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    • What would you expect from a knight and apprentice... (Last post by Alan)
    • Because of the independence that this online community enjoys, it seems to me that Initiates and Apprentices should be self-directed as all mine are and were, and so I act with that reality in mind. Jediism is a discovery of the reality of the Force and so for me there is little I can really teach, so like Jamie stated, I simply ask questions. J.K. Barger and Luthien continue to walk the path that is before them; applying their Jediism in the living of their lives.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • Running 1,5Km 20 x 2 x ( x 2 hands) 3 kg biceps full swing. 20 x 4 push ups 20 x 4 air squats 20 x 2 x ( x 2 hands) 3 kg biceps full swing.
    • The law of Sin? Or the Law of man? (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Quote: ... I have done research and compiled my data to share with everyone. Quote: ... they also said they did some research and they know they didn't... Quote: ... I am merely going based off what I remember... Good. Now we can go on and share opinions, if we want. I look forward to it. :)
    • The Joy of Goth (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • I read this article and thought I'd share it: As someone who has found great solace in melancholy music at certain times in my life it resonated strongly with me.
    • Hell: An ancient myth or, a factual spiritual pris... (Last post by Corwinani)
    • Could You imagine that anybody from any reason lock you inside some labyrinth of tunnels underground and after the death of Your body, Your self-awareness stay there as a lost soul, forever (for thousands of years) wander and searching for the way out, thinking how to get out ? After some time You will certainly forget what actually you are looking for - no joking, but all the time sleepless aware of yourself..... Why You cannot just die and go to where all other souls going after death? Because this is designed prison for Your soul ... under the labyrinth there are underground rivers and together with special ceramics stones are creating some very special kind of energy which human soul cannot pass over. And of course only earthquake could change it, which did not happen in many thousands of years. And on the ground the special kind pyramid has been build so you will never escape the way up. This i imagine the Hell must be. Actually this possibly real and there are certain indication . In case of interest please see Bosnian pyramid underground on Youtube .... Let the Force be with You
    • Chi? (Last post by Jeriko)
    • I have a little experience here in that my father was a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner and at his most focused he was a rather good teacher. Connection to his chi centre, (the dan tien, which is located 2 inches below the naval) was indeed strengthened through years of chi Kung, form repetition and pushing hands. From what i remember Chi kung was one of the easiest things to fit in to a busy life as in its essence it is standing still but it kind of meditation as well. I would say though that i do not believe it's utilisation can be achieved through reading. My father studied and trained for over 16 years and taught for a further 4-6 and i still remember him coming home and getting me to be his training partner after class because he had made discoveries and advancements that he needed to test. I'm not a small guy and i have gone through doors and almost through windows from a simple and soft 1 inch punch from my father. The strength that can be obtained is unbelievable and difficult to convey in words. I think you need to feel it to understand. I believe the book Cultivating the Chi by Chen Kung may be of use to you.
    • Your Cave of Evil (Last post by Sven One)
    • That is really intresting. Perhaps maybe thats true maybe when you go to be with The Force you leave The Cave?
    • My experience (Last post by Katash Weivorki)
    • Intriguing. I have had moments, though they are rare. It has primarily happened in moments of extreme emotional release. My abilities lay in illusions, and perception. If you would like to discuss things of either nature, I am happy to oblige. PM or even Skype if you would like.
    • Positive Energies/ Negative Energies affect you, T... (Last post by Katash Weivorki)
    • I do believe all that was said is quite true, though for thought, and contemplation I would like to bring up something else. In my experience yes a collection of energies is fairly difficult at first. And true it is mostly the cause of external interference. But let's say it's something within, turn your eye inwards, and a whole new world will become visible. To focus your attention at combating the mix outside, we often do not realize that what is wrong, merely starts with ourselves.
    • Addiction Check-In Thread (Last post by PatrickB)
    • Me every beginning of the month I buy many junk food and I eat it all in 1 week in haft but it was suppose to be for the whole month . But for the rest of the 3 weeks I have almost none . of course I go to the corner store to get some desert and then I run out of money . I wonder why . :sick:

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