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    • District suspends ‘dangerous’ teacher for writing ... (Last post by Aqua)
    • suspecting a teacher of writing fiction.. Does this mean that we cant watch crime series in the future? Not sure what to think of this article. The only thing I can say without doubt hope that the occurrence leads to the proper actions.
    • Article: What if Marriage were Temporary? (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: That "you" was rhetorical and reflection is ment a personal thing for the individual to find answers in themselves for themselves. If going into a "marriage" tempoary or otherwise commitment is something to think about and share with the other half so you're on the same page. No offense taken. Admire... :blush: You're too kind. How a language barrier can extract.. truly wonderful, You're too kind to, seeking answers in myself.. you speak book volumes of wisdom :) I will remember when I get the opportunity of marriage.
    • Buddha and the Cat (Last post by Aqua)
    • Quote: If the rat does not steal, and the cat does not murder due to its nature.. One question remains to me, how to know if someone is a rat or cat in its nature behaviour? If someone does something like: stealing, murdering or some kind of sadistic actions, I can not look in a persons mind and say:,, He did this because it is his natural behaviour, as he always have done.'' If I can not see if someone has changed his way of acting in the past, how can I know how to act on his ''Natural behaviour?'' Does this mean that the monk want to say that we should not act on some ones past because we do not know it properly?
    • Temple of the Jedi Order on Mormon Discussion (Last post by tzb)
    • I listened to the first 20 minutes before I had to leave work and will listen to the rest when the kids are in bed. So far it's fantastic - thank you for representing us so eloquently Akkarin.
    • Coincidence and Synchronicity (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Quote: Do you believe in synchronicity? Do you believe there are only concidences? Bit of both? I started this on my wall but I think perhaps discussion might be better in a proper topic. My own personal view.. I used to see synchronicity everywhere.. but now I think if you expect to see synchronicity, you will see synchronicity. So now I tend to assume coincidence. If you always expect to see the number '33', you're going to see '33' and the number of events that have '33' associated with them is going to be large simply because of the number of things that happens in the world. That said, I am not averse to the idea that things may be purposefully synchronistic, I just don't know how you would know either way. Although I did see something that seemed quite synchronistic this week.. so who knows. Tough to say, tough to believe unless you experience it frequently. After something happens so many times I discount coincidence. I do think our thoughts create and so some will say we find what we look for. I'll say there is no difference. I think we can project our thoughts and they have influence on and make things happen. If you believe we are all united by and a part of a living force why is it so hard to believe in synchronicity? Quote: Our minds are desperate for patterns Yes they are and that muddies things up a bit.
    • FAQ Update (Last post by Phortis Nespin)
    • OK the world is right with my computer... I was going to say that I did resign from Security / Mod position, but Jestor beat me to it.
    • Dream job? (Last post by crystale)
    • One point is the urgency: I opine that: We all,specially young people (with full energy that need to be canalized) we all need patience. We have more chances of discover things around us if we are in armony and peace. Challenges physically and intellectually are all around us in our society all the time With much attention we can make a study of our place and how we can insert our help to others. Maybe you can't to start in adminstrative works, but you can help to people that need help in one area. An area that you know (Some voluntary or less remunerated work can to add experience) Be nice...and available... When you are in a place in universe ... this place can to conduce to other doors... We can plan some things. But we ignore the future in details... One very important teaching is the teaching of the life More that papers,(papers also have their importance) but more than papers, we have the posibility to be nice persons One great carpenter can to build a nice and expensive chair, but maybe also can to build excelent and nice dog house Challenges physically and intellectually are all around us in our society... and many oportunities, maybe hidden...we can wait the singular chance in middle of the apparently ordinary.. And time is time,(maybe dont need to think that time is a thing that you can to lose...always (whatever you do)take time,so... ¿you maybe prefer in middle your preparation,and study (take some time for fun) :woohoo: Important is to be happy in present and not just wait future (balance) words of Ryujin : ", do what you love " Is wisdom or in other way: do not make things without love B)
    • The Shadow (Last post by RyuJin)
    • I had to figure all that out the long difficult way, a long time ago, and it's what I've been telling others ever since... We do have a lesson in the degree forums that uses shamanic practices to find you shadow self and your inner child...
    • Books for Free (Public Domain) (Last post by Akkarin)
    • Quote: I've posted some of these on my wall previously, but I think they deserve a thread, and as an avid book collector this is quite close to my heart. There are a lot of books out there that are now in the public domain but you might find sites like Amazon still charging for printed or kindle copies of them. Below are some websites where you can find these public domain books: Books Should Be Free Project Gutenberg Global Grey (This one is a bit easier to look through than the first two and has some interesting stuff, especially for religion, philosophy, history and occult subjects) Feedbooks Authorama (Perhaps a nice mod could sticky this?.... maybe, maybe :) ) Each of those links was added to the library: Thank you.
    • This Week In Science (Last post by Khaos)
    • Renewables Now Produce 22 Percent Of The Worlds Energy. Last year, renewable power capacity expanded at its fastest pace yet, reaching nearly 22 percent of the global mix. Up from 21 percent in 2012 and 18 percent in 2007, that puts renewable electricity generation—from wind, solar, and hydro—on par with that of natural gas. But with uncertainty over policy support, the expansion of renewable energy will slow over the next five years, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency. Renewable energy could make up over a quarter of global electricity generation by 2020, according to the agency, but annual growth is expected to slow and stabilize after 2014—putting renewables at risk of falling short of global climate change goals. “Renewables are a necessary part of energy security. However, just when they are becoming a cost-competitive option in an increasing number of cases, policy and regulatory uncertainty is rising in some key markets. This stems from concerns about the costs of deploying renewables,” IEA’s Maria van der Hoeven says in a news release. “Governments must distinguish more clearly between the past, present and future, as costs are falling over time.” The report also provided a renewable power investment outlook. Through 2020, investment in new renewable power could average over $230 billion a year—though that’s lower than the $250 billion invested around the world in 2013. The decline is because unit costs are expected to fall, but also due to expectations that global capacity growth will slow. However, with the focus on electricity and transportation sectors, the contribution of renewables to heating and cooling remains underdeveloped. Although renewable energy sources are expected to grow by almost 25 percent in 2020, their share in energy use for heat rises to only 9 percent—up from 8 percent in 2013. [Via International Energy Agency] Read more at

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