Tunka-shila, Grandfather Rock

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Tunka-shila, Grandfather Rock 04 May 2012 17:30 #59063

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I have a book of stories and I wanted to share one - it's the shortest one in the book, so I hope it's okay.

The tile of the book is "Native American Stories told by Joseph Bruchac"
The title of the story, "Tunka-shila, Grandfather Rock"

The Lakota (Sioux) people say that in the beginning everything was in the mind of Wakan-Tanka.

All things which were to be existed only as spirits. Those spirits moved about in space seeking a place to manifest themselves. They traveled until they reached the sun, but it was not a good place for creation to begin because it was too hot. Finally they came to Earth, which was without life and covered with the great waters. There was no dry land at all for life to begin upon. But then, out of the waters, a great burning rock rose up. It made the dry land appear, and the clouds formed from the steam it created. Then the life on Earth could begin. So it is that the rock is called Tunka-shila, "Grandfather Rock," for it is the oldest one. Because of that, the rocks must be respected. In the sweat lodge, when the water strikes the heated stones and that mist rises once again, it brings back the moment of creation as the people in the lodge sing to Tunka-shila, the Grandfather, the old one.
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Beautiful story, Reliah !

Cheers for having posted that ...
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