Patience is of the essence

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Patience is of the essence 09 Jul 2009 17:13 #24377

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In today's fast-paced culture, can patience really still be something good? Modern times provides us with high speed Internet, the instant gratification of emails and the convenience of even shopping online. But these modern conveniences and the life styles have their price. The more we pack into our lives, the more we seem to be loosing patience in the process. Time has become so compact that we can feel every single second which ticks by. We`ve come to a point where at fitness centres you can surf on the net and pedal at the same time etc. Where technology was initialy ment as a time saver it has become a commodity or addiction encouraging the need for more. And where there is no time, there is no time to reflect or communicate with others. It is difficult to appreciate life when your mind is racing miles and years ahead. The experiences we make cannot have any connection with the inner emotional world, this makes any quality, lasting memories difficult and ultimately encourages Demenz. A typical symptom of demenz is anxiety and frustration. Although or great great grandparent had to work har and long they did not need regular holidays like we do today in order to recover from a stress filled and compact timetable.

Patience is a word which calls each one of us to calm down, wait before taking action and accept things which cannot be changed. It is not some abstract ideal but a chance for each of to experience happiness on a long term basis. With patience we make more room to be free and make choices. We can become more sovereign and not loose control over what we do and what happens as a result. It is a necessary pre-requisit to become emotional and spiritualy mature. It shifts our view into the future and makes us aware of what is actually going on at the moment.

Our multi-task and control culture sees patience, in its generosity of time, as being a waste of time. Patience cannot be confused however with the fear, innactivity or lack of disciplne as found in the docile. Patience is very much active. In its steadfastness lies its ability to feel compassion and tame anger. What we really value in life we take more time for and we become more effective in. A message for all bussinesses of the world. Quality time for quality work! Breathe when you breathe, \"look at the small print\" in life, appreciate the changes of the seasons, eat when it is dinner time... .

Re:Patience is of the essence 09 Jul 2009 21:09 #24382

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It is from patience that we learn understanding that allows us to assess the situation and make decisions based on that evaluations.

When we lose patience we lose that foresight that alerts us to dangers, cautions, warning bells that in a normal situation we would come to hear and take the steps to find the reasonings for this. Also when we lose patience we also lose control of emotions due to the frustrations of not getting something quick enough. From this we learn that a person in a rush never sees the cliff's edge until it is too late.

Take the time to use patience to complete things. Yes it might take slower but in this regards you will know that it is done right and not just half way.

Re:Patience is of the essence 10 Jul 2009 07:51 #24421

Think of life as a journey

You take the journey by jet - what do you see? - only the sky and clouds and not much else

You take the journey by high speed train - what do you see ? the world zips past in a blur - only in the far distance does the view become clearer but it doesnt stay in sight for long to take it in.

You take the journey by steam train - what do you see? - things still move quickly but you have more time to take in the view

You take the journey by foot - what do you see? - Anything n everything you wish to - you can stop when ever the mood takes - you can admire the scenery - sure you dont get as far in the same time - but you can take everything in along the way - you make the journey under your own power and you choose your own route.

Which is the most rewarding journey?

The computer was designed to be a labour saving device yet nowadays most people are the slaves and servants to the computers

Here is a thought - make a diary of an average week, make notes of the time you sepnd doing things such as 'watching tv' 'on the computer for work (necessary use)' 'computer (for leisure) that sort of thing - and finally - time spent with family friends in the real world.

Sure computers allow us to 'talk' with peple around the world as if they were next to us - but is this a good thing when it means we actually neglect those next to us?

Re:Patience is of the essence 10 Jul 2009 18:10 #24474

  • Jon
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Patience is of the essence because it is a virtue which helps us to grow. One definition of the word is to tolerate delay. This means self control and forbearance as opposed to wanting the world to revolve around us. How many times have we \"jumped the gun\" only to find out that it may have been better to tolerate delay or exercise self control? What did we miss out on? Did we hurt someone because of lack of patience? Did our lives just change completely just because we couldn't control ourselves? Patience is not only a virtue but a necessity for a happy existence.

Re:Patience is of the essence 18 Jul 2009 00:39 #24838

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Patience is most definitely a Jedi virtue as it is intimately tied to our trust in the Force. Yet, for many of us, patience is a quality more admired than desired. Why do you think businesses came up with the concept of \"Instant Noodles,\" \"3-in-1 Coffee/Shampoo,\" \"Fast Food Restaurants,\" etc? It is because we are living in an \"Instant World,\" and we have to cope with today's fast pace environment. How is this \"instant mania\" affecting our spiritual lives? Do we expect \"instant answers\" from the Force when we pray or meditate on something?
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Re:Patience is of the essence 19 Jul 2009 21:56 #24898

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I feel that the generation coming up behind me is more of the instant variety than me. I do enjoy having some instant things, but also have learned that there are times that they must take its course. That is where patience has come in and allowed me to allow things to unfold in its course. There are times I want it now, but then realize that \"instant\" does not mean earned.

Patience comes with all things from school, family, TRAFFIC (in which I lose about 90% dealing with Houston traffic), meditation, work, and life. Without patience, we would not have gained an understanding of what is respected, earned, or learned.

Re:Patience is of the essence 20 Jul 2009 09:15 #24910

I want I want don't get is the old saying yet it seems 'I demand' seems to get and gets it now.

But where is the reward? or indeed honour in instant gratification.

Surely if the life expectancy of humans is increasing - then we have more time to take our time.

Just a thought

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