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    • Just for Laughs (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • if you ever get cold try standing in the corner for a while theyre usually ninety degrees why cant ray charles see his friends? because hes married why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? because theyre really good at it i could really see myself in a job cleaning mirrors two fish are in a tank one is driving and the other is moving the cannon Last Christmas We Bought A Fake Christmas Tree. The guy behind the counter said “Are you going to put it up yourself?” My dad said, “Don’t be disgusting. I’m going to put it in the living room.” A man opens his front door and sees a snail on his front step. The man takes the snail and throws it across the road. A year later, the same man opens the same door to find the same snail on the same step. The snail looks up at him and hollers, “What the **** was that all about!?” hellen keller walks into a bar then a table then a chair my granpa has the heart of a lion and hes never allowed back in the zoo whats the stupidest animal in the jungle? the polar bear do you have holes in your shoes? how did you get your feet into them? two cows are standing in a field the first cow says "hey did you hear about the outbreak of mad cow disease?" the second cows says "its a good thing im flying this helicoptor" the lord said "come forth and recieve eternal life" john came fith and got a toaster times like these i wish i had listened to my mother what did she say? i dont know, i wasnt listening
    • Kabbalah Course Discussion Group (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • the only thing i might have worth note to add is that - allegorically - we are all both male and female following the sort of representational or essence-ial view point being used here we all fill up space in the universe - our physical being is one of being within existence so to speak but our sensory apparatus is receptive light, sound, smell and taste, even touch really, all are ways of allowing the universe to enter into us so that we can understand and "fill it" in an intelligent, SENSEitive, and interactive way EDIT also if you go to the self study tab all of the videos are listed i think lol theres a listing of a bunch of videos labelled "lesson 1 lesson 2" ect until 16
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: I try very hard not to hold other people up to the standards I set for myself, I really do. But today I have just been surrounded by so much incompetence that I wish I could fire all of my coworkers and train their replacements myself. Our jobs are not that hard! Luckily, a quick meditation during my lunch break has alleviated my need for mass firings. Ah, the Jedi way triumphs again. B) I feel the need to re-post this pretty much every time I work a Saturday. I get that we work at a bank and that makes us feel like having to work on a Saturday is a stupid and pointless thing but we still have a job to do and it should be done with the same care and skill as it was done the previous five days of the week.
    • The Reiki Thread :-) (Last post by Kitsu Tails)
    • haha Aye...Breathing Underwater us humans havn't figured out yet XD :woohoo: As long as there is some kind of "Flow" then im happy ^_^ In my opinion, differentiating our breath is meerly an attempt to Psych your mind. There is not "Cookie Cutter" way to do energy work. It is all meant to be a Natural form of expression from yourself....and your patient. Changing how you breath is just a way to make your mind more intent and focused on it's desire. To heal, attune, align, ground..... The way I do the same Intent could be different for you. You have to find your natural methods your way :)
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 1.1km running.
    • Men Hardwired to be Better than Women at Chess (Last post by Edan)
    • Regarding your last point, this is relevant to something I studied recently which suggests that parents speak more often to girls as children than boys, leading to better language development. Possibly explains your journalism point.
    • Help (Last post by Alethea Thompson)
    • It's not posted anywhere public, it was in a PM. Anyways, all three of you have "hit the nail on the head" ^^
    • Line between comedy and racism? (Last post by Radar6590)
    • I'd be interested in examining why comedy writers feel the need to add satire based on race in the first place. What is the goal of it? Some people believe that making light of serious situations shows that people can laugh at themselves and others. There is something to be said for having a certain reverence for a culture that is different from your own. You can debate the context of the joke ad infinitum but from the article it sounds like half of the disagreement came from sloppy, inaccurate set designs and names. At least the movie is making some strides by bringing in cultural experts and appropriately responding to the concerns of their Native American actors.
    • Art & Jediism (Last post by Rob78)
    • I work as an Illustrator and sculptor and I definately can associate with what people are saying here. For me personally I feel a terrific link to the force when I actually take the time to really study a subject, especially from nature. It's not just about recreating what you see before you, but understanding everything that goes into the make up of it, such as light, shadow, texture form etc. when sketching in particular, and using the imagination a reservoir of inspiration comes from within, and often I don't really know or understand what I'm putting on to the page, it just flows, sometimes with amazing results, and at other times a confusing jumble of scribbles. I think art in whatever form is a reflection of our state of mind, and a means of expressing this. I was an art teacher for an international school, and I can honestly say that it was one of the most touching experiences of my life to see children from different cultures(some conflicting) come together to express their creativity.

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