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wikipedia 31 Oct 2011 02:14 #44016

I noticed that the Wikipedia information on Jediism is very scant and insufficient, I think someone should add more information. I still am not able to do it well (my writing is chaotic, my English is my third language only, and I don't trust google translate entirely :), so I ask (only humbly asking the question) if someone will be willing to take over this task in the interest of the community?

Re: wikipedia 31 Oct 2011 02:41 #44017

If people want to know more about us, they can find information on this site. We don't have any affiliation with Wikipedia, I believe.

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The article on Jediism at Wikipedia is horrible. In theory anyone can edit it but navigating through all their incredible rules is somewhat more difficult than levitating a car with The Force.

So many people have attempted to make it a good article. For awhile, not too long back, it was getting better.

Now it's almost worse than having no article at all.

I've come to realize that until there are actual published books about Jediism written by real Jedi we going to get nowhere with Wikipedia. Once there are references to point too we'll have a fighting chance.

Go to the article and look at how the page was at various times in the past and you'll see what I mean.
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Re: wikipedia 31 Oct 2011 16:25 #44033

  • ren
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We need to check the rules on primary sources, as they make more sense than secondary ones on religion articles. (in fact other religion articles use primary sources a lot).

Could be good to check with wikiproject religion and NRMs as to what their policies are, if they give a green light, admins shouldn't complain and we would be able to easily revert any edits which dont comply with the policies (and therefore ruin the article).

I'd like to point out that technically, discussing the editing of articles outside wikipedia is against the rules.

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  • Jestor
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We are not "discussing editing", other than to say it needs done....

But you can't tell me other people don't do it... lol...
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I don't care about the rule, what I care about is not being caught as it would be highly counterproductive.

Just a reminder that if you add a link to totjo on that wiki page, you should first make sure this thread doesn't appear in the latest posts...
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