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    • Terrible Idea (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • Jedi have been doing Gatherings and Chapters since 2002. Meeting up offline, training together, studying together, and partaking the social friendship's that has brought many of us together like family. Chicago, Colorado, California, Michigan now has two Chapters....These are things we should be supporting and developing further. These are what will lead to more stable and permenate locale for "Temples" Michigan has already served as home and retreat for several Jedi in need by simply opening up our extra room to them. The Jedi Temples are you home and backyard.
    • What do you "feel" is the future of the ... (Last post by Locksley)
    • Quote: Just to toss this out there you do under stand that gospel just means good news right? So really there is no direct fact or truth associated with that word.
    • what you are about to see cannot be unseen (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: When I first clicked on I thought the first picture you had taken a selfie Ryujin :laugh: :P ;) :lol: no nononono no....i have pics of my brother-in-law wearing a teddy and bunny ears....just in case i need leverage...i don't want to give him leverage :woohoo:
    • The negatives of "life hacks" (Last post by Adder)
    • Gender binary alert, possible social construct detected; save, delete or.... hack!? :huh: Good reflection of 'Focus'. I will need to read again as I am a bit of an efficiency nut myself, thanks. The big risk talked about perhaps is people becoming sheep/drones? The brain seems to work better when it discovering and wondering about how things work. I'd say a 'hack' requires those, but once it doesn't it becomes more of a shortcut or bandaid, which yes I agree, a bandaid is not a good solution for a broken leg.
    • Daredevil anyone? (Last post by Locksley)
    • Ehhhhh, I had very mixed feelings about this series. I really wanted to really get into it, but there's something about it that puts me off. Granted, I still enjoyed it more than a lot of other series that have become popular, but I personally think it was inferior in several respects to Marvel's other series, Agent Carter. Perhaps it was just the convoluted sense of morality in the series, or maybe it was the lack of even Stan Lee-esque explanations for Daredevil's powers - I'm not sure. Fisk especially bugged me - not for any particular aspect of the character so much as I found the character somewhat lifeless, sort of like a saloon facade on a building in an otherwise average "yuppified" residential area, Fisk's dimensionality seemed overly-contrived. I'm not saying I hated the series - I thought it was relatively enjoyable for a weekend binge when I was cooped up due to an injury, but it definitely didn't leave me "wanting more" as the saying goes. By the time it ended the most engaging aspect for me, personally, was finding out what his suit would look like (I approve, for the record). :evil: :P Perhaps I'm being too harsh on it, but I've seen a few other people around my social networking feeds saying similar things. Then again, I still need to catch up on both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Agent Carter, soooo :P
    • Etsy Artwork (Last post by Arcade)
    • Wow, Streen. You're very talented. Your use of space and color are amazing, and I really like the tiny details that aren't immediately noticeable. Thank you for sharing your work.
    • Looking for Clergy Volunteers (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: I was wondering if a few of you ministers/deacons etc, who aren’t caught up with other responsibilities, would volunteer to do a little piece including a bit about you and the work you do for the clergy that I can post in the Youth Forum. I'll try to do this today or tomorrow :) If you'd like you could get the clergy themselves to post it in their journals and then someone (I'll volunteer) can use mod-powers to move those posts over to the Youth forum. This way the post will have that persons avatar and stuff readily available.
    • Rewrite the Bible? (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Quote: Something like that could only either go very, very right, or very, very wrong. And, knowing people... I know...I was just trying to be optimistic :silly: silly me. ;) Quote: But, if one adapted Jesus' style of teaching, in parable, to the whole of the Bible, it would be a lot easier to digest. But that's what many modern Christian pastors do anyhow, and people still don't quite latch on. I was in an old-school church, they didn't really do this. :cheer:
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Luthien)
    • 5/3/1: Squat Bench Row 1x30 Shrug 1x45 Calf raise 1xAMAP Chin-up 1xAMAP Dip 15 Hanging knee raise 10 Leg raise 15 Flutter kick (For 5/3/1, I did a set of 5 at 75%, a set of 3 at 85%, and a set of 1 at 95%. Each percentage is based off of my training max, which is 90% of my estimated one-rep max.)
    • The Reiki Thread :-) (Last post by Arcade)
    • I've spoken about my experiences as a Reiki Master-Practitioner in a few threads, and my basic feeling is that it's beneficial on many levels, whether or not one believes in its general effectiveness. I find that it's always (at the very least) relaxing for those receiving treatments, and everyone I know who has gone through Reiki training has found it useful in ways they didn't anticipate. Training and regular practice definitely helped me become a much more patient and compassionate person, and taught me how to be calm and comfortable around others. I'm an 'if it works, use it' kind of person... and, for me, Reiki has proven a valuable tool. I use it on myself frequently and have given Reiki treatments to friends on occasion. Very few people know I have any connection with Reiki, however. I tend to keep my thoughts on the topic private, as I don't have the time or energy anymore to argue with those who think Reiki has no practical or personal value. In quick response to what you wrote in your initial post, OB1 - there are many Reiki practitioners who don't 'feel' anything. That's not an indication that your attunements didn't work or that you're going about things incorrectly. I don't know what might have changed between your attunements, but as long as you remain open, focused, and connected, you really can't go wrong.
    • Jedi Realist Radio (Last post by MJ Hannigan)
    • 4/19/15 10:30pm For those new to the Jedi Realist community you may have never heard of this website before which is why I am feeling a great need to dicuss the tenets of Unified Jedi and its founder Shaun Seifer. This commmunity did have a short run as it pertains to communities but its impact on the community will be around for generations to come. It is sad that we can not longer see the forum section on this page. the lessons learned and battles fought were certainly something to remember. UJ Tenets Every great movement since the beginning of time has had some sort of code from which to use as a foundation. From the Knight's code of Chivalry, to the Shaolin Monks of China, we have integrated those which best represent a Jedi Realist. Honor\ Devotion\ Respect Individualism Sincerity Loyalty Compassion Mindfulness Discernment Faith I hope you all find this episode interesting and rewarding. Shawn my old friend rest in the force and know that we are doing all we can to make the Jedi Realist community what we all wanted it to be so many years ago. Love and Light MJ Hannigan
    • Kabbalah Course Discussion Group (Last post by Mareeka)
    • Quote: Quote: I also like how the instructor went through what Kabbalah was not: Satan Mysticism Religion Any others? I didn't write them down. I have wanted to know what the Kabbalah was for a long time. I am glad the books were opened in 1996. Poor Satan, blamed for everything that people don't understand! I've done a bit of study on the Kabbalah previously as I am also studying the Qliphoth.. will be interesting to see how much I've picked up so far. We're lucky that they believe that it should be free in order that we may learn.. tuition of this kind is often paid for. I reviewed our discussion on Lesson 1 . . .I wanted to add a note on "What Kabbalah is not." The instructors did bring up the things that people say the Kabbalah is and which are incorrect descriptions They did not criticize: Satanism, mysticism, philosophy, religion . . . absolutely zero opinions on any of them. :P

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