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    • IP Text Formating (Last post by Luthien)
    • Okay. The conversion to ODT won't be pretty, but it'll be close and should be fine for reading.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: Please stop talking about what color the dress is. It would take days to count all of the f*%ks I don't give. Go do something productive! :sick: :pinch: While you are right, lol... I find it amazing... A beautiful example of how something so obviously (gold and white) can be erroneously construed... Why, even in the simplest of things, say the color of a dress, personal perception should always be taken into account...:)
    • Sometimes... (Last post by Senan)
    • I appreciate that you can construct a valid argument, and you have demonstrated time and again that you can do it skillfully. I'm not trying to defend a claim or solve any dilemmas. I'm making observations about the experiences I have had in my life and how those experiences have informed my reaction to the original post. There are people in this world entirely against censorship in all forms and I'm sure there are people who are entirely for it. There are also people who think some censorship is warranted and some is not. I consider that "the middle ground" as it is between the two extremes. Whether it fits your rules for an argument or dilemma does not matter in this conversation because it is this flawed argument that is actually happening between people everyday. If you're playing by the rules of Poker and I'm playing by the rules of Black Jack, we're never going to be able to play cards together. I understand your desire to hold everyone to the highest of standards, but it is not practical. Censorship in whatever form you choose to define will be something you have to deal with. Not because you tolerate it or favor it, but because you live on a planet with other people who do. As long as anyone tolerates it, it will exist in your reality. How you choose to react to it is exactly that, your choice, but everyone else is making that choice as well and they aren't all making the same one you are. You can be idealistic, and I'm glad you are. Someone has to be, or nothing would ever change. That being said, for you to expect that same level of commitment from everyone else is both naive and dangerous.
    • Let's Talk About Runes (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Runes have always caught my attention but since I had been using Tarot for so long I never looked more into them. I always figured they were just a mystical alphabet that could be used for divination but after reading this I'm even more interested in learning them and about them. Are they the kind of spirits you can shelve for a while and come back to or do they require regular attention to keep happy? Is it better to make your own set with your own intent or buy them? Is each individual physical rune a spirit itself or are they kind of like a phone call back to a single spirit each symbol represents?
    • Using the runes Odin (Last post by MrBruno)
    • Quote: Quote: I noticed and the only reason I read this thread was in hopes that you would explain it further. I never expanded because I just assumed no one was interested. Just for you, I started a new thread on the topic. His topic was very good and really enlightening. It's great to see people who love to share their knowledge with others. Just allow me to disagree, but we are all interested in what you had to share, it was enough to say right here, but either way thank you brother.
    • Unable to stop my anger. (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • I completely agree with you Edan - although for me its all about just one thing: Fear. If I examine my feelings (as Steamboat and Ban suggest) when I'm tense, stressed, angry, frustrated, greedy, it all comes back to a fear of something. The fear of missing out, not getting something, giving the wrong impression, making a mistake, or not making an "optimum" choice. A big one is fear of success - that's a fear that I spend alot of time pretending I don't have. In any case, the fear arises normally because I'm holding on too tight, I've become too attached to an outcome. It's ok to be fearful if something is a big deal, its ok to be fearful over something trivial. Once I realise that its actually fear (not anger, frustration, stress, greed etc) I tend to regain a little perspective. I'm not dealing with a whole host of negative emotions - I'm just dealing with one. I can then tell whether the situation is worth the fear or not. The reality is that we don't really know whats best for us (or anyone else) most of the time. We have incomplete information to make truly informed choices, maybe because we're deluded, but often because that information simply isn't available - there is much we cannot know. Not that I'm the slightest bit qualified to comment andyhaynes but it sounds to me like you're very nearly there. You've identified a problem, you're seeking advice - try isolating the fear next time. If its isolated it won't be able to stick to anything. Apologies - I got a bit preachy at the end there . . .
    • Calming the Mind (Last post by Ratcliffe)
    • In my case it depends on how quick I become aware, in a moment of honesty I still struggle to be aware of myself all the time. I start by realizing I am not present in the eternal now usually I find it is the worrying that makes me leave my mindfulness and presence. Once I am aware I start with breathing (outlined by the barefoot doctor in the library) if I catch it early. If I do not catch it I use grounding techniques. I have pasted some examples at the bottom if you are not familiar with this approach. The last tool I use is not in the moment but more systemic. I do daily medication and since I have started I find that really helps me to remain present. Grounding is a very helpful technique if you find yourself sometimes losing touch with the present moment. Grounding teaches you to stop losing touch with the present moment by concentrating and focusing on the present or by directing your attention to something else. Some Examples of Grounding Touch objects around you, and describe them (texture, color). For example, “I’m sitting on a red chair, and the fabric is really soft; it’s velvet. The carpet is beige, and there is a red couch in the corner.” Run water over your hands, and describe aloud how it feels. Name all the different types of animals you can think of (e.g., zebra, cat, dog, cow, etc…), or types of flowers, cities in B.C., etc… Say the alphabet backwards Calm breathing and progressive muscle relaxation can you help to reduce some of the anxious and tense feelings in your body.
    • In case you were wondering how purchasing TOTJO me... (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • I've been wanting a few things that have the TOTJO logo on them and eventually I'd like to have something with the Code on it too, but anyway. I needed new mugs and thought one of them might as well be a TOTJO mug. Yesterday I got the mug and was quite excited. It came in a giant Styrofoam box (proportionally speaking). Unfortunately it was printed in an awkward spot directly across from the handle. I called cafepress's customer support and they're sending me a replacement without making me have to do any extra work (I get to keep the defective mug). [attachment] This is a stark contrast with Zazzle where I've tried to place two orders and both times they cancelled my order inexplicably (they simply said they couldn't process the order). So, I guess, yay for cafepress!
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: I find the concept of privilege an interesting one. In general, we all have privileges and restrictions. This is generally a perspective. How do I perceive this situation - am I limited or am I free? When I teach grappling, I always ask my student - "who is winning? who has the advantage? Who is in control?" The only correct answer - no matter what position or lock the person is in is - I am in charge (of myself). If I feel empowered, then I am. If I surrender to my victim mentality, then I am a victim. People talk about "White Male Privilege". What people seldom talk about are the limitations, expectations and restricts that come with that supposed "privilege". Everything is a blessing and a curse. Everything has a good and a bad. Women have curtain attributes that "allow them privileges" and these attributes can come with a lot of challenges and "baggage". In the end, nothing about life in the Earth is "fair" or "equal". But in spirit, all things are one, equal and unified. What we should be focusing on is: how do we lift ourselves out of the victim state and into the empowered state so topics like this disappear? cosigned
    • Holy spaces (Last post by Alan)
    • Ceremonies designed to set apart one time or place from another can contribute to a deeper sense of the divine amidst the regularity of daily life. This setting apart is, in one sense, a working definition of the sacred. Animists and pantheists, for example Shinto, experience spirit as inherently immanent in everything, but they also have special places where the experience of spirit has a particular concentration. And regular times when a particular aspect of experienced reality is recognized. It appears that some of the statements above regarding the presence of the Force express a similar understanding. For me, Force is a principle, like Dao, logos, spirit and divinity. It is how the cosmos is ordered and not the cosmos (universe, reality, etc.) itself. The experience of the principle is perceived and understood as possessing an aesthetic quality distinct from the everyday life. And at any time and place I may turn my attention to the ordinary and experience it, then and there, as infused with a sacred quality. It is my perception of it that reveals the sacred there. It has not changed, I have.
    • Visions of the future . (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • I also have deja vu moments quite often. Again it is usually pointless conversations though, to the point I usually end up arguing with the person saying 'why are you asking me this again?' And proceeding to recount the whole conversation and just getting a confused look lol. The latest one was yesterday when getting the kids ready for swimming I asked my wife whether I dreamt it or if she'd put their goggles in my drawer (they are not usually kept in my drawer and this was the evening so I'd not been in them since the morning) it turns out she had but only a few hours before and had meant to tell me about it but forgot. Not really a 'vision of the future' - though I can't remember when I 'dreamt' it so could be. I just knew somehow, and that happens all the time to the point I often say, 'did I dream it or did xyz happen?'. Some of it I put down to situational awareness though. It's not so much we've been in the situation before but we know the people and situation well enough to effectively guess what is going to happen/be said.

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