Any lucid Jedi?

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Re: Any lucid Jedi? 30 Apr 2012 15:08 #58380

I've been having the occasional lucid dream, thanks to a little habit I've developed. Throughout the day, I'll look at my hands and take a moment to genuinely question whether or not I'm awake or asleep. More often than not, dream-hands have too many or too few fingers, thus helping you to realize that something is not quite normal.

Generally the dreams I've gained any lucidity in will get very clear and vivid, but the sudden realization of being in a dream often prompts me to wake up. Other times, I forget I'm dreaming and carry on as if nothing happened.

A dream journal sounds like a good idea!

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 30 Apr 2012 15:33 #58383

Something I use to help wake me up, or remind me I'm dreaming are cues, like reading something. Don't naturally assume you understand what's written, look at the details, know that the words make sense. I also use school as a cue. I can't tell you how many times I've been expelled in a dream only to quickly remember I graduated twenty years ago! Another great tool in waking in dreams on a more frequent basis is to constantly through the day, ask yourself if your dreaming.
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Re: Any lucid Jedi? 30 Apr 2012 16:01 #58395

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I have to say this idea of lucid dreaming sounds very interesting, can anyone point me in the right direction to learn more?

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 02 May 2012 17:45 #58718

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I've done it once or twice, but I generally forget it. I guess I'm a lazy sleeper, I usually let the story take me through, and the most I remember about lucidity is when I get into trouble and realize I have superpowers. Not even that I'm dreaming, just that I could go invisible, or fly, or toss somebody about with my mind.

I guess that's something.

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 02 May 2012 18:11 #58722

  • Oliver
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this website was what I used to help me on my way to lucid dreaming

I REALLY recommend it, the guides are very good and can get you lucid dreaming very quickly

@Moisture one key things of learning your dreaming is DO NOT over excite yourself, my first lucid dream lasted mere minutes because I made myself awake because I was so happy and excited, the more stimulated your brain is (like extreme happiness) the more likely you will awake, play it calm

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 02 May 2012 18:40 #58724

I usually get messages in dreams and used to wake up remembering them. In the last few years this has changed to lucid ones that are also remembered so I attribute it to the constant energy work, meditation and development. See, these things DO work :)

As for a dream journal, I find it useful to spend a moment when first waking (when you are not quite awake and not quite asleep) and then asking myself what the dream means, then writing down that guidance. The world f dream and trance is sometimes beyond our ability to consciously understand and so we create metaphors and stories in order to help us to process the information in a useful way. If you just write the content of the dream, it may make no sense at all when you come to review it later. But in that half-waking state, translation becomes easier.
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Re: Any lucid Jedi? 26 Jul 2012 23:01 #68243

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I have been a lucid dreamer for a couple of years now, I don't always use it unless I am having a nightmare, which is very seldom. My cousin can do it also, but he is a sleepwalker so he kind of has to be able to control his. I have also had some psychic dreams, I dreamed about being in a classroom and seeing how the desk were laid out and the diagram on the board and everything and the next day was the first day of school and I sat down in a classroom setup exactly like my dream even with the diagram drawn on the board. I can also read in my dreams, most people are not supposed to be able to read real words.

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 26 Jul 2012 23:09 #68244

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I have been lucid dreaming and practicing dream recall for a few years now. I can control and remember my dreams as if they actually happened. But then I quit because my dreams were becoming so realistic that I couldn't tell them apart from reality. I had trouble remembering whether I actually did something or just dreamed that I did it. (For example, sending an important message).

I learned to do it just occasionally to make it a more memorable experience.

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 27 Jul 2012 00:24 #68247

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I signed up for that free email course. And, if I like what it has to say, I may buy the Fast Track one. We should invest in a copy and put it in the library. :P

Re: Any lucid Jedi? 18 Feb 2013 16:41 #94869

i have many lucid dreams and remember a lot of all my dreams usually if i remember a dream i remember it in great detail....i can actually so drastically change or alter my dreams that the dream ends and a new dream in a deeper state begins making it harder to realize that i am dreaming at the time i have changed as many as 4 to 6 dreams in one resting.... i also get prophetic dreams that usually require an understanding of metaphors and self.
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