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    • Here and Now (Last post by taidavrikaurvan)
    • “Look to the future and your eyes cannot shut. Look to the past and you can’t open them. Live in the moment, and you can blink.”:- Tai-Da Vrikaurvan (me) It is important to live in the moment but it is also healthy to now and again look back or look forward. It can be nice to look back at treasured memories. It is good to be reminded of things we did wrong. It can be fun to wonder what the future holds. However it is not good to get so deep with looking back and forward that you get trapped within it. I love looking back at when my daughter was born. How I lost my mobile phone and it ended up in the toy box covered in chocolate. I like to wonder what she will do when she grows up. But at the same time I don’t want to be trapped in endless visions. My daughter is growing now, there are thing she does now that is important for me to experience. If I am living in the past, living in the future I might miss something in the moment. We are never in the past, and we are never in the future. Our being exists only in the moment and with eaching passing second we move with it. I cannot change my past, I cannot see my future. But I can act in the now. I can live and act now and do so through every second. I can use what I have learned and mold my future by how I act in the moment. But to live fully in the moment I must act on what is happening now. And not act on what has or might happen. If I look to the future I lose site of the moment as I get too focused on what is to come. This may cause me to become impatient so I lose site of the now and may miss important things I may need to know now. Also there may be something I have done that has a consequence yet to come, therefor I may keep focused on it so I can try to avoid or change it. If I look to the past there may be memories I do not want to remember. I may feel guilty or sad for someone or something I have lost. This means I might keep it shut off from my life so I don’t want to look back and move on from it. By living in the moment I can go with the flow, act in the moment and take things as they come to me. It means I can follow your nature and remain at peace with myself as I wont be caught up in the wonders of the future or the past. Although I live in the moment this does not mean I shut myself fully from it. The has much I can and should learn from but not let it change who I am in the moment. The future is something I should also not shut myself completely from. The future can be good to look at. But I should be mindful as they can affect who I am in the moment right now. I should be mindful of the future and the past. Keep memories treasured and have ideas for the future but not to expect anything to happen. I should be at peace with myself and go with the flow. Living in the moment keeps me at peace with myself and lets me focus on the world around me as it is right now. The importance of now I take very serious. I cannot change my past, I cannot see my future. But I can act in the now. I can live and act now and do so through every second. But to live fully in the moment I must act on what is happening now. And not act on what has or might happen. The point I think is important is not letting emotion cloud judgment. I wont lie it happens I can let my own emotion state affect my judgment on a situation. I believe is imporant is to look beyond emotional judgment and act according to what we feel is right in the moment.
    • Jediism vs Jedi Realist (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • And just one more shot on this dead horse... I suspect if you went to most any Jedi site of any stripe, you would end up with a similar consensus. Differences aside, it's all Jedi all day.
    • Physical TOTJO Temple in Texas Project (Last post by ren)
    • I think I am misusing the word now lol... I have to disagree with you here steamboat, I think worry, even in the sense others use it, may be excessive, but not ncessarily negative. the potentially non-existent is potentially existent, and the potentially negative is potentially positive. I'm sure the US south worried about northern policies regarding slavery, but it wasn't about non-existent possibilities, and a negative for some was a positive for others... But I get the overall point about "worry". Quote: People do make rash decisions, and any decision made without all information will seem rash... Seriously, I think your resignation was rash, and done in haste.... Looking back, when we have more information, we can say that of almost anything... I think it's unfair of us to be regretful of past decisions, because, well, they seemed right at the time, and surely, doing what seems right is better than doing something that seems wrong... You can be critical of what led you to believe something to be right though imo (such as your own thought processes, incorrect or inadequate info, etc). My resignation had been on my mind for some time and the reasons that led me to it are still relevant today. Sure there was a tipping point, and the smear campaign certainly wasn't very nice... I still help out when I feel like it, you guys can deal with all the complaints and conspiracy theories, and people not doing stuff properly, and the people who upgrade the forum, etc :silly: :P Quote: You can't "think" anywhere BUT the now, its where you are... We can consider the past, of course... We can consider the possible future(s)... But a decision can only be made in the NOW.... You will make a decision NOW to steer toward the (one of an infinite number of) future, by basing it on past events, and current knowledge... Right? , HmmI would agree that obviously the thinking is happening as it happens, and if i also talk about it the same time, I will use the word "now"... But imo the mind shouldn't think about the things that are now, but about the things that will be, in order to figure out what should be done now, using lessons learned from the past. To give a movie reference, I think qi-gon's "focus" lesson is particularly distasteful. Instead of dealing with things aimlessly as they came, thinking, seing the bigger picture would have revealed the darker forces at work...
    • Holy Place (Last post by tzb)
    • Really? Honestly, I thought you were kidding, just making a post about how great libraries are (they are, like I say I used to work in one, but that's not really enough on its own). It just seems kinda... arbitrary? Why not... Hospitals? Police stations? Other religious Temples? Universities? Martial arts dojos? Forests? etc etc etc... All of these spaces are arguably about the kinds of values we honour in our path. If I'm illiterate, can I not be deemed a Jedi? Our religion doesn't take its root from books, at least not in the first instance... why not consider movie theatres our sacred space? That's where we got the term "Jedi", after all. It's not even like we can meaningfully gather at a library for a social/congregational purpose. Sit around reading together? Why do we need a designated "holy place"? And if we do, what's wrong with the Temple we're currently conversing within? It's better than any library... anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection can visit, meet all the other members, share wisdom... no library in the world contains 1% of the information freely available online. I wasn't kidding before... I, and some other Jedi here, consider all spaces "holy"... a defined distinction in that "holiness" being confined to or specifically abundant in certain places, however personally meaningful, useful or important they are to an individual seems counter to our underlying philosophy. So I do think adding the "library thing" potentially creates a problem, whilst adding nothing of real value.
    • Be water, my friend (Last post by Arkayik)
    • The Silent Flute, or as it was released, The Circle of Iron, was a wonderful movie with a few not so wonderful bits... I don't know the extent to which Bruce Lee wrote it, but its different in a mostly interesting way...
    • Amen - and its possible "origin"? (Last post by steamboat28)
    • The hour has passed and I cannot edit my post directly, but I misspoke in one section of it. Quote: This is evidenced, at least in my mind, in that Arabic and Hebrew share their exonym of Egypt (tranliteratred as Mitzráyim in the former and Miṣr in the latter) should actually read: Quote: This is evidenced, at least in my mind, in that Arabic and Hebrew share their exonym of Egypt (tranliteratred as Mitzráyim in the latter and Miṣr in the former)
    • Live Service - Saturday 1st November 2014 at 20:00... (Last post by Tarran)
    • Quote: In North America, 20h00UTC is: * PST: 13h00 (1pm) * MST: 14h00 (2pm) * CST: 15h00 (3pm) * EST: 16h00 (4pm) * AST: 17h00 (5pm) * NST: 17h30 (530pm) If your area doesn't do Daylight Savings, this might be wrong (ie. Phoenix...)... Thanks! That helps out well, actually... so that means it will be 5 a.m. on Sunday morning, here in Nagoya... meh, it's a good enough reason for me! I'll set my alarm! :D
    • Antares Launch Failure (Last post by Adder)
    • Quote: I remember being late for work watching the last Mars landing, this one will be absolutely mind-blowing if they manage it! Seen this yet!? Nice way to advertise the mission, looks like they are using 'the Force' :woohoo: :side: I posted it on the wall yesterday, but couldnt resist posting it again here
    • Tattoos and Jedi? (Last post by den385)
    • I've made 4 tattoos and stopped - for that was the plan. It's the ~Phoenix-in-the-sun sigil from the SW on the left shoulder, then a sigil I carefully made up myself to represent the idea of the Prometheus fire on the right shoulder and two small encoded-text tattoos on wrists. Something like trigger-words for quick meditation.

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