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    • Do you believe in psychic abilities and/or magic/k... (Last post by Plasmawiz)
    • I am personaly a sceptic when people claim to have preformed/experienced supernatural phenomen, but I do not doubt that there are forces (no pun intended) and phenomena that science and humanity as a whole have yet to understand.
    • Wary of old habits - confused (Last post by Edan)
    • As a teenager I was probably addicted to world of warcraft.... I play games now (mostly on a console) but, I decide what time I'm gonna stop. Usually I'm playing in the evening, so I'll play for three hours and decide that I'll go to bed around half 11. Setting a boundary means I never end up at 5 am still playing games like I used to do. Maybe you do play for nostalgia, but maybe you do still enjoy them, so if you still feel like you want to play... Don't rush out and buy them. Find out when they come out and set a date maybe 2 weeks later when you're allowed to buy it, then watch review videos maybe to make sure you do actually want to play. It'll give you time to sort out if you're buying out of habit, or out of actual interest.
    • Astral Projection (Last post by Sven One)
    • Interesting. Makes me want to be mindful I was attempting it the other night and I kept hearing footsteps and a shadow of a beast. I immediately came out of it...fear cropped me I was ashamed I normally control my fear, anger, ect well it tough situations but, its creepy.
    • Your Cave of Evil (Last post by Sven One)
    • Very good so like said in previous posts. We regain our strenght and return to the cave in certain periods of our life?
    • Is avoiding certain food help you achieve better M... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: Thank you. I never planned to go vegan just research from so called "seers" of mediation have said. The last four five months I have been prepare all my foods raw meats, vegetables, straight water, with my cup of green tea in the morning of course but, I gave been drinking my no super, low carb energy drinks which, I am kind of ashamed to admit I broke that habit and now trying to get off them again. I feel like theyre not good for you but, I like the caffeine effect especially for thi se wonderful 4 am shifts. If you're used to caffeine, it probably won't have a huge effect on the meditation. The verdict on caffeine + meditation is still out. Buttered tea and green tea is apparently consumed in larger quantities by Tibetan monks - to aid staying awake for longer meditation session. But on forums, I often read that it should be avoided. I guess it depends on what effect caffeine has on your body. Some people barely notice it and can drink an espresso at 8 pm without getting their sleep impaired, others can't sleep anymore if they drink a tea at noon.
    • Perspectives: Jedi vs. Sith (Last post by MrBruno)
    • My take on the Sith is as follows. The Jedi avoid the intense emotions, chaos toward a middle way where there is coexistence of all things. The Sith are passionate about everything they do and what they want, they guide the strength of his feelings for something good and positive; I will give an example. In Star Wars Episode II, Anakin sees his dead mother in his arms, weak through the torture of sand people; at that time he kills all the people sand seeking revenge fueled by feelings of hatred, but he could have used his sand people of hatred and realized that killing them would not bring his mother back and returned to his duties. He could feel an uncontrollable hatred of the Sand people and a terrible pain for the loss of his mother and used it all to become a better rider, used all these feelings as fuel to use in their journey and in their training. Seeing this instance I think Jedi and Sith are no different, both seek a middle path, Jedi on one side, and the other Sith, but all converging to the center.
    • Meditation on Death? (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: As it stands right now, two members of my family are nearing their passing. My Papa just turned 86 and he is in treatment for bone cancer. He looks sickly, thin and struggling to move as well as he used to. The second is my dog Candice who is an 8 year old Boxer. She has many lumps around her body (may or may not be cancerous), and she has recently been favouring one leg and now limps around. I know that their time here is limited, but I want to be able to accept each of their deaths as they are the first losses I have experienced in my family (actually my last dog died when I was in grade 10, so the first human loss). I know it's going to hit me hard and I want to be prepared. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this by meditating or by other means? I know that the Code says that their is no death but there is the Force (or Death, yet the Force) but I know it will still be hard to accept it. Death as energy flow in this world, part of the force. If you can not accept, you should not try to force yourself to accept it. Take the time you need, if you find yourself not able to accept it, could you accept or tolerate that part of yourself? Minding about that what is not accessible anymore can be difficult. But minding about that what can not leave our thoughts can be difficult to. :blush:
    • jedi haiku (Last post by Alexandre Orion)
    • Grey are all actors ; Of many hues are the Acts ... ... And what of the Stage ? ;)
    • Addiction Check-In Thread (Last post by CryojenX)
    • I did it last night. I not only closed my social media accounts (the ones I had access to at any rate), but I also deleted the passwords from lastpass and blocked out Facebook in my hosts file. I'm committed this time, I refuse to be sucked back in. Thanks everyone.
    • What the force means to me (Last post by tzb)
    • Greetings Majelann, thanks for your thoughts on this. In answer to your final question, how can light exist without dark? Many of us look at it a little like up and down - one only really makes sense in relation to the other. If there is one thing, it's neither up nor down. If there are two things, and one thing is higher, one, is "up", the other "down". But in dealing with a, as you put it, "ubiquitous" concept such as the Force, it must be both up and down, dark and light. What I'm getting at is even describing something as light (or dark) implies, necessarily, its opposite. Nothing exists in isolation, so any meaningful definition of "light" must include (or at least imply) the definition of "dark". Personally I think the role of Jedi is to avoid splitting things into light/dark, up/down, but to remember all is one. For me, no person is pure dark or pure light. I suggest reading around the Temple, you'll find your views are, in essence, widely shared. We don't talk a lot about the light and dark sides here - most leave that to the fiction. :)
    • Insomnia and Sleep Restriction Therapy (Last post by Akkarin)
    • This was interesting, if you have trouble sleeping, try actively to spend less time in bed: Spoiler:

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