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    • Loosing a Loved one (Last post by tzb)
    • I'm sorry to hear of your loss. In my experience, the death of someone close to you does leave a mark on you at a very deep level. But with time that can go from an open wound, to a scar which is still a little tender, to something you can look at fondly as an important part of who you are, a reminder of the love you were lucky enough to experience. My grandfather who was like a dad to me died about ten years ago, and for several years his memory remained painful. However over time I found myself remembering the good times; putting his final illnesses out of my mind and remembering the big man who would bounce me on his knee or lean down to give my cheek a stubbly kiss goodnight. I believe that those we love don't leave us in a very real sense, in that they are as alive in our memories as anything else we hold an understanding of: no more gone than the room is when you turn out the light. And in other ways we will join them again in the wider Force when this life ends. The elements which made them are dispersing back into the flow of things as, in time, we will. Let yourself feel whatever you feel. In time, you'll come out the other side. Remember you have our support. "The cure for the pain is the pain." - Rumi
    • Gisteron (Last post by tzb)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: Most of us are here because we want to learn something about ourselves, others, and our connection to the Force. Agreed. I'm not sure I understand why people with the opposite opinion would continue to come here? Really? So we should only venture as far as our comfort zones? I actually come here because it is opposite....No, not opposite, well, not always, of my opinion. Um, no. Arcade's post, which mine was in agreement with, countered Ren's picture of TOTJO as a community of sanctimonious hypocrites engaging in a "popularity contest" rather than sincere participants undertaking meaningful debate, a perspective two others evidently shared. Interesting that you mention "comfort zones" however. Several people who have taken pains to declare a friendly approach to debate irrelevant are now dismissing most debate here (which is largely respectful and friendly in tone) as meaningless. Perhaps if they had moved outside their own comfort zones and communicated with sincere interest in the thoughts and opinions of others they may have found their experience of TOTJO debate more edifying or useful. Instead I see a few people persistently moaning about the state of things. I agree with some of their complaints and not others, see changes made in some areas and not others; but if it's got to the point where they feel the community (something no-one can click their fingers and change, nor something most would wish to) is bad I'm unclear why they continue to be a part of it. There are other websites, after all, and one can be Jedi/whatever without being an active member of a forum.
    • What form(s) of magic(k) do you practice? (Last post by Arcade)
    • Quote: In my much younger/darker days I studied darker stuff (voodoo dolls, etc) all in the interest of hurting those that could/would/did hurt me...considering the threefold law perhaps that is why I currently have such horrible runs of misfortune (all that bad karma balancing out)... Ouch. :) Yeah. I can see how that might come back around. Personally, I use what I refer to as 'dark path spirituality' to enhance my understanding and appreciation of the lighter side of spirit (I'm not fond of using the terms dark and light when describing magic or spirituality, but will use them here for clarity). For me, it has never been about hurting or cursing others. It's always been about acknowledging the darkness and intensifying the light. That is not to say that one can't learn something from darker paths if they utilize them in the manner that you did, RyuJin. I simply wanted to emphasize that there are different ways of approaching that side of things. :)
    • Jedi Lightsaber (Last post by RyuJin)
    • Quote: I would love to build my own lightsaber, I just don't even know where to start. I'm sure I could do it I just need to do some research on them. Start with a sketch of what you want, then visit the hardware store (lowe's or home depot have a large selection of parts)look for parts that closely resemble what you want, then go to can also visit some sabersmith sites for ideas and browse the forums here for some of the saber pics already posted...even the internal electronics are fairly simple, just requires a bit of planning beforehand so you don't wire an internal switch externally :lol:
    • Quick Question (Last post by Jestor)
    • I've ask Akkarin, the Librarian, to use that link tzb provided, to make a text accompaniment for the audio...:)
    • People Killing Each Other (Last post by RyuJin)
    • It comes down to beliefs vs idea is easily changed with new information, beliefs don't change one is willing to die for an idea and therefore unwilling to kill for one, people are willing to die for a belief and therefore willing to kill for one.... 3 prophets are at the center of a good deal of the current tribulations, moses,muhammed,and jesus...their ideas twisted into beliefs....
    • Elite: Dangerous (Last post by Adder)
    • No I haven't played it yet, I think I watched a dev conference video a few months ago... not sure if it was prompted from a post here or just random interest. I have a question, does the initial purchase allow unlimited play, or do you have to buy the program and pay a subscription? I've got a Saitek Joystick (X45), but the throttle died, so I use a racing steering wheel (as throttle) and pedals (for yaw) to add the required control inputs. Its rough and ugly, but it gets the job done if I can get the axis' to match.
    • Connor is back (Last post by Connor L.)
    • Yes absolutely! You can start a career at a lot of times. My friend is 65 and he's starting a Bass career now! He's performing too.
    • Helping the Homeless? (Last post by peace)
    • Where I live, California has homeless shelters and homes where they have volunteers who help feed the homeless. I on the other hand, helped upgrade one by changing it to a luxurious, fancy hotel lobby style. This place now has added chandeliers, no dirty smells, the floors and polished and cleaned daily, in house bathrooms with showers and even tables for you to sit in. This place is now hoping with homeless people. It is now visited by 10,000 homeless visitors daily. All thanks to me, the world is a little brighter, happier and nicer.
    • Pop killed the Rock star (Last post by Arcade)
    • I listen to music throughout 99% of my day (if at all possible) :) and buy a fair amount of music, and good rock bands are definitely still out there and abundant (in fact, I have a number of friends in relatively successful local rock bands). In many ways, the music industry has moved from the television and radio model (which is quickly becoming antiquated) to the internet model of music distribution. A large percentage of bands and musicians are now on labels of their own creation because they want to skip the greedy middlemen. Sadly, pop culture has always been about what they want you to listen to (as Senan well knows). I worked at a Top 40 radio station throughout high school and they really did have 40 songs they played each day (with few exceptions). Rock will never die. There will always be people, like yourself, with a love for the classic rock sound. ;) Rock will probably continue to evolve in some ways, and at this point in pop culture that means integrating electronic sounds. I love electronic music, so I initially came at this from a slightly different point of view... where electronic musicians introduced me to rock. I now listen to hybrid bands (rock and electronic) and bands that only use instruments (along with the necessary amplification equipment when they perform). Personally, I think there's room in the world for all of them. :) It sucks that the TV stations you like have changed their focus so dramatically. For better or worse, you may have to change your focus to find what you're looking for online or at live performances.
    • Best star wars movie/scene (Last post by Luthien)
    • I also like the scene where the two Skywalkers, father and son, duel it out and the father's love of his son empowered him to save the son.
    • What Jedi in canon reminded Light their entire car... (Last post by Streen)
    • It depends on what you consider canon. Here's a list off the top of my head: Streen Tionne Kam Solusar Anakin Solo Corran Horn (aka Keiran Halcyon) Leia Organa Solo more I just looked up (but should have remembered) :dry: : Dorsk 81 Kirana Ti Cilghal Ganner Rhysode Tenel Ka Lowbacca Ben Skywalker That's a surprisingly short list though, considering how many Jedi there are in the EU. I found that all the others I read about did have a brush with the dark side. Not a great track record, eh?

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