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    • The Role of Logic (Last post by rugadd)
    • I'm not sure that needed to be hidden. Good stuff! I got a C in Logic and even though I've read tons of books it doesn't stick... I wish it would.... Time to pull out the college textbook again!
    • What do you worship? (Last post by Streen)
    • Oh my. Well first of all, I stopped asking God why bad things happen when I realized that WE are the ones who allow bad things to happen. One might counter that with a message about natural disasters. We don't cause those, after all. I would re-counter that by saying, life involves suffering and death. That is a simple, inherent factor of being alive on this planet. I believe the right question to ask is, Why would an omnipresent and omnipotent God send a soul to hell? The description conflicts with the concept. God is a part of all of us, and we are a part of Him/Her/It. So why would God hurt himself? THAT is the question that preachers can't answer. At least, I have yet to hear an answer. If there's one thing preachers of this kind are good at, it's separating the human race from God. Always there is talk of what we owe God, what we take from God, how we deserve nothing kinder than death for the things we do. God created all things. What are all things made of? God. We Are That We Are. EDIT: I forgot to make the point that the word God is somewhat interchangeable with the word Force.
    • What Are You Listening To Right Now? (Last post by Tarran)
    • "Mystic Rhythms" So many things I think about When I look far away Things I know, things I wonder Things I'd like to say The more we think we know about The greater the unknown We suspend our disbelief And we are not alone... Mystic rhythms Capture my thoughts Carry them away Mysteries of night escape the light of day Mystic rhythms Under northern lights Or the African sun Primitive things stir The hearts of everyone We sometimes catch a window A glimpse of what's beyond Was it just imagination Stringing us along? More things than are dreamed about Unseen and unexplained We suspend our disbelief And we are entertained Mystic rhythms Capture my thoughts Carry them away Nature seems to spin A supernatural way Mystic rhythms Under city lights Or a canopy of stars We feel the powers and we wonder what they are Mystic rhythms Capture my thoughts Carry them away Mysteries of night escape the light of day Mystic rhythms Under northern lights Or a canopy of stars We feel the push and pull of restless rhythms from afar
    • Conscription - Draft (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: Quote: Steam, I am deeply skeptical about a social contract I have never signed, but am expected to fulfill the obligations of. Welcome to voluntaryism, Akkarin. Now, realize that contract isn't limited to conscription, and you're set. I will have to do some more reading into that, because it is something I have not come across before - but it is very intriguing.
    • Fear Leads to Anger... (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: Would it have helped if Yoda added a disclaimer? :lol: Fear can sometimes lead to anger. Anger can sometimes lead to hate.... etc lol well that's why I suggested the alternative: "Careful Anakin, consume you, your fears can" which encapsulates all of what was said. Quote: But why would you initiate a teaching mantra if the actual sequence of states already leads to a desired outcome? I don't so much need a map if I already know the terrain... Perhaps, but then we have the Jedi Code which one could argue does exactly that. I agree with Zenchi that it is probably too easy to over-think the fiction, because although there is actually a lot value that can be found in something fictional (Gandalf's sayings in LoTR for example), the prequels and scripting seem fairly rushed (though to a lesser extent the 3rd one). But then what does that say about the rest of the Star Wars fiction? Or indeed any written story fictional or not? Probably that such things shouldn't just be taken as given, especially if they have come from someone who is said to have an "air" of authority around them (in this case Yoda).
    • here's a thought. (Last post by steamboat28)
    • Quote: Well, all the politics behind the word are nice... But let's be frank. A frog with a tiny white spot on its back and another identical frog without a tiny white spot on its back are different species for some reason. ...until you realize that the tiny white spot doesn't necessitate it being a separate species. For example, let's look at dogs. All domestic dogs are Canis lupus familiaris. All domestic dog breeds, from the large to the small, from Great Danes to Scottish Terriers, are the same species. Now, one could argue that "fine, fine, but the RACE is the human version of a dog breed!" Except that's not really accurate, either, since many dog breeds come in multiple genetic variations, including coat color, coat markings, eye color, and other characteristics. So, really, human "races" are equivalent to different colors of Chow, since we're overwhelmingly identical in genotype, and closer in phenotype than any two dog breeds.
    • What makes a Jedi? (Last post by Aqua)
    • If you are faced with a serious problem, think very carefully. Is there a solution, then it makes no sense to excite. There is no solution, then it's no use you to excite. Unacceptable behaviour for Jedi, to much excitement.
    • Scientific Article: "Get Me Off Your F****** ... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: You should try to go to conferences. Sometimes I swear a majority of the people there are actors (people who get paid to pretend they work in/with the industry). Wouldn't surprise me one bit - if you want to meet the actual scientists, go to the town where the conference takes place. But rather than looking for them in the conference center, look for them in the local spa, zoo, micro-brewery etc. :-)
    • Dream job? (Last post by peace)
    • My dream job would be helping people around the world who needs serious help with anything like medicine, security help, advice, shelter, or just someone to talk to because The're so lonely. I would like to wish you good luck in your upcoming path and hope you find what you are looking for. May the force be with you fellow Jedi.
    • A Jedi Career choice: making a living thats helps ... (Last post by Goken)
    • I understand completely. I work at a bank, many people believe that all banks are evil conglomerates that are just out to squeeze all the money out of you that they can. Some banks are very much like that. Luckily I work at a small local bank that has to be all about keeping our customers happy and loves doing it. I love talking to our bank president because of how much he wants to help people. I sometimes feel like all I do is remind people that they owe us money or that they have fees and things like that, and then days come when I really do get to make a difference in a person's life. Even if that difference is just removing some fees or opening an account for someone who was turned away at other banks. I think that as Jedi we should strive to make a difference in our communities. If you can have a day job that does that, great, more power to you. If you can't, find ways outside of work. If you want to make a difference then you will, you just have to look. I also agree with Reacher, you won't be as helpful if you're too worried about your family or your financial situation.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Desolous)
    • bunch of tricep dips, pullups, upper back rows, roman chair situps, ropes, push a heavy sled around, situps.

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