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    • Robes (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • For those of you who are less than skilled at sewing, you can also make simple brown tabard by measuring your shoulder length and cutting it width-wise and then measuring to your thigh and cutting the length of the fabric to twice the length of your measurement for the shoulder to thigh. Once you've got a fabric to the length and width you'd like it, you simply fold it length-wise evenly and cut a head-hole either rounded or V-neck (if you do V-neck I strongly suggest you measure to the middle of your sternum). With scraps, you can cut a length of fabric to make a tie-belt and there you have a simple garment which gives some semblance of Jedi garments. You can add a hood too for good measure. [attachment]
    • Saw a dead baby today... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: Quote: Some 17'000 refugees came in this year - 2/3 of them were moved back to their countries of origin within a few months of seeking asylum. So we maybe took 5000-6000 refugees this year. And our right-wing parties are claiming we're being overrun. They're now demanding that the army be used to lock down the borders. I just fail to see how one can be so completely and utterly devoid of decency and compassion. Are you sure you don't live in the US? :dry: You'd be surprised just how many parallels the current political landscapes of the US and Switzerland have :-/
    • Jedi Funerals (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • I've thought about this a lot lately - as I don't talk about my believes a lot outside my immediate family, I think it would be nice if a priest (or someone else) told the attending people a bit about the belief system of Jediism, a bit about my life and then proceeded to cheer up the attendees with a few jokes :-) What happens afterwards is up to the people organizing the "event" - traditionally, it's off to the nearest restaurant here and celebrating the deceased's life with a good meal and plenty to drink. as for cremation vs. a traditional burial: it's become customary here to cremate the dead. The bodies are basically shipped to a central crematorium and the ashes are returned in a bio-degradable urn (I'm not kidding). I personally think that's the way to do it.
    • Never forget (Last post by Jamie Stick)
    • My paternal grandmother died due to health complications. She had a wide variety of health conditions and it was by sheer force of will and a love for her children and grandchildren that she kept going. My paternal grandfather was murdered by a man living in the apartment complex he was in. The man was suffering from mental illness and believed my grandfather was source of demonic sounds. My maternal grandfather died due to negligence. A large crack in the sidewalk tripped him and, because he was a large and rather old man, caused him to fall which cracked his skull. He died of brain hemorrhaging a week or two later. A classmate who had graduated a couple years before I did was found dead. Cause of death was determined to be substance overdose. Another classmate who had graduated a year before me was found dead. She suffered a massive aneurysm and died. Death, yet the Force.
    • Circuitry and Reality (Last post by PowderCat)
    • Quote: Now after that we have a little personal paragraph, so I might as well do one of my own. I'm glad you appreciate my contribution. I wish the feeling was mutual. Maya Angelou — 'At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.' I did mention that this was just something that I've been pondering, right? :P I wasn't aware that I made anyone feel like I was publishing a paper on my abstract musings or that I had somehow come across as having just made the next discovery equivalent to E=Mc^2, but if it makes you feel better to have people admit their ignorance in public, then quite so, I am an ignorant snowcat. Sometimes it's fun to just share thoughts without any specific agenda. Or to sniff out rats. That can be fun, too. :3 It's all perspective, really. :P
    • The 'Naked Rambler' - question on freedoms (Last post by ren)
    • I'm cool with it And generally think people ought to get over a lot of things. But I do the whole lifestyle thing. "randonue" (naked randonnee) is something I was aware of as a child (a legal practice), and then I sort of found myself at the aptly-named "baie des cochons" near "cap d'agde" when I was 14 and my views regarding human sexuality and public decency have not been the same since.
    • jedi haiku (Last post by den385)
    • Quote: the force flows strongly reach out with open senses peace will come to you peace. you extinguish the blade. silence of solitude sings on the battlefield of your soul.
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by V-Tog)
    • "Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another." - Carl Sagan
    • Encouraging exceptional individuals to check us ou... (Last post by den385)
    • Business cards are interesting theme. Yet, in Russia there ain't much people who are that good in English and metaphors of Franchise are not much infused in our culture. So I'm planning a different way, personal art site which relates to the Way. If it fires up well, than maybe there'll be some point of translating totjo in Russian or whatever. Don't wanna be a missionary of any kind, I'm creating a site just to stop being so verbose on my wall and make something out of my poetry/drawing skills. Will advertise a little in few months, I hope.
    • Clothing: Boots (Last post by RyuJin)
    • so far mine seem to be pretty easy on the feet...i haven't had a chance to really put them through their paces since i recently had a back sprain, and sciatica and now bursitis in my hip....but they do feel good walking around, and even though they come up to the knees they are very flexible...

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