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    • Access Forum Changes (Refined) (Last post by SeventhSL)
    • As I opposed the initial changes I would just like to show my appreciation to the Knights for their efforts with this refinement and to make TOTJO a better place for all of us. I very much understand that you have a difficult task to manage the desires and expectations of so many and I thank you for not hardening your hearts and for listening to the voices of the lower ranks as well as the higher. I sincerely hope that this new solution, or some variation thereof, proves to be successful. I am very hopefull for there is more to a name than their appears. Time tells all things. Also thank you to those higher ranks who take the time to create and discuss topics with those below them. Though it may go unappreciated you act as mentors and guides to beginners like myself. Thank you.
    • American men, American media, and the villificatio... (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • you want to draw attention to the wrong...point out? In my life i have seen what kind of things trigger people and this is one. Instead help by educating. teach don't point at show by example... be the right in the wrong world be, the change where its needed, try not to hinder them...who ever it is but in point, yes there is a problem, yes my in laws always...always claim me to be chauvinistic... but my rebuttal isnt to say well your wrong i educate them. I take time to show them there is abetter way there is light in a dark world and i am the light. Now i dont directly say these words to them but i live by example. At the dinner table stand when ever my wife leaves the table...a bit old sckooo i know but the level of respect for my loved one is evident. things like that, yes sir to my son, no sir to him when he asks for things,,,, a better way to do things, the example leaves them speechless at times and they have even grown to respect the methods i teach my family to act and have thanked me at times in their own way.
    • Forum Access Changes (Last post by carlos.martinez3)
    • Stop me if im wrong but i see this as trying to keep order and miss hurts from happening is all. Ive noticed some people just run in and complain and insult and leave and leave the rest of the temple ruffled. I agree with the leaders on this one in regards to keeping the Temple safe and free from...whats the word...any body???.... riff raft, chaff... things from getting in. It does happen and ive seen it. If there is no threat there would not be a need but there seems to be a need i right? so ... Take action and put in place what is needed and as the council sees as a help. Im for suport of my Temple all ways. And yes i would also vote for the same if it came to it. Carlos
    • Philosophy Tech Support (Last post by ren)
    • It's no different from identifying as zen or existentialist; a self-description or declaration of interest (like the totjo SIGs).
    • No offense, but... (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Sure. You always have choice. That won't change responsibility if in fact you are responsible. Now stop being so sensitive,
    • My work with the Force (Last post by taidavrikaurvan)
    • Quote: If I were a cynic I would say that you are encouraging people to live in their own delusions instead of reality. BUT I'm not. ;) It was a very good read, a lot of which I agree with, or at least have common threads in my own life philosophy. Did you say Streen was your master? The Streen who writes here on occasion? Also, will you stay and add your voice for awhile? Some of my stuff is a bit out there lol. Thank you for the kind comments. Streen was indeed my master has been for 10 years. I will be here for some time. Listening and learning :)
    • TotJO on Tumblr (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: *does little dance* Hooray! Seriously, I use tumblr as my primary space to blog and is probably more prevalent in my social networking activities than Facebook or Twitter. There are so many of these online things now... Language: Spoiler: [image] :silly:
    • NUS Won't Condemn ISIS Because of "Islamophob... (Last post by Revan Falton)
    • Quote: I've put this is the humour section, because I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry :P :unsure: Sadly the NUS (National Union of Students) is a complete and utter shambles I am ashamed to have "representing" me. Wow, I can not believe what I just read. And as an American, and a former soldier in the US Military, our "attacks" are laughable at best. In my personal opinion its just used for political approval to make it look like to the voters that our Administration is doing something about the situation.
    • Exploring and Understanding Acceptance (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Acceptance means nothing on its own. It can only be applied when there is a reference point. So, I can only speak to it in a context. Lets talk about a context, then. I just recently found out I might be gay. After another failed relationship, I keep finding myself coming back to the same conclusion: maybe I like men, not women. And, I can't just jump on the bandwagon, I have to look at the evidence. 1. Ok, Dr. Wilson on House is really cute... OMG. I guess that's all one needs really. It's abrupt, but I can picture that in many different scenarios. I can see my attraction towards men in many of my male friends I find attractive. But, there is a problem: Why would I spend so much time denying something that is so clear? Easy! Because I've been taught to be straight. I've been taught to have a wife, two kids, a nice house. This is what I was taught to want. But, for as long as I can remember, I have had internal conflict about it. I have always felt "something" wrong about being in a relationship with a woman. And, I've had 3 serious relationships (I'm only 21, that's pretty good for my age!). Why, oh WHY would it take so long to accept this? ALL of my friends would tell me they think I'm gay, and I ignore them. My last girlfriend told me repeatedly that she thought I liked men, but I denied it. Even my mother has been asking me since I was 13-14 if I was gay. I have been assaulted by repeated evidence of my homosexuality, but because it was uncomfortable... Sometimes, I think we refuse the truth because it isn't as neat and tidy as we'd like it to be. Homosexuality comes with a lot of problems (then again, so does being Straight, yeah?) that are unique to the situation. There are stigmas, there are legal problems, there are ___. It's neverending. Some of my family might hate me. Thankfully, my parents are supportive if I decide to tell them. But, then again, for as long as I can remember, ever since I started becoming sexual, my life has become more bland.. More gray. Less interesting and more formulaic. It became easy to become a shell sexually and just move through the motions. Find a woman, let her hurt me and soothe me... and that's it. But, my long-term girlfriends eventually saw through the ruse. They accused me of not loving them, no matter how much I thought I was... I was so un-selfaware that I didn't know what was happening. Acceptance is tough because denying it is safe, sometimes. You can try the whole ignorance is bliss thing... but, all you're doing is dying while you're alive, as Mark Twain would say.
    • You do what you are (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: In my opinion he is referring to the characteristics of one self. For example: a compassionate person that turns malevolent, or an honest person suddenly acts as a liar, then they are betraying what they truly are, which is sad. I do think that we do what we are, in the sense I said before. I guess I had originally thought the quote to be about proffession, but I like this more. It makes me feel a bit better to think of 'do' as how you behave and act rather than your job. I'd hope people think of me as more than a banker. lol

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