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    • What is TOTJO? (Last post by Adder)
    • Purpose is; to be, or train to be, Jedi! :) Rather then to be or not to be, Jedi!!! TOTJO doctrine (to me at least) does not limit other paths of Jedi... I think its generic enough. After all, you don't need to finish our training to be a Jedi here. I cannot resist thinking about that biopyschosocial model of mental health, which claims ideal mental health is good biological health, psychological health and social health all together.
    • Let's Negotiate the Jedi Code! (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • Quote: There's nothing divine about morals and values. Morals and values are formulated between subjective people - in sometimes written and mostly unwritten contracts. The Jedi code is a suggestion for cooperation - hardly a description of an empirical reality. It's not something to believe in - it's something to negotiate. -Shadow Knight Pelar (FA) By definition, you can look at negotiate from the following prospectives ( Quote: : to discuss something formally in order to make an agreement : to agree on (something) by formally discussing it : to get over, through, or around (something) successfully Given these, as Jedi (or even those of you that do not follow it), do you believe Pelar's assessment of the Jedi Code as it pertains to being a Jedi?
    • Definitions? (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: I don't remember too many people supporting the idea of TotJO being the one true anything. Though trolling around the forums (in the fishing context, not the internet one) is a pretty good contender for "one true" procrastination method. :)
    • American men, American media, and the villificatio... (Last post by Oneiros)
    • Quote: I think the main concern is about young boys being harmed. The asumption that young boys are being "harmed" by this is wrong because the basis for that article and that line of thinking is also wrong. The sort of paranoia that that article is based on and promotes is not healthy or helpful to righting any of the imagined wrongs that it claims to point out.
    • Taoism (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • This is for Alexandre. We spoke in chat the other day and I didn't have the likn available to show him; Enjoy

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