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    • Still Around (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: But to give a better answer. I just do not find it productive to argue anymore. What I believe is what I believe, no one is going to change that but me; it is pointless for me to argue a point trying to change someone else. If someone wants to know what I believe about something they can ask me, but I am not going to just blab my mouth no more. I have better things to do. None of us find it productive to argue, although it still happens... Another Councillor and I get into a frustrating debate that had both of us wondering if the other one was being abstinate about the topic, and purposely trying to be confusing.... Well, we have chatted long enough that we knew this wasnt the case, so, we took a deep breath, and tried, "from the top" one more time to try to get across what each other meant, and that was it! We are now on the same page, but, if either of us would have thrown in the towel, the situation would not be resolved, and one, or both of the parties might feel like they are not being heard.... Sharing ideas, and trying to understand others, will get heated sometimes... But, if done in the spirit of reaching understanding, as opposed to trolling, lol, then it may in be beneficial... We are all on a course, a path.... And, when we come into contact with others, they alter our course ever so slightly, even where we cant perceive it... And, the exchange of ideas is a great thing...;)
    • What are your opinions about euthanasia? (Last post by Deepseablue)
    • Quote: My opinion is that, no ones opinion matters, but the person who wishes to pass. For whatever reason they give, only they have the right to their life...or death. I, for me, would only ask for death if the pain was to great and the end was inevitable anyway. With no cure and only pain, I would ask for relief from my suffering. If my family has the power of attorney for my healthcare, they would know the parameters of which I would request death when I cannot speak for myself. No one has the right to infringe or interfere on/in your life, or death, without your consent. sorry, forgot to add... If I ask for it, there should be no law that would prohibit it, if of course, I asked for it in "sound mind". "Sound mind" also includes being reasonably able to answer the question as to why and under what circumstances. This sums up my thoughts pretty well. I do believe, though, the putting down of animals is sometimes not always completely justified. Under the circumstances in which it is an act of compassion and mercy rather than that of interference, I do believe it is the correct thing to do.
    • invitation to totjo (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Actually, I can probably be there. I'll be back in the states next week, and I'll have the "right" time zone. I can't make any guarantees right now. But, if nobody cares, I can give a fair representation of what it's like to study the IP, work through part of an Apprenticeship, and go through the Clerical Training, even holding a minor staff position.
    • Father knocks out sons abuser. (Last post by tzb)
    • I don't applaud his violence, but I applaud him for restraining and not killing the man. In doing so he reconciled his need to protect and, in part, avenge his son with the need for an abused child to have a father who's not locked up in jail. Those of us who are parents might wish to consider the consequences of those kinds of actions now, in a calm and impersonal setting, so that should we ever be unlucky enough to find ourselves in a similar situation we have some idea of the long-term implications of various short-term courses of action. It's easy to say "I'd kill him!" or, I imagine, to react in that way. But it wouldn't be easy on our kids. If I found out my son had been abused, you can be damn sure I'd do whatever it took to be there for him, even if it went against my gut instincts.
    • Everything is Made of Energy Stuff (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: So... if energy is conscious and aware (whatever the heck that means because with the ill, nay, sick non-definition of energy it could be literally anything and one might expect that consciousness and awareness are buzz words of the same nature), and we are an example of that, then wouldn't rocks be an example of energy being not conscious nor aware (unless the ill, nay sick non-definitions of conscious and aware are such as to allow for conscious and aware rocks, i suppose)? If we are arguing from examples, surely that must go both ways, and conversely, in order for it to only go one way the argument must be one that wouldn't rely on examples. If looking for useful definitions, an example might be 'conscious' being self aware, and 'aware' being aware of outside of self. The 'structure' of a rock is simple compared to an animal, and its rate, quantity and variety of change is, as a result, at a different temporal frame. By virtue of its simplicity that rock can last a million years, by virtue of our complexity we collapse near 100. The problem might be expecting some truth from a practise, when the practise is not about seeking truth primarily but improving the experience of reality to have a better and more rich truth. Funny thing is we are not really aware of what is outside of self, we are aware of our self interacting with outside which we interpret as outside! But for practical reasons it makes sense to split mental processing into different areas. One example would be to use a three tiered level of; * space realm - temporal, spirit * mind realm - corporeal representation, spatial * abstract realm - mental, emotional While its all the same system of awareness, it probably uses different circuitry in the brain. Some people might have an ability to integrate visual processing (like in dreams) to different senses to work with such concepts. I dont think anyone is trying to 'define' reality by doing this sort of thing, rather have a greater experience of it or try to refine the experience for some nature of benefit. I agree though we must stay firmly anchored in the science of reality, and for me Jediism does heavily incorporate science and scientific discovery to shape how we can better experience reality.
    • Live Service - Saturday 26th July at 2000 UTC (Last post by MCSH)
    • I'll be conducting a live service on Saturday 26th July at 2000 UTC. The sermon part of this live service would be available as a normal sermon for everyone to read. To find out what this time would be on your timezone click here.
    • Cognitive Dissonance - Your Thoughts (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Well it seems to me knowing yourself: likes, dislikes, desires and expectations would be helpfull? Then knowing your limits while working to expand them would keep dissonance to a minimum? I think it's all about: living, learning and becoming a better person. Don't get hung up on your flaws and keep on keeping on.
    • Words Mean Things. (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: In type, you should strive to be more clear, if anything, as there is not context of voice inflection, body language, etc. In type, it much more easy to misunderstand something, hence, to be as clear as possible and non subjective with your words will open more doors then close them. Of course... But if I think I'm clear, and as clear as I can be, and still not getting through, it can't be helped... And, an individual should realize that not everyone is going to understand what someone else is saying so further questioning should be done...:) Quote: It goes against the argument of subjectivity really. Such as this... Would you explain? This is just another point where people get separated... The "prickly" people, and the "goo" people.... :lol:....
    • Another XKCD- Answers (Last post by Vusuki)
    • Not sure where to put this- so thought I'd just add it here. Just a bit of a fun poke at star wars Don't turn it on.
    • Unacceptable Casualties of War (Last post by Deepseablue)
    • Quote: Czech Airlines were not flying from Seoul to Prague above Ukraine. Only above Russia. We have arrived safely in Prague. Good for you! I wouldn't have wanted to be anyone anywhere near Ukraine in the days after the "crash."
    • Well, I thought I would make a few suggestions... (Last post by Proteus)
    • The shoutbox was a 3rd party code which ren was managing when he was admin but took it down after the site's update due to some kind of compatibility or functional issues and never finished fixing it back up. Whatever its condition was when he left, I forgot, but I can check and see if there's anything we can do about it.

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