Do you believe in déjà vu?

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Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 19:56 #58578

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I was wondering what people think about déjà vu.

It's something that I personally haven't experienced more than a few times. But on the odd occasion that I've felt it it's really freaked me out!

I was thinking about how déjà vu could possibly be explained through the concept of 'the eternal present' or 'the eternal now' as discussed in the Initiate's Programme, probably by Joseph Campbell and possibly also by Alan Watts, if I remember correctly. As in, do past and future really exist or is everything happening all at the same time?


Have you had any strong or frequent déjà vu experiences?
So do you believe in déjà vu? Why/why not?
If you do, what is your explanation for it, if any?

Or feel free to ramble and ignore my questions, they're just pointers really. I'm just interested to know what people think!

Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 20:07 #58581

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Have you had any strong or frequent déjà vu experiences?
Yes, I have.

So do you believe in déjà vu? Why/why not?
Of course I do! Because I have experienced it before. :)

If you do, what is your explanation for it, if any?
I'm not sure I've ever thought about it on a personal level before. I've heard others ideas about it, though. One is similar to yours - but that we were allowed to see our lives before we lived it as a form of comfort of sorts.
Another is past lives and all that.
As for me, I truly have no idea..
Informative, huh?
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Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 20:13 #58583

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I think I've seen this topic before... :woohoo:

I've had deja vu, and currently the best explanation for it is actually that it's caused by an error in your memory

While you're 'seeing' the event, for whatever reason, this is also processed in your short term memory as well. This gives the impression that you are seeing and remembering it simultaneously

That's why you think you can remember the same experience :)

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Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 20:44 #58597

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I've only experienced it a couple of times. They felt like connecting through time or some parallel dimension!!! The most confusing ones I've had are when it links up to something that happened in a dream, as they feel like the dream was some sort of premonition. I dont have an opinion on what they are yet because I havent had them enough... literally about 3 times in my whole life.

Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 20:56 #58599

First, V, I have to say this is an extremely intriguing topic! Since I was young, I've had deja vu at least 4 to 5 times a month. Towards the age of 16 and 17, it started to grow stronger for a reason I didn't know, but it's not something I would have asked a doctor about. It came to a point where the deja vu moments were lasting longer, becoming remembered faster (so that I KNEW what was going to happen before it did), and all the more "insane." For example, I had an instance where I immediately regained that memory of talking to a specific friend right as it happened. I spoke every word of his sentence with him at the same time he did. It frightened him, but I enjoyed it. After deja vu, I usually recall the night I had the dream and waking up/completely forgetting it until the moment it lined up.

Have you had any strong or frequent déjà vu experiences?
Usually Strong, and always pretty frequent!
So do you believe in déjà vu? Why/why not?
I do more than I used to because of the coincidence and strength of certain times.
If you do, what is your explanation for it, if any?\
Honestly, It's hard to say not only where it comes from, but what the point of it really is. When it all comes down to it, none of my deja vu moments prove any sort of real significance other than exciting serendipity and such.

Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 21:23 #58604

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I've certainly experienced it.
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Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 01 May 2012 21:48 #58607

Absolutely...sometimes it is a comfort, other times rather disturbing.

Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 02 May 2012 01:31 #58622

I have experienced it several times. Depending on the feelings I have at the time, I find that if the feeling is bad, I alter my course of action. If the feeling is good, I let the scenareo play out. I also feel like "tunnel vision" when it happens. A very focused point in time and with acute awareness.

Yes V-Tog, it freaks me out too.
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Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 02 May 2012 01:50 #58625

  • Darren
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I experience it quite often. I'm sure it can be explained, I just like to call it a glitch in the Matrix. :D
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Re: Do you believe in déjà vu? 02 May 2012 02:04 #58629

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I've experienced it. The problem with it is that there never is a proper memory of the "first" experience. I'll go with Akkarin's explanation and assume two different inodes pointing to the same file.
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    • Bare bones definition of Jediism and what a Jedi i... (Last post by Tarran)
    • I really hope I don't offend anyone here... I mean, here I am, merely a "guest" (still waiting to hear back from my application), though I do feel that I am not quite UNknowledgeable on this... and I realize this is just my opinion, so if I spout some facts (say, about George Lucas, for hypothetical example), it's only in stating what I am basing my opinion on. Now... oh, where to begin? LOL Okay, first I should get the obvious out of the way... there are those who are fans of Lucas' works, and enjoy cosplaying (and hey, who wouldn't sometimes, yeah?), and maybe exert a bit of a tug on things in the mythos in trying to bring them into their day-to-day realities... ...and there are those who know full well the realities of life, and are not seeking to assimilate themselves to any literary or cinematic phenomenon, but who are actively seeking to rise up and hone themselves as beings of virtue and light in their very real life. Now, while the home page of our temple here plainly states things such as, "We are not a community of Star Wars roleplayers", and "The Jedi at this site are not the same as those portrayed within the Star Wars franchise", and clearly makes the discerning distinction that, "Star Wars Jedi are fictional characters that exist within a literary and cinematic universe", it is still wildly plain and obvious to anyone that we *do* get inspiration from the Star Wars mythos. Why do we, though? Let's examine this closely, and look at just one more thing mentioned on the same aforementioned page; "Jediism does not base its focus on myth and fiction but on the real life issues and philosophies that are at the source of myth." That's... the real life issues and philosophies (in the Real World) that are at the source of (the Star Wars) myth(os). In other words, all of the schools of thought... Knightly Virtues from the Chivalric Orders of Medieval Europe, the Noble Eightfold Path of Buddhism, the Ten Commandments of Judeo-Christianity, including elements of the Kanagara of Shintoism in Japan and the Shen/Qi/Jing and Qigong conepts in China, and more... all that was drawn from in Real Life Earth and reflected in Star Wars' retelling of these ancient themes. In the wonderfully fulfilling and challenging curriculum here (truly, I'm frothing over with appreciation! I'm quite impressed with it, and thank you all so very much!), in Lesson One, on Myth (I've *really* gotta get crackin' on finishing it - I'm so red-faced about it lol), there is a wonderful little bonus audio piece with George Lucas being interviewed by Bill Moyers... you all know the one, remember? In it he mentions how he was basically trying to retell the same myths of old, in a new and different way... that he saw all religions as "different ways of seeing the same elephant" (a reference to an old story in itself, familiar to many of us here, I'm fairly certain lol). He mentioned how the story theme he pieced together was to reflect all these things in order to cause us all to think about the higher mysteries of life. This is why it inspires us, because it inspires ALL of us - it speaks of universal truths we've all known in our souls. So, for many of us, who have searched for our path, who have come across such things as the eight-fold path, the Knightly virtues, and other such things as mentioned above, we're familiar with all these things as we apply them to our lives - and how often are we asked, "what religion are you", or perhaps merely, "are you religious", or "do you believe in God", or "what *philosophy* do you follow", or "what ways do you embrace"... or *HOWEVER* it is asked of us... how often do many of us find ourselves tongue-tied with the potential enormity of what we'd want for our *precise* answer? Because yes, we do not want to misrepresent ourselves, as far as where our faith's center would be. "Oh, well, see - I sort of follow some parts of Christianity, but I also lean a bit towards Zen... but I'm not without my deep interests in Rosicrucianism", etc. - it seems a lot easier for me, personally (and I suspect for others as well), to truthfully cover all that ground with, "I'm a follower of Jediism" - which is quite an efficient bridge joining those together of any one, or combination of faiths and philosophies. In fact, perhaps rather Jediism seems to me to be the quintessential "faith extention" - that is to say, I can be a person of the Jewish faith, and be a Jedi - I can be Houdenoshouni and be a Jedi - I can be a follower of Islam, and be a Jedi... Hell, I could even be a Jehovah's Witness and be a Jedi, and there would be utterly *no* conflict, contradiction or even the least bit of abrasiveness against my core faith. If I might utilize a non-religious group for illustration, it's totally like acheiving the third level mastery in Freemasonry, and then capping it off with the Royal Arch degree. It *complements* the core. It's frakkin' beautiful! So for me, this is my opinion on the bare-bones definition of Jediism, as a non-fictional, Real World Earth, functional religious philosophy - because it seems to stem from the truths that all faiths share. Like the home page says, "Jediism does not base its focus on myth and fiction but on the real life issues and philosophies that are at the source of myth". But now on "what a Jedi is"... (in my opinion lol) Now, with all that I mentioned above, would that alone make a person a Jedi? Well, it might make one a monk, if it was purely a spiritual philosohpy that defined one. But a Jedi? A Jedi (at least knights, as opposed to clerics... though clerics, as far as my very limited knowledge of them goes, aren't disallowed) also follows the Way of the Sword. Or, to expand upon this, to those who find swords just a bit too death-dealing a tool for the laws of their personal faiths, yet still believe in self defense, the Way of the Staff. To those differently-abled, whos physical restrictions might not allow this, then the Sword of Mind, Intellect, and Diplomacy. But physical fitness, dexterity, agility, and defensive prowess, to whatever degree able, is also a factor. Do we have a Jedi yet? Well, we might have a warrior monk, or a priestly knight... but a Jedi? What sets the Jedi apart from any other? Think of the Shaolin monk, or the knight alchemist... It is THE FORCE. A Jedi is NOT a Jedi (I'm sure you'd all agree) without the Force. Is the Force also something drawn from Real World Earth cultures? Yes, yes it is... and not just from of old... people to this very day (and quite a lot, here in Asia) use it and work with it in their everyday lives. People elsewhere in the world as well. The alchemists call it "protomatter", or the "quintessence", or the "First Matter"... practitioners of Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, Tibetan martial arts, they call it "Prana" ("Life Force")... in China, the practice of Qigong focuses shen, qi and jing... jing being the bioelecrtomagnetic essence of the Force. These are all physically observable phenomenae - and one need not spend twenty years in a Shaolin temple in order to familiarize yourself with it, nor even to detect it, accumulate it and even manipulate and focus it. Seriously. People who practice Reiki healing *use the Force* in order to do so - and they have to be able to sense and feel the force between themselves and their patients, and use the flow to balance the imbalances and heal the person in pain. Now, here is where I fear I may be taken wrongly and some of you may get offended - please know that I am not intending to, and, while I'll not sit here and tell you how to feel, I will offer that you need not feel ofended if you'd rather not be. Please do hear me out, my siblings in spirit, and try to see what I mean... I've heard it said that a Jedi "believes in the Force"... but in truth, I could name off a bunch of people who believe that the Force exists, and they themselves will admit that they are not Jedi, and have no interest in following it. So it would seem, that belief in the Force alone dose NOT a Jedi make... in fact, the Reiki practitioner would be more of a Jedi - HE'S *USING* THE FORCE ;) lol Now see? Here is where I mean - those of you out there who believe in the Force, and do follow Jediism in your heart, might see this as my telling you that you are not Jedi - no... rather, I lovingly challenge you, my Good Brothers and Sisters, to take that next step; *USE* the Force. Yes, I do know and understand a lot of you actually, factually do. So obviously, I do not direct this to you. So again, allow me to stress this point - I do realize that there are those of you out there to whom I am telling no new thing - what I say from here will not be news to you, so please do forgive it, my good friends... But to those others who might do themselves better by looking into the reality of Akasa, Qi/Jing, Prana, the Protomatter, the Bioelectromagnetic Field, the Etheric Substance, and get to really know and understand the reality of it, I say work with it - use it - feel its flow and be alive with it. I've tought others how to see, accumulate and manipulate this phenomena - and I myself am about as sharp as a bag of wet mice! I am NO "special" person... I am of modest birth, inexpensive education, and no more endowned with spirit or power than the very next Human Being - I am ordinary. Oh, and I'm klutzy as heck, and I'm goofy to look at, too! LOL But I use the Force - just as anyone else is truly able to do. So yes... belief is well and good - but I submit that you can attain factual proof-based faith in it. So I say, a Jedi of This Real Earth - is also one who stuidies and applies the education that can be attained through learning things like Qigong, Reiki, Ayurvedism, Alchemy, and so on... and then *incorporate* the Force in your lives. If I had to choose a book that could help with understanding the Force through the eyes of Asian martial arts, I would say "T'ai Chi Classics (Shambhala Classics)" by Waysun Liao - isbn# (older 10-digit; 1570627495, more recent 13-digit; 978-1570627491) If I had to choose a book that could help with understanding the Force through the eyes of an Alchemist, I would say "Invisibility: Mastering the Art of Vanishing" by Steve Richards - isbn# (older 10-digit; 1578635535, more recent 13-digit; 978-1578635535) If I were to be more kind, I would say that the latter will help you see the Force with your very own eyes, and to accumulate and form it... and the former will show you how to use it in defense - and in other interestng ways. What I like the best about the former, T'ai Chi Classics, is how simply it explains how there is a very important difference between Chi ("Qi") and Jing - often, we might hear about a martial arts tournament where one opponent makes a certain swishing move, and stops short of touching the other, but then that other opponent seems flung wildly out of the ring... people say the firts one used his Chi - this is not so. He in fact used his Jing. The difference? Remember in school for a science experiment, the teacher may have taken a bar magnet and held it underneath a piece of paper covered with iron filings? And you might then have seen that the particles of iron had, seemingly by magic, all arranged themselves along the lei lines and meridians of the magnetic field? THAT is like unto Chi... if you notice, there is nothing moving there - it's all aligned rather nicely, and it all moved into place, but hten there it stayed. Chi is a template, a direction of flow... it is Jing that is the energy which flows along this course... and it is Jing ("the Force"/"the Essence) wich is what one cultivates, accumulates, takes in and sends forth... I promise you, dear reader, from here on, with a little more get-up-and-go in you, your educating yourself in the ways of the Force can prove to be quite illuminating. It's all out there... it has been for untold thousands of years... Use the Force, my friends - and may the Force be with you.

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