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    • Well done, feminism. Now men are afraid to help wo... (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: Did you know that up until pretty recently in some hospital maternity wards the signs above a boys bed would read "I'm a boy", but the signs above a girl's bed would read "It's a girl". How about when we use pronouns we tend to use "he"? Even our Knights Code reads "he" at the start of each line (something we recently discussed changing). "willy" is a rather inoffensive way of saying "penis", but what's the female equivalent? Do they have such a dedicated word? Sweden recently decided to invent such a word "snippa" ("snopp" is for males). I don't really care about what the sign above a baby says in a hospital maternity ward. Not only did i not notice one for my son (i'm pretty sure there wasn't one I don't know if he'd gotten one had he been a girl), but if the best example of "privilege" of one sex over the other is that the sign says "I'm a boy" -- an indication that he has to make his existence known himself-- or "It's a girl" --and inidication that if he'd been a girl, he would not have to make his existence known because someone else would exclaim that for him-- then it is an example of female privilege. What about "he"? Yeah, that the pronoun for everything. I don't care that its the pronoun for everything, the base-model with not one single option. But if you're a girl can you be a he? Can the pronoun ever reffer to you? Oh no it can't. Men are so gross you see. Not only can they not have their own males-only pronoun, but if a woman complains, she must be separately additionally mentioned through a "she". Once again a good example of how men are in the same boat as everyone and women enjoy special treatment. Quote: "willy" is a rather inoffensive way of saying "penis", but what's the female equivalent? Do they have such a dedicated word? Willy is slang. Pussy is slang also. Guess which one is named after a privileged pet/deity. Just yesterday night they were laughing off past instances of female flashing on aTV show. Yet the courts only seem interested in the male pervs who have found themselves on TV. Sounds to me like the pussy is definitely privileged in this case again. Quote: This is painting the issue of feminism with an incredibly broad brush as some kind of monolithic school of thought. It's like that clip of Raza Aslan being interviewed by Fox News and the journalists talking about "Muslim countries" as though all Muslim countries are the same. I have no idea what you are talking about. What I said is true. Whether all feminists do it or just some feminists do it, it changes nothing to the fact that feminism does it. It is a movement that has made possible for such ugly ideas to be published, distributed, and protected under the guise of equality. Oh sure someone's got a grand idea that some injustice has been committed and that will somewhat be made right through some kind of ideology formed by the works of varying (privileged) authors... And i's great at first: there are talks about reducing strain on health and social services and giving greater career opportunities to the group perceived as in need of some help following discrimination by the other group, even free food if you belong to the correct group. Am I talking about your local feminist shelter? Or about a nazi soup kitchen? You decide! ERBH should definitely do sarkezian vs hitler.
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Et seulement ainsi ... De l'un et de l'Autre côté de ce Monde, Parmi mille et mille-et-Une expériences, Et les mille-et-Une et les mille milles façons de dire La Vérité, Il y a un Tu ; Un Tu à la fois te peux – rarement plus, Parfois aucun ni personne – toujours le besoin est Comme Être, suspendu entre Réel et Conçu … De l'un et de l'Autre Monde, côte-à-côte, Les mille et mille-et-Une expériences se mêlent À une métaphysique intime Toutefois non reconnue ; On crée la Vérité en la disant car, Elle ne se peut sans Toi – Tu écoutes, Tu réponds, Tu partages … Ainsi – et seulement ainsi – suis-je. Sans Toi, je ne suis personne, Un être non-étant, Non-partagé Sourd contre un silence muet … Un Tu nonobstant, même sans Toi, Un Tu à la fois te peux, Là dans le moment où Où ! et Où ? sont connexes ; Au barycentre des Mondes. C'est dans cet « entre » que Tout est Qui espère éperdument surgir de Singularité, Jaillir à l'existence, atteindre ses Mille-et-Une apothéoses et ainsi – et seulement ainsi – Mesurer chaque Moment. Ce Tu que tu es, Tu écoutes, Tu réponds et Tu partages, Aussitôt Tu te dissimules dans l’indifférence : Une carence sans « entre », dense et lourd ; Un espace dépourvu d'espace Assez pour distinguer que Tu es Tu. La distinction faite, nous Sommes illico réabsorbés en ce que Tu ne te peux … Ainsi – et seulement ainsi – ne suis-je plus Je. Le désert se replie à un point sombre, Ni réel ni Conçu ; Mille mille façons de dire la Vérité Ne prononcent pas une seule syllabe Juste ! Faux de tous côtés, ce Monde fond et coule par Gouttes visqueuses, Ses mille-et-Une expériences n'en sont qu'ombreux résidu … Cependant, Tu l'es … L'un Tu à la fois que te peux ... Alexandre Orion 10 octobre 2015
    • Questions that have crossed my mind about Jediism (Last post by Gisteron)
    • 1. There aren't any. Particular communities might have statements of missions but evenso, the members individually would often have goals of their own - or not. 2. Jediism has nothing to say on the topic of marriage. Jediist marriage ceremonies are not unheard of, but whether it is a worthwhile insitution, whether it should be at all changed or kept is not something Jediism has particular comments on. Again, individual Jedi might. 3. Not generally speaking. Some believe in that sort of thing, arguably a larger fraction than among the general population, but it is not an intrinsic part of the entirety of Jedi philosophy. 4. At TOTJO the general view is that yes, one can be part of another religion and Jedi simultaneously. This is again, not covered by either the code or the maxims, so I don't think there is a consensus on this. 5. I suppose some do. Some have done it prior to becoming Jedi, others might have started it while being one or even because of being one. It's not required nor explicitly recommended, so it is a purely individual thing and can only on an individual level be said to be tied to Jediism. 6. I don't think we had a poll on that, though it would surprise me if the mix didn't show any sort of pattern. At any rate, martial arts are, again, not a necessary part of the philosophy. Many don't practice any, and some who practice don't do it because of their identity as Jedi. 7. Again, no consensus here. Some believe in specific realms, usually because of other religions they practice or grew up with, others don't believe in an afterlife, still others think of death as the final reunion with the universe that spawned them. None of it is strictly implied by universally accepted doctrine. 8. None that we know of. I suppose some local communities might have marked a place or even a building of gathering but that's as far as I'm willing to speculate. 9. I don't know, ask a wizard. :D In all seriousness though, if there was a way of identifying what essentially amounts to auras on any reliable level, James Randi would've gotten a million dollars poorer twice over and it wouldn't remain such a laughing stock in the eyes of everybody too young to remember witch hunts. 10. By just making it up, I guess. Again, no actual mechanism to it. See #9.
    • On War & Religion (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Well, in that case I'm afraid there is a number of human schools of moral thought that reject your version of morality. I myself do not believe in something right and wrong absolute from the subject or the object or the consequences in the short or the long term. Absolutely right and absolutely wrong are meaningless concepts to me as they are to almost the entire rest of moral philosophy prior to the beginning and eversince the end of the dark ages. Even Kant, the posterchild for deontological ethics, wouldn't stop at "right, period" or "wrong, period" like you would have us think religion does and thank it for it. If that is what you expect monkeys to have, I'm sorry to disappoint with my example of a recognition of undeserved inequality. Just keep in mind that humans fail that expectation of yours, too; some, in fact, like myself, believe that a morality of the kind that you are suggesting is not only primitive but also immoral. I would even go so far as to say that religion has far more to offer than that, but you are welcome to your cucumbers anyway.
    • Guns in America (Last post by Klink)
    • Quote: Which is my point. I twisted what you stated. (btw, you were the one that stated initially that you would have a higher chance of getting killed by vehicle than heart disease, I just took what you [accidently] said and proved it to be the bigger concern. I didn't say it would be accurate. I made your statistics state a much different picture by giving context. People look at what someone has to say, and then never look into the work themselves to determine things for themselves. Your heart disease is not that big of a concern when you consider that heart disease on average is something you can easily prevent. You cannot prevent the drivers around you from being idiots- only yourself. So given that only 11.3% of the population is even diagnosed with heart disease, it is not something that people need to worry too terribly much about if they are taking eating habits and exercise seriously. But there is nothing they can do about the road. I actually went back to review exactly what I said because I could actually have made a mistake and I could not find it. I challenged you to make statistics state something that is patently not true, that you are at higher risk of dying of heart disease than you are of a car accident in the United States. " Make statistics demonstrate that you are at more risk of dying of auto accidents (30,000 deaths annually in the United States) then heart disease (610,000 annually.) " You simply cannot without outright making up your own statistics demonstrate that. You stated roughly 1/10 Americans suffer from heart disease but again its an incomplete argument. Where is the flip side to that? Where is the rest of the argument? 1/10 chance of facing deaths door suddenly is pretty severe, and being a health ninja is less protection than one would think. However that is irrelevant here. You haven't actually made the claim that heart disease is less of a risk, you just stated 1/10 with no perspective, context or anything of that matter. This is not an argument, you are merely leaving things on the table waiting for someone to walk by and react emotionally to it which is not the same thing. Of course the obvious next step in making that statistic argue what you want is to provide the counter auto statistic, which would be "x number of Americans in their lifetime will suffer a life threatening auto accident" which was not provided. Again stating the percentage of Americans who will on average fight heart disease in their lifetime is not making these statistics support your point until you have provided the compatible statistic demonstrating the same thing for another case. In order for statistics to "say" something it must be asserting something, it must be an argument. Arguments are essentially verbal equations. In this case its x>y therefore b. Thus far you have stated blank>y therefore b. So you still have work to do. Quote: One thing that I find interesting is that the media no longer seems to distinguish between a mass shooting and a murder in a public place or a fight between two groups where multiple people get shot. Obviously it's still gun violence and it's still bad, but if we're discussing the "current trend" of mass shootings then we need to be clear on what makes a mass shooting a mass shooting. There was a shooting today in the parking lot of an Arizona college dorm and it's being branded as another "school shooting." If you read into it at all though you find out that there were two groups of students that got into an altercation in the parking lot of a dorm hall at 1:30 am and one of them pulled a gun. One person is dead and three are injured. This is terrible and tragic yes, but it is not the same as a "school shooting" where a person walks into a school in session with the sole purpose of killing multiple people. This was a fight that got out of hand and just happened to be on school owned property. The question about the whole thing is whether or not the media is reporting in such a manner because of an agenda or just trying to improve viewership?
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • Bring stuck in a slow moving car while having restless legs is pure torture.
    • How do you meditate? (Last post by Streen)
    • I don't meditate much anymore, but when I do, I either just do a breathing exercise: Spoiler: One of the first known Jedi websites, called Jedi Praxeum and run by Kharis Nightflyer, contained some of the simplest yet most crucial teachings for the Jedi community. One of the those teachings helped many begin their exploration of meditation, using a fundamental breathing technique, called the Calming Breath. Basic Close your eyes and begin focusing on your breathing. Inhale and count to 4. Exhale and count to 4. Advanced Inhale and count to 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Exhale and count to 4. Hold your breath for a count of 4. Repeat OR I "Feel the Force": Spoiler: Step 1: Comprehension The first step in learning to feel the Force is understanding what exactly you are about to do. The Force is something that is always in you, and you can, by force of will, move it in different directions through your body. The feeling itself can be described as a rush, or more to the point, like falling in love. You will feel light. You might say, you feel "enlightened". The method is about raising energy up through you, and therefore raising your senses to a higher level. Step 2: Breathing Breathing is important in many spiritual endeavors. Martial arts, meditation, etc. Here you will apply breathing to filling yourself with energy. First, sit comfortably, with your back straight and perpendicular to the floor. Rest your hands in your lap, one cupped inside the other. Now, taking deep breaths, inhale through your nose and imagine light and energy flowing into you and filling you up. Exhale out your mouth and imagine darkness or empty space coming out of you. Repeat that step until you can see in your mind's eye that your body is filled with light energy. Step 3: Focus Imagine all the energy that has filled your body starting to gravitate toward the base of your spine. See it collect there and concentrate itself into a small point of focused energy. Take as much time as you need to do this step and the one before it. Step 4: Elevation Allow the point of energy to begin rising up through your body along your spine. This is where the feeling of flowing energy will manifest itself. As it travels up through you, you may begin to have a sense of elation. If not, take your time, repeating the first 3 steps. You may not feel anything yet, but with practice you will. Step 5: Release The energy will rise to the top of your head. Next you must allow it to break free from your body. Allow the energy to flow out of you, like a river fed by the point of energy at the base of your spine. Also allow that point of energy to be fed by the Force around you, so that an infinite continuous stream of energy is flowing up through you and out. Step 6: Relaxation By now, if you have been successful, you will understand why I described it as feeling like falling in love. Now that you have achieved this feeling, it's time to relax and let go of it. Allow the flow of the energy to slow, gradually. Take deep breaths. Allow the flow to stop. Move your body a little at a time. Because the experience can sometimes be so powerful, moving too quickly can be disorienting. Allow yourself to ease out of the experience, getting up only when you feel normal again. Step 7: Practice You may or may not have been successful in feeling the Force. Most are able to feel something on their first try, but for some, including myself, it took many practice sessions before being able to truly feel the rush. In time, you may even have the ability to experience this flow at will, even during daily activities.
    • Your Inner Council: What is it and how to develop ... (Last post by Proteus)
    • In times of tough personal decisions, I find myself inspired by the character of Captain Picard of Star Trek TNG. In times of passion, Brandon Lee (RIP). In times when tact and calm is important, Ip Man. In times when keen motivation, prompt action and quick thinking is required, Jason Bourne. In times of playfulness, Jim Carrey In times of wonder, the character Edward Magorium. There have been other inspirations, and may change through time.
    • UN says Afghan hospital bombing may be war crime (Last post by MadHatter)
    • Quote: I'm not sure I agree all criminal acts require intent... Manslaughter is a crime but covers killing another by accident. You are indeed correct. I should have said most or the bulk of. However in this case its still not a war crime. War crimes are willful violations of human rights and various convetionary rules. This case sounds like bad targeting data or bad intel.
    • Joe's simple RPG (Last post by Joe)
    • Hey. This is a simple RPG I created with help from many people as well from Totjo as from my other friends. It is not yet finished, and still in pre-alpha. If you want, feel free to create your own characters, if you want to. If the system works, I will probably do spontaneous sessions you can partake in in chat. IF i'm there, that is. Now. The setting is medieval fantasy. Similar to DnD, lotr, etc. To start, you will need to put your 40 starting stat points into the four basic stats. The higher, the better. The starting value of the stats must be between 6 and 14, those numbers included. The Stats are: Strength (S) Dexterity (D) Charisma (C) Mind (M) Now, chose one of the five races and add their stat modifiers to your own (this can cause you to exceed the maximum value for your starting stats, which is allowed): Human: no change. Elf: -2 Str +1Cha +1Dex. Dwarf: +2 Str -1Cha -1Dex. Orc: +3 Str -1Cha -2Cle. Lizard(wo)man: +2Dex +1Cle -2Str -1Cha From these new stats you can derive the rest of your characters stats: Hitpoints (HP): S+S+D Karma (KP): C+C+M Mana (MP): M+M+C Attack-base (AT): (S+S+D)/3 Defense-Base (DE): (S+D+M)/3 Ranged Attack-base (RA): (D+D+S)/3 Initiative base (IN) D+D+C Okay, so what do these stats do? At some points during the game, you will have to roll on one or more of those stats. To roll on a stat, you roll a d20, (/roll 1d20) and check if the roll is lower or equal to your characters stat. If so, your roll was a success. All those rolls can be modified by either decision of the Dungeon Master (DM) / Me, or by certain skills and abilities. Now, give your character a name. Done. What? no classes?! Correct. Classes will be unlocked by leveling your character. To do that, you must collect experience points (XP). The classes (and their main attribute) that will be coming soon are: Mage (M) Priest (C) Warrior (S) Rogue (D) For now, all heroes are class-less, and start with rags, 10 gold pieces, and a rusty dagger that does 1D6-2 damage. Now, for the lore so far: The world you live in is called Torgon. Torgon is a large continent, mainly inhabited by the four surface-dwelling races, the humans in the west, the elves in the east, the orcs in the north, and the lizardmen in the south. The orcs are at war with the elves, and humans are being xenophobic against the lizardmen from the south. The elves and lizardmen are at peace, and there are tensions between the elves and humans, because despite a long-lasting peace between the two peoples, the humans refuse to give any aid to the elves in their war against the invading orcs from the north. Below that, in an endless, and seemingly all encompassing network of tunnels, live the dwarves, the oldest race of Torgon. If you want in, post your character sheet down here. If you want to ask any questions, send me a PM or look for me in chat. If you want to give feedback, please contact me as well. Things that are still in planning: -All classes -Abilities that cost mana/karma -leveling system -Talent system (maybe) -Inventory system -Combat system (Practically done, must be tested)
    • If people of all religions can be saved, why do we... (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Quote: If people of all religions can be saved, why do we need Jesus Christ?'' My experience has been that various scriptures from around the world are not intended to be presented as A truth, but as THE truth. Many religions promise some manner of salvation, but they stipulate that their own path is the only one that works. The question looks like it has been written from the perspective of a comparative religion student. It implies that all paths work. It suggests that all people of all religions can be saved. Why then would any particular path be necessary if any one of them will do the job? Except that, from the perspective of most any particular religion, their and only their path leads to salvation. You will often find individual practitioners that will allow for multiple paths to salvation, but I cannot think of a religious scripture that allowed for that. If someone knows of one, I'd be interested in giving it a read. The assumptions don't coincide. Thus the confusion. Just to throw my own hat into the ring, I'm not really interetsed in being saved. Beyond the immediate dangers of speeding cars, I see nothing from which I need be saved. Because, if the paths are true, all religions could be a perspective of god. Different cultures would develop different ways to understand the perspectives of religion? So it would be necessary for god to create different religions to give cultures a way to understand the path to be saved at their own level of understanding? A comparative religion student would say that religion is created by people, not by a God. It is a social system. And there are people who would agree with you statement of different messages for different people. But no religous text says so. The basic premises of the question don't line up. A person standing on the outside of a given religion, or religions in general, operates on a different set of assumptions than a person squarely within a particular religion. If religion is a social system, then why is it that some religions claim to be created by god? Just as they thank god for their own actions? I find it hard to understand.
    • mind over matter (Last post by Zhaerys)
    • This is where meditation comes in, as well as the idea of practice. meditation allows you to control your mind and thoughts, meditating ( at-least closing your eyes and breath control for 2-3 minutes) before a test or event greatly helps with the nervousness. Practice is what we also fail to do, the more you apply yourself and do, the more you can do, .. a simple example is physics and my math homework, I have never done this before but do have a great interest in it. Its so making me angry right now but as i keep practicing and going over and over, I find myself do so much better. In our studies of the force, I believe what you put in into it and what you want it to do is up to you, mind over matter is up to the user in a way.

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