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    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Rickie)
    • Quote: I am very dissapointed in people that post and avoid intelligent dialogue because they disagree and can not support their beliefs without tangents and personal insults both public and private. Seems like weak character or beliefs? It's frustrating not being able to bridge the communication gap but perhaps that is what they want for some dark reason. Quote: You cannot wake one who is pretending to sleep. Thank you Brenna.
    • Jedi Symbol Wrist Watch (Last post by Streen)
    • GOT IT!!!!!!! [image] It's a bit hard to read the numbers, but it was made pretty well. I like that the numbers don't stand out more than the symbol. Here's the site that made it for me:
    • Question About the Forums (Last post by Goken)
    • Quote: John is right. And posting in a week old thread (if it's on topic) is MUCH better than starting a whole new thread for the same topic. I've made that mistake. Someone usually posts a link to the old thread within the first page. :laugh: Better to keep the old one "alive." That way we get the insight from the previous posts as well as new takes on it.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Exarchias)
    • 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 20 x 3 push ups 20 x 3 air squats 20 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg biceps 10 x 3 x (2 hands) 3 kg triceps
    • Jedi and "Drugs" (Last post by Khaos)
    • There is also the argument, if im less inclined to be diplomatic, that many "Jedi" I have met, well, I wouldnt want there help, nor considered them qualified even if they were stone cold, sober. There are also levels to intoxication, or any substance use. I need not be slurring, falling down, drunk. Nor blitzed out of my mind on weed. Psychedelics? Well, were I going on such an experiment, usually, there is a sober person present, especially in the case of guided shamanic journeys, and even in the case of psychedelics, you can also control the dosage. What if, what if, what if. What if I have an aneurysm. What if I took Nyquil for a cold? Thats actually fairly intoxicating, though most cold medicine gives you an off setting. What if I trained to hard and my muscles are to tired to perform well, because you know, I may need to lift a burning car off of someone. :laugh:
    • Healing help and suggestions. (Last post by Silvermane)
    • Thank you all very much. I have been working on meditation. The pain starts to override the meditation within 15-20 minutes. Cyan, I wish you a speedy recovery too my friend. I do not like to see others in pain. Janice, that is what I'm doing for now. Rest and delax. Thanks again and MTFBWY. -Randall
    • Jedi Spirit (Last post by Streen)
    • Greetings all, I realize it's been a long time since I've spoken to some of you, but today is an important day for me and hopefully for the Jedi community. I'll get right to the point: This site has been a long time coming. It has existed in various forms in the past and it's been up and down several times. Yesterday, however, I decided to make a commitment and create the site anew with it's own official domain. I honestly have NO idea what's going to happen now, but I am excited. I feel that I'm following what the Force is guiding me to do, so I hope that you can make use of it or gain from it. To be clear, even though the only writing on the site is my own, I strongly recommend you contribute to the site. I am not seeking to conflict with other Jedi sites, but rather to compliment them. I want to create connections and links between Spirit and others, as much as possible, and I would hate for my site to only be about me. I know some of you had already submitted some material, and I apologize for this, but I would really appreciate it if you could resend it. For the rest of you, send whatever you think people might want to read (it doesn't have to be great), and I'll put it on the site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. May the Force be with you...
    • sithism (Last post by Zenchi)
    • To our newer members, the TOTJO does sport a rather decent library covering a wide rnage of topics, including Sithism. It's there for a reason folks, take advantage of it. If you find something you feel should be added, please contact one of the librarians (or myself) and maby it'll be added...
    • How Do You Save the World? (Last post by efuller18)
    • Quote: Thanks for your posts Deciding to save the world and what change can be made, for most of us its an assessment of what we value. Humans value things that are desirable and necessary and we want to improve ourselves and strip away bad or undesirable traits in ourselves it's our personal approach, to change ourselves. However lets just say that humans saved the planet and more correctly that we 'saved the planet from ourselves' and that we did indeed became self-sufficient every single human had enough food and shelter. And that we had saved the world from unclean fossil fuels. It would have taken a financial investment of money to save the biosphere and if everyone worked to heal our planet and had achieved it, it would have cost us 300 quadrillion dollars to achieve. Could humans raise that much money before its too late and save the planet, perhaps not, we all will suffer climate change and worsening weather. No one will ever raise enough money in the near future to save the biosphere. Which is the most necessary resource we humans have. Our most desirable resource is Anti-Matter which would become a valuable resource for its power and energy and could be a cleaner source of energy than oil. To see how much it costs to heal the planet I believe the only solution is mass producing another energy source called Anti-Matter which is worth 65 trillion dollars per gram. But since we only have 5 trillion dollars of us dollars and a total combined value of all fiat currencies in the world is $60 trillion. It seems no one could afford to buy antimatter either. :lol: I expect that saving the world would cost a lot of money and if it were possible today to solve the problems by spending money then it wouldn't be a problem. But climate change is not something you can throw money at and neither can we reject technology and live in harmony with nature like our ancestors. However the solution to our problem of climate change and our addiction to fossil fuels is also much cheaper and in the future when saving the world becomes cost effective we will throw money at it. I think that this is the wrong way to view saving the world at least from my perspective as a graduate student in computer science. Instead you need to break the problem up of saving the world into smaller pieces. Think about things one step at a time. In my case I might visualize this as a series of small, but steady scientific breakthroughs that we need to make happen. One way you could do this is, for example, is to create a website for scientific researchers like the kickstarter website where scientists can put up projects for funding from the actual public. Where people could donate to the necessary research that might not get funded otherwise there's a lot of politics in how the government at least in the US funds research. Then for those of us who are scientists like me we join projects and work on things that have an impact on making those scientific breakthroughs. For example, as a computer scientist I could work on energy saving new computer architectures already a hot research topic in the field right now (currently this is outside my area of research)

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