=11% of x) && blank blank blank blank blank. You seem to be missing comparable data points on the auto side, as well as the conclusive "therefore" or "=" statement. Should you say "You are more likely to die when an auto accident does occur than you are if you have suffered a heart disease episode" then the logical follow question is "well then how many people die in auto accidents and of heart failure each year?", and the answer of that undoes any smoke and mirrors you attempted to create. In essence only providing one statistic creates the logical question for the root principle (how many die) and means you haven't demonstrated anything. added: Thought to simplify all this in a short statement: Just because you have provided enough statement to satisfy the lazy does not mean you have provided a complete argument.
    • UN says Afghan hospital bombing may be war crime (Last post by RyuJin)
    • it's possibly a combination of bad intel,and the use of "dumb" bombs (unguided munitions)...if intel was received indicating that the hospital was being used as a base and an unguided munition dropped then it was simply a very tragic accident....
    • If people of all religions can be saved, why do we... (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: Aqua... create is the correct word. There is a created need that the creators fill. That's all. It fills from many different views. I as a Jedi don't have a need for salvation in the same religious way. My wisdom comes from within and the credit doesn't go to an individual but me...and that's where the path gets involved...the ,I know more I'm Jedi, mentality comes. The dark side lol feel free to pm of u like I graduated from Pensacola Christian drop lol ''Creative thinker sees the invisible, feels untouchable, and achieves the impossible.'' :blush:
    • On War & Religion (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: i dont see any reason to believe that morality developed separate from religion - theres no evidence to suggest it that i know of Well, in this case let me inform you that a number of animals living today (and one can reasonably expect it being similar in the past, with animals of comparable social capacities) do have a morality. This is a claim I make, and while I am no zoologist, I am willing and able to cite sources. Thus, I present to thee, monkeys that understand the concept of fairness and value: And here is a link to the research paper, just so nobody thinks I'm citing YouTube as a source: If, as you say, it was not until the dawn of religion that hominini developed a sense of morality, we should expect to see other animal clades with any so rudimentary grasp of morality to have a rudimentary type of religion to account for that also. Since morality is a frequent result of and condition for social behaviour and can be sufficiently explained and accounted for as such, if you wish to maintain that morality in its beginnings requires religion, it remains to demonstrate that in every instance where morality can be observed, religion - past or present - is observable also. Go ahead.
    • Duty sword advice (Last post by Star Forge)
    • Quote: I'd recommend you get a body camera and take lessons on how to disarm someone. This whole fictional terrorism threat is creating mass delusion and paranoia. Don't add to the police state by becoming a corporate security tyrant. I haven't stepped foot in a mall for over a decade but you're more likely to encounter a teenage gangster wannabe with a knife than a terrorist. [video] By "terror," we mean organized gang activity, though we don't rule out having to deal with Jihadists. We once had a suspicious group of Chechens that we dealt with without causing any alarm. Also, the kids of today are not the kids of yesterday. Kids don't carry chromed .25 auto pistols and flea market switchblades anymore. I've confiscated several sawed-down semi-auto shotguns hidden inside backpacks, a full-auto Ruger 10/22, an endless list of high-capacity semi-auto pistols, a couple Desert Eagles, and even a sawed-down .50 Barrett. Not to mention all the weirdo left-wing kids who do half-assed terrorist acts to be cool. Terrorism is hyped up in the media, but not fictional in the least. I am not contributing to the "police state" in any way. The mall is a private business, and the owners have the right to use whatever security measures they want, just as a US citizen has the right to own a weapon to defend their home or business.
    • Jedi Community Page (Last post by Connor L.)
    • There is a Halloween Party scheduled for Oct. 31 with the Chicago Jedi. The Indy Jedi are heading up. :)
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Luthien)
    • 3 x 5 Front squat 3 x 5 Overhead press 1 x 5 Deadlift For time: 30 185-lb Deadlifts 45 Sumo-deadlift High-pulls (basically an upright row that starts in the deadlift position) 4 Overhead squats (naked bar; could not do more since my shoulders wouldn't hold out for all 30 Rx'd. Still working on my shoulder mobility.) [7:39.9] 30 Leg lifts Edit: Song that helped me power through some of the rougher parts of this was The Dark Templar Symphony by BERSERKYD (see below) Spoiler:
    • 'Mo'vember (Last post by Kamizu)
    • No shave november (well to fall into regulation it would properly be called Movember lol) was always a big thing at my last squadron. I tried it every year. Never did win any of the awards... :dry: :silly:
    • Uplifting Thoughts & Quotes For The Day (Last post by Janice)
    • Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom. ~ Viktor Frankl
    • Jedi Charity (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: we're scattered a good bit as well.... no matter how much i donate, it never feels like many in need... I totally understand the feeling but even if we were Bill Gates we couldnt end poverty. The only thing we can do is take pride and pleasure in knowing that what we do brings joy into the lives of others. So many need so much that we would go mad if we thought of the things we cant or dont do. We instead must focus on what we can and will do.
    • Nature - Animals (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • dolphins help fishermen catch fish dolphin asks scuba diver for help cetacean (whales, porpoises and dolphins) intelligence

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