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    • Down's Syndrome... (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Looks to me he's just making some noise to get attention? I'm pro choice not because I think it's right but it's a womens decision, hopefilly, with support/imput from the father. I don't think it's right, can't say it's wrong for someone else, and couldn't do it myself. Tough call.
    • Looking for initiate study partners! (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Well, I'm never being contrarian just for its own sake. I can be reluctant to agree and in many of those cases I still assume a hypothetical, and I can disagree whenever I find my existing models in conflict with the ones suggested although I will retract my objections when the challenge has been answered and since I'm no expert on anything yet that doesn't take much either. Wescli, thank you for your reply (post #156880). I shall refrain from pushing myself onto anyone and leave everyone's studies to themselves as I have before. Thus my policy will be this: If you (IP student, referred to as you henceforth) are unsure as to the strength or sufficiency of your reply on a piece from the IP, specifically if you feel like it is somewhat one-sided, feel free to ask me to review it privately or publicly before or after you submit it. I could also be available to discuss some of the material and related topics or debate although if you wish that, please ask me about it in advance, since many things I haven't memorized and may not be sufficiently prepared for. Also, please keep in mind that I am neither in a position nor willing to accurately represent anyone's opinion other than my own in that format and a balanced result will not always be possible, especially not when my opinion has a large overlap with yours. Since my positions are often contrary to many of the teachers' here and maybe to some doctrinal, please do not approach me if you are not sure there is a benefit to be gained. If you are unsure, please consult with a TOTJO training master before you decide. Senan, thank you for your very kind words. I would likely not be quite who I am without this place either.
    • zip files (Last post by Edan)
    • Try rar for android. If you get stuck I can unzip it and email to you.
    • Violence and Jedi (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • Just to avoid confusion, the first post if mine was a passage written by Marc MacYoung. I do not agree with him 100%, though I find him to be an important voice in discussing the dynamics of violence. More to the point, I would not want to take credit for the man's work. That said, I have encountered people who have a pacifying effect on an environment. It is a powerful thing to see.
    • Words Mean Things II... The Revenge... (Last post by Wescli Wardest)
    • Quote: As long as we're defining... that is technically 38% cyan, 85% magenta, 3% yellow, and 0% black to make what appears to be "perrywinkle". See? Words DO mean things. :evil: If that is the perrywinkle I am refering to. Alexandre happens to know that I was refering to a different perrywinkle... one of the fruitier colors in the "box of crayons". :P I would think that rather than quible over a words deffinition we would try to understand what the other person was refering to and see if we could come to a terminology that could be universal, at least for the conversation. And on a slightly different yet related note... I just had an idea. Would the description you gave for the color perrywinkle have any meaning to a blind person? I would think that if it did, it would only be the meaning that individual assigned it based on how they were able to understand color. So in a way, the words we use are universally meaningless, but very menaingful to the interpreter. :D
    • [WARNING 18+/NSFW] 50 Shades of Gay (Last post by jedi_roz)
    • Quote: Wow this really degenerated fast :whistle: :lol: A bunch of naughty little monkeys we have here...and here I've been restraining myself.... :( Very proud to be a naughty little monkey.... More fun that way!
    • Unquestioned belief (Last post by rugadd)
    • Really, ideally, one should take it all as it is when its presented, with no pretense, including ones reactions. Its the only way we can ever really see who we are. My wife, even now during our Dark Times( :unsure: ) challenges my thinking(or lack thereof) and disillusions my beliefs constantly. It is ALWAYS uncomfortable, but I have learned it hurts less and I grow more when I accept her perspective and logic. I'm intuition most of the time and she always has atleast 5 sources before she brings something up to me...even my personal habits...
    • QUESTION (Last post by Kamizu)
    • Quote: Quote: Too bad these aren't on Netflix. Then we could binge watch them like a season of Breaking Bad. :laugh: Absolutely! I have a bunch of his books. I have been a Campbell fan since college. It had been two years since I last watched them. It was fun doing it again. I'll put another vote for Netflix!! :D I have one of his books, and although I find him fascinating to listen to, I have a hard time with keeping my attention on the book lol. :blush:
    • The Boy Who Was a Wolf (Last post by Zenchi)
    • You get me hooked and then end it like that? (Shakes fists in the air). Spoiler: Good one Stu, I await patiently for the sequel....
    • Arcade, Knight, Ceremony, 2014 (Last post by Desolous)
    • I'll be there, if only so I can stylishly disrupt it somehow. Jk, I'm proud of you, cade. You rule pretty hard, and it will be an honor for you to join our ranks.
    • UTC Time (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: Quote: Lol, tru dat. Sometimes I don't think like a Jedi all that well. And some of us Jedi don't math well :silly: And some of us are only mediocre at both :lol:

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