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    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Goken)
    • Why do people always try to walk over the rope instead of just follow it to the exit? Everyday people trip over the ropes at work. The exit isn't that far folks, about ten feet from the spot most people try to go over. You would think that we wouldn't need a sign that says "Do not step over the ropes" as the ropes are, themselves, supposed to indicate "Do not walk across this spot. Follow to exit" but apparently we do.
    • Current Weightloss (Last post by Connor L.)
    • You know, this is one of those times that I find using anger can be beneficial. If you get mad enough at your current state, you can overcome inertia.
    • Circuitry and Reality (Last post by Whyte Horse)
    • Oh maybe you should check out graph theory. Graphs can be used to model many types of relations and processes in physical, biological, social and information systems. Many practical problems can be represented by graphs.
    • Encouraging exceptional individuals to check us ou... (Last post by Goken)
    • I actually just yesterday had an opportunity to encourage a friend of mine to check us out. We some how strayed on to the topic of religions and he mentioned not really feeling like he fit in to any. I said "I have something that you should take a look at" and sent him the link. That's about as far as I go in terms of promoting us.
    • Weight Check-In Thread (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Starting weight was 264 Goal weight was 200 Current weight fluctuates between 193 and 200.... Keep up the work and goals can not only be achieved but exceeded....
    • From time to time a poem (Last post by tzb)
    • The Door and the Darkness I followed you down Lower, towards the treeline Where, deep in opaque shadow We found an old house Crouched beneath the twilit dawn Wooden steps dark with dew You turn a handle, step through Into darkness, utter black A silence like the dying night On the steps, and though I Never see your face, I know Like the trees, the house The door and the darkness, You are another me.
    • What gives you strength? (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Apart from meditation, it's photography for me. Sometimes I can completely zone out for hours just wandering through the streets and snapping away, only to get home with a smile on my face. I guess taking pictures could also be considered meditation - it's fully concentrating on the subject, on the camera and on he situation - fully being in the moment. With the added bonus that looking at the pictures is actually quite interesting: you seemingly have captured that moment but at the same time, you realize that you haven't - and that's impossible to capture a complete moment. You've only capture a minimal amount of information of that particular setting, because the camera's sensor is limited to capturing visible light (and not even all of it). Still sometimes the pictures come out stunningly beautiful. And when you think about it - your senses are much like that sensor - incapable of ever perceiving everything - and still, some moments are completely beautiful despite our limited abilities.
    • The Imperishable Gem (Last post by silentdynamo)
    • Om Namah Shivaya All that I am and the Divinity within and without bow and submit to the great Destroyer/Transformer, Lord Shiva. Through this submission and annulment of the self to the Self, I am given strength and peace. I offer up grief, stress, weakness, and anxiety for You to destroy it and transform it into joy and peace. Your might empowers me, and I see through Your eyes. I see the constant power of transformation from state to state, the shedding of the snake's skin, all around. For this is the constant state of maya. And between these states, I feel and receive the Force, Sat. --A meditation given to me moments ago in anticipation of the birth of my first son.
    • [Science] - Effects of the 'Phantom Road' (Last post by Adder)
    • When I left Sydney (busy city) and moved to the bush (middle of nowhere), I could hear the sound of the roadnoise (which wasn't actually there) for about 3 weeks after before my ears adjusted to the quiet :blink: Maybe people develop their own version of active noise cancellation, like a shadow to mitigate the constant levels - not actual sound, but the experience of noise perhaps... or something. Did I get that backwards, as noise v sound? One is the disturbance of air and the other is the cognitive experience of the other (I forget!) - derail~
    • Healthy Whole Grains Are ANYTHING But Healthy (Last post by RyuJin)
    • my diet....mostly meat, whole grains/multi grains, very few vegetables (in fact i usually only eat veggies once or twice a week), and according to my last physical (done last friday) i'm in perfect health....other than the bursitis in my hip, which is not caused by diet/nutrition, but by impact or other physical damage.... everyone's body is different and has different needs...the basics remain the same; protein, fat, carbs, etc...the proportions needed vary....this is where it is beneficial to be able to listen to your will tell you what it me, mine never shuts up :lol:
    • Login Problems (Last post by Jestor)
    • This happens sometimes when the browser "retains" an 'older' version of the site, it can be just a few minutes older... Ive opened the site, and got busy, not logged in, and when I tried, received the same message... A quick close/cache clear, and everything is (should be) good...

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