Jedi views on homosexuality

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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 02 May 2012 04:03 #58645

My 2 cents on this would have to be:

I no longer believe that the United States, or possibly any other country, creates laws specifically for unity, general safety, and morality. Whether it be against homosexuality, or something else harmless, the government seems to exceed expectations on making laws just to simply--well, make laws!

And on the note of YthanH, I agree completely. Another good example is The bible was translated into English from Hebrew way before we even had a complete grasp on original hebrew. They have since corrected a few things but not all is complete, and not all is original.
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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 02 May 2012 11:01 #58669

@ bornofosiris: You're right. The Bible has been changed and things have been forged by peolpe many times, so (in my opinion) not every thing that's in the bible should be trusted, such as the views on homosexuality. No offence intended to any "bible-lovers".

Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 02 May 2012 11:28 #58675

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On the Bible but, the one we normally read now was translated from Greek normally which was how it was written and some hebrew and there are a lot of miss-translations in it so it is possible that Jesus was gay or had a relationship with Mary just depends which translation you take and into how of it you read

Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 02 May 2012 19:24 #58757

Saw this on Facebook and thought it was appropriate (apologies to those that can't see it):

A great argument against all those that quote the Bible (Old Testament) when discriminating.
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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 02 May 2012 19:41 #58762

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Mark Anjuu wrote:
Saw this on Facebook and thought it was appropriate (apologies to those that can't see it):

A great argument against all those that quote the Bible (Old Testament) when discriminating.

Love that letter, always makes me cack up when i see it :D

Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 03 May 2012 08:56 #58829

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To all Christians opposing homosexuality: Jesus clearly stated, that there are no Commandments greater than the Two Commandments of Love. You're not exactly loving your fellow men by hating them, do you?

Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 03 May 2012 09:11 #58830

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I can't say it enough, I love this comic strip!

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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 03 May 2012 16:09 #58865

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We were talking in chat and this was brought up:

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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 03 May 2012 17:27 #58876

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What I said before about age of consent, I am merely trying not to encourage breaking Laws that for the most part, do protect the people without taking away a disproportinate amount of freedom. There can be no arguement that laws about legal age of consent do more bad than good. Do I think there should be a way to work around them whento individuals do consent with at least a decent idea of what they are getting into, yes. Legitimate protection good, tyranny bad.
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Re: Jedi views on homosexuality 05 May 2012 16:09 #59172

same here Akkarin i fall in love with people
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