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    • The Reiki Thread :-) (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: im curious what peoples thoughts are on the general value of reiki, the publicizing of the symbols, the idea of self attunements, the reiki levels, reiki guides and the different interpretations of reiki eg japanese vs western vs reiki plus ect I've been doing non-Reiki energy work for years, and finally got "attuned" last year, going all the way to "master" level in certifications. Here are a few of my personal observations about energy work in general * Energy healing is not a replacement for medical treatment or advice. Energy healing is to "heal" the spirit and energetic pathways of the body, not the body itself. While a healthy chi flow/"subtle being"/"whatever buzzword you want to use" very often manifests itself as a healthier body than one had before, this is not necessarily a guaranteed outcome. Anyone who seeks energetic healing in this fashion, reiki or otherwise, should do so as a complement to actual medical practices intended to work on the body, not in place of them. * Not everyone can perceive the results of energetic healing as they happen. Many people who are unaccustomed to the feeling of this kind of energy flow, or who have blockages, or whatever, may not be able to feel the transfer or balancing themselves. This doesn't necessarily mean it didn't work. It also doesn't necessarily mean that it did. Rather than administering further treatment after that, one should wait and see if secondary benefits are noticed first. Do you feel more energetic when you wake up? Does it take less coffee to get you going? Are you more excited about something than you were before? Do you hurt less? etc. * There are as many types of energetic healing as there are problems. Don't fre too much over a system, or a modality, or whatever. Just pick either something that resonates with you--something you "feel" good about--or something that's able to be examined in detail enough to suit you. * There are also as many types of energetic healing as there are scam artists. Be careful who you go to. Ensure that you trust them fully, whether that's through personal knowledge/relationship or certification. These people are tinkering with your spiritual balance. Don't just let any charlatan mess with you. You wouldn't do that with a medical doctor. * While energetic healing need not be in person, because of the nature of the human mind many people will have better benefits from in-person sessions. The reason for this has nothing at all to do with the energetic work (unless the practitioner is not very...well, practiced), but instead is because of the perception of physical reality humans share. We are much more likely to believe something if we can utilize all our senses in its execution, and the more likely we are to believe energetic healing, the less likely we are to get in its way as it does its work. It's kind of like the spiritual placebo effect, because in that realm belief actually manifests as action. (usui) reiki specifically * 90% of what a reiki teacher will teach you is an outright lie, fabricated from gross misunderstandings about how energetic healing actually ((pesudo?)"scientifically"?) works, and handed down for just long enough for people to believe them en masse That last bit is something I intend to explore a little more after my apprenticeship, as I'm working on a class/book/pamphlet/course on the differences in Usui Reiki and general traditional energy work, and when it's done (and I'm a Knight, and ask permission) I'd like to share it with the Temple as well as outside it. In the meantime, I'm open to questions about that statement. It's intentionally vague, since there's a lot of "that's not how that works at all" in reiki.
    • Etsy Artwork (Last post by Mareeka)
    • Beautiful . . fine art indeed . . . thank you for sharing it.
    • Custom Lightsaber for Sale (Last post by Streen)
    • Custom UltralIghtsaber—STAR WARS—One-of-a-kind!!!—Orange Blade—Real Leather I had this up for sale before, but I've made improvements. [image]
    • Looking for Clergy Volunteers (Last post by Edan)
    • Well comments in the youth forum are always slow coming, so I was intending to post them whenever I got them. All contributions are welcome though :)
    • Christianity on Relationships (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • NOTE: I know I have a lot of people in my circle of friends that are not Christian. While this is intended for a Christian audience, anyone can take a spiritual message from this mini-“lecture” regarding their own spiritual journey, especially if you constantly find yourself defending your faith. This is in no way an attack on anyone that has beliefs regarding a difference in interpretation of the Bible on these subjects. Actually I’m writing this in support of a friend (whom shall remain nameless) because I felt inspired by their self-honesty with their faith to write this for others as well. A lot of things can the drawn from the passages held within the Bible about our interactions with anyone. Some take the verse about being “unequally yoked” and draw a variety of beliefs on what it means. I’ve heard everything from “Don’t marry outside of your race” to “don’t marry an unbeliever”. Those that look to the old testament will show that you should not mingle with others outside of your beliefs. Christianity is so widely varied, that it is difficult to find the truth of what it really means to follow Christ’s example. Sadly, we have pulled away so much from God, that many of us simply do not know how to find the answers ourselves. We rely heavily on what our pastors tell us, accepting that what we feel in a church is the accuracy of what God wants us to understand. In order to understand what we should do regarding our relationships with others, however, we first need to understand our relationship with God. A Pastor can relay to us stories and interpretations of the Bible, but ultimately they should not be the determining factor of our Christian Faith. Instead, their role in the world is facilitate a relationship between you and Christ. They act as an intermediary when you cannot find your connection to God in those times of extreme crisis, to help you find your way back to the relationship YOU are intended to have, not the one the pastor intends for you to have. Any good pastor both knows this and hopes that the rest of the congregation understands such. And this is where we begin our journey as it pertains to how we (Christians) interact with others. I’m not going to put the verses in here, because I want you to open your Bible and read them yourself. The following are verses you should read, in their entirety: 1Corinthians 7, 2Corinthians 6 and Acts 10. DO NOT SKIP OUT ON ANYTHING IN THESE CHAPTERS. Like any story, you have to understand the whole before you can form an understanding of what they mean. Most of the time, people look to these chapters and pick out a couple of lines, putting them out of context for what the overarching message God is telling us through Paul and Peter. While the two Corinthian verses seem to be in direct contradiction of one another, or could be interpreted as “If you come to Christ before Marriage, don’t marry (insert interpretation here). If you come to Christ after Marriage, stay with them until they no long want to be with you”, the question you need to ask yourself isn’t whether or not you’re relationship is against God. It has to be a different question entirely: What is my relationship with God? Only when you have YOUR answer to this question, can you truly ask yourself how these verses relate to your situation. That’s what the Bible teaches us, not to judge others based on the Bible, but rather how to judge ourselves based on the verses contained within the binding. For me, God revealed a long time ago the answer: If your relationship with me is not strong enough, you should refrain from interacting with people that are unbelievers. If you have the strength of faith to follow me regardless of how tempting it is to follow others, then you are not at risk of losing me. This is where self-honesty needs to happen for each and every person. I have come to know a good deal of people that find themselves consumed by something other than the God they claim to follow, and it ruins their relationship. They will periodically return to Church and break down realizing just how much they have fallen from what it is Christ wants for them, only to find themselves sucked back into the same passion that was used to distract them from God. I oftentimes find that those who feel the need to defend their faith against other beliefs are the ones that do not have enough stability in their relationship with God, so they try to convince themselves and others that their beliefs are unshakable. That is to say, someone who uses evidence (only God could create the world with all of it’s diversity) against an Atheist may be insecure and need to find validity over the logical argument an Atheist might persent. Pointing to the Pagan community as an example of what should happen in Christianity. Pagans have a very deep love for their deities, to the point that they find ways to enrich their practices through ritual and observation of what their deities teach. They are always finding ways to make their path exciting through practices that are “hands on” and deeply spiritual. In an effort to recreate this, Christians today draw upon ideas and concepts that come from both pagan traditions (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, just to name a few that have pagan inspired practices involved) and early Jewish Traditions (Kabbalah, Passover) in order to find something that can better connect to God. In and of itself, these are not bad ideas, but they miss the point. Throughout the history of the Bible, stories surround individuals that found their own way to connect with God. We can tell that ritual is not necessarily a bad thing, as sacrifices were made to God, and Christ’s most well known meal was a ritual of sorts. Prayer is a form of meditation, and it helps you connect with God. Over the years, Christian Mystics have used Prayer to discover the meanings of different things Christ taught so they could pass it along to others. This is something each individual Christian needs to develop for themselves- how they personally connect with Christ and His teachings. So this is where every Christian needs to start. Find a way to connect with God that makes your relationship personal, just as you would with your best friend. Because that is who God should be- your best friend. Only when you have that established relationship, can you truly comprehend what he wants for you in your relationships with others around you. God consistently asks us to come to Him with our questions, so that we might seek the answers we cannot find ourselves. If you are not doing this now, perhaps it is time you reconnected with your Christian side.
    • Hoth battle analyzed (Last post by Reacher)
    • Interesting topic. I'd have to go back and re-watch the film with a military eye to analyze it properly. What I will say is that conventional military doctrine (in most all countries) does some form of comparing war-fighting functions. Yes, assumptions must be made to continue planning an operation, but those assumptions are usually finite and manageable - meaning detailed contingency planning is often the difference between victory and defeat. As they say, "Plans are worthless, but planning is everything." Tactically, there are a great many question-marks in the Hoth scenario for both sides, but moreso for the. Empire. The Rebels, if they're smart, will have done a great deal of contingency planning for compromise (which it appears they did) and should have planned for a hasty getaway based on what they know of the Empire's predicted response time. The Empire, for their part, knew all well and good that they would likely be facing a 'Time-sensitive Target' (TST) and should have also planned accordingly. There are many things which the Empire could not have known about the rebels, but there are certainly a great number they could. I'll use some doctrinal examples: In any raid (seizing of ground with a planned, deliberate withdrawal), the decisive point of that operation is sealing off the objective. Once you are sure no one goes in or out, you have both the time and space to achieve your endstates. Without a sealed objective, there is no way to ensure success because enemies can escape. To do that, assaulters have three conceptual locations to land for insertion/infiltration - the X, the Y, and the O. The X is most preferred because the raiders are literally on the objective once the target realizes they're there, and the OBJ is already sealed. It's tough to do sometimes, but most often worth the gambit. The Y is least preferred...when one is detectable by a target and NOT in a position to seal the OBJ off. It becomes a bit of a race, as it were, and the assault force must take steps to regain the initiative. This is what happened with the Battle of Hoth - the Imps landed accidentally on the Y and lost initiative. Then there is the O - where the assault force inserts beyond the target's ability to detect them, with the intent to infiltrate with a much smaller signature. This is likely what Vader was intending to do. Or at least be in an assault formation that would be able to seal off the Objective faster than a disjointed cold-start. I do have some questions regarding the operational-level though. Solo called it quickly - they were compromised there. The moment one is compromised, a reaction-time clock starts. As a weaker force, that clock is ticking doom and they know it. Additionally, the Empire was cross-wiring some things operationally. Vader was ready to launch immediately (makes sense - the Rebs smoked the probe droid. If you are assuming that WAS rebel activity, you also have to assume the probe is compromised - that would good business, at least). But then Vader felt compelled to plan for the O, which doesn't make much sense if you're launching against an enemy you can overpower and who you are assuming is desperately trying to run away. I'll have to go back and watch, but there's a great deal more I'd like to post on this later.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps
    • The Grateful Thread (Last post by Darren)
    • Around this time every year, I normally go through about a week of pollen-allergy before I get accustomed to it being in the air... that was irritating me for a good part of the evening yesterday, but today I can breath through my nose just fine, and my eyes aren't watery. It may come back, but for now, I'm grateful just to be able to function. :laugh:
    • Kermit the Frog... and TED? (Last post by Vusuki)
    • A talk on creativity. (With a brief intro with Ken Robinson) Haven't even finished watching this but wanted to throw this up here for those interested, :)
    • Blaming God (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Everything happens for a reason you make up afterwards. That's exactly what my behavior used to be (and still is in some instances).
    • Terrible Idea (Last post by Tarran)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote- "You may look at someone and think he or she is sitting badly, but it's up to that person and there is no moral superiority in standing 'better'. If it works for you do it, but do it quietly. You may find the Alexandre Technique can produce the desired effects if you practise it yourself - telling other people that they need it or that they are standing badly can put them off ever wanting to learn about it. If it works for you that's great - let others wonder about your new graceful way of moving or increased health and vitality. If they want to know your secret they'll ask, and you can tell them, but meanwhile just concentrate on yourself." 'Teach yourself the Alexandre Technique'- Richard Craze This speaks beautifully to a few conversations getting kicked around. Thank you for sharing it! I agree with Cabur Senaar... this rings with a great truth - a Native American might say, "There is power in silence"; A Christian might quote Matthew 6:1 through 8; still another might say, "quietly setting a good example is the noblest way to teach". All a bit different, but can all relate to what you said here - good stuff! :)

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