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    • sithism (Last post by Zenchi)
    • Although I myself do not follow "Nietzschian Sithism" (as that in my personal opinion is very limiting), I do however acknowledge Nietzsche's influence on Sithism as a whole and have learned to appreciate it's somewhat darwinian perspective many seem to mistake at times as nihilism. Nietzche's piece that influenced Sithism the most imo was his "Will to Power." It is as anyone who has read it knows, the cornerstone to his philosophy, and describes life as a competition, every life form fighting to exert its will upon another. Taken to the extreme, it can easily become a most destructive philosophy. Applied with discipline, it can be used to assist in the awakening of the reptilian brain, which tapped into, possesses untold potential in each individual.
    • The prison of your mind (TED talk) (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • "never believe in the predictions that dont empower you or else you will wither away and die" "if somebody pities me they are wasting their time because i have chosen a life of strength - the worst drug to ever hit the human race is pity" "you are not your condition" "the only disability [there is] is ones refusal to adapt" "its a belife in yourself that you bring value to the human race" "when we feel like we're not enough we do stupid stuff - we chase external validation to try to tell us that we're enough" "deep down inside ive found that every human being just wants to be loved - even if theyre tough, even if theyre scary, even if theyre vicious - get them in the right position at the right time, theyll tell you the truth; they just want to be loved. they want to be able to look in the mirror and love themselves, and if you can figure [how to do] that out, youre going somewhere" "but you cannot feel sorry for yourself" "at the other end is what i call bullying yourself, beating yourself up, telling yourself that all those negative predictions are true, that youre washed up, that youre a failure, that youre never going to amount to anything. bullying yourself is the worst thing that you can do" "you can not afford to pity yourself, you can not afford to bully yourself, you have to love yourself" ----- i can tell you this - im ok with the fact that im wrong about a lot of things im ok that ive made a bunch of really stupid mistakes, and that i know theres no way to change the fact that im still going to make a bunch more im probably going to cause a lot more problems in the course of my life, unless i LOSE my life altogether much sooner than im hoping im ok with all of this because i know that i am commited to bringing value to the world and that when i make mistakes i can adapt i refuse to belive the predictions that dont empower me because i have learned to love myself it is impossible for me to pity myself for very long or to beat myself up too harshly and i have the ability to forgive others as well and i dont feel sorry for very many and my life is good i enjoyed the talk i thought he was very compelling and he spoke from experience as someone who faces hardship personally and also as a therapist for prison inmates and therefore someone who is face to face with the tragedy of others on a daily basis, a situation which primes one for valueable insight and perspective on the human condition and i never did see a soccer ball give a lecture before thanks
    • Jedi and "Drugs" (Last post by Khaos)
    • Lol, would you be able to help someone? Really? How high of a percentage are these scenarios were going to take things to make an argument? As I stated, I never left my house, and yes, drunk people have dialed 911. Haha, a cop after eating pot brownies called 911 on himself. So lets not try to think of the most ridiculous, low percentage, extreme situation to make an argument as if it does. I could argue that Jedi are to worried about the force or meditating to be of help to people, but that is also a poor example.
    • Lightsaber burns... (Last post by RyuJin)
    • well.....where's the pics of the saber?....come one share..... that burn actually does look like it could have been caused by a saber.... you tripped on your robes? really?....that is kind of funny....perhaps they need to be shortened a bit?....
    • Healing help and suggestions. (Last post by Silvermane)
    • My wife and I have been working on some of this for a while. She is an Earth element and a green thumb, so she loves growing things. We have taken up herbology and alchemy, the health restoring type, not the transmuting lead into gold old school stuff. We have also started blending essential oils for massaging and aroma therapy. But I am at a cross roads and am seeking help. I know many people within the Temple have and use the healing arts of various types. I know a few myself including the ones previously mentioned. I recently went into the hospital for a liver abscess and a kidney issue. The abscess is healed and gone, though they still have me on antibiotics. The kidney issue was a little larger than they first imagined. Basically the top part of my kidney was not draining to the bottom. This occurred due to scar tissue covering up the hole that drains it due to having a large kidney stone broken up a few years ago. They had to put a drainage tube in my back until they could take care of the kidney. The first tube wasn't so bad. It hurt like hell but was tolerable. They performed the operation for my kidney last Thursday. They had to blow up and expand the tube in my back to get a large wire into my kidney and poke a hole through the scar tissue because it was so thick. This, unfortunately, was worst case scenario action. They put a large stint in my kidney so it will drain and kept the larger tube in my back. It has been 4 days and I can still barely get around. I am having difficulty sleeping, even with the pain meds and I am trying to push time between taking of the meds but it's not working too well. The healing salves and things we have tried do nothing for me. Does anyone know of anything that can help or reduce the healing time for this without causing further stress on the liver? Thank you, friends. MTFBWY. -Silver
    • How Do You Save the World? (Last post by efuller18)
    • Quote: Thanks for your posts Deciding to save the world and what change can be made, for most of us its an assessment of what we value. Humans value things that are desirable and necessary and we want to improve ourselves and strip away bad or undesirable traits in ourselves it's our personal approach, to change ourselves. However lets just say that humans saved the planet and more correctly that we 'saved the planet from ourselves' and that we did indeed became self-sufficient every single human had enough food and shelter. And that we had saved the world from unclean fossil fuels. It would have taken a financial investment of money to save the biosphere and if everyone worked to heal our planet and had achieved it, it would have cost us 300 quadrillion dollars to achieve. Could humans raise that much money before its too late and save the planet, perhaps not, we all will suffer climate change and worsening weather. No one will ever raise enough money in the near future to save the biosphere. Which is the most necessary resource we humans have. Our most desirable resource is Anti-Matter which would become a valuable resource for its power and energy and could be a cleaner source of energy than oil. To see how much it costs to heal the planet I believe the only solution is mass producing another energy source called Anti-Matter which is worth 65 trillion dollars per gram. But since we only have 5 trillion dollars of us dollars and a total combined value of all fiat currencies in the world is $60 trillion. It seems no one could afford to buy antimatter either. :lol: I expect that saving the world would cost a lot of money and if it were possible today to solve the problems by spending money then it wouldn't be a problem. But climate change is not something you can throw money at and neither can we reject technology and live in harmony with nature like our ancestors. However the solution to our problem of climate change and our addiction to fossil fuels is also much cheaper and in the future when saving the world becomes cost effective we will throw money at it. I think that this is the wrong way to view saving the world at least from my perspective as a graduate student in computer science. Instead you need to break the problem up of saving the world into smaller pieces. Think about things one step at a time. In my case I might visualize this as a series of small, but steady scientific breakthroughs that we need to make happen. One way you could do this is, for example, is to create a website for scientific researchers like the kickstarter website where scientists can put up projects for funding from the actual public. Where people could donate to the necessary research that might not get funded otherwise there's a lot of politics in how the government at least in the US funds research. Then for those of us who are scientists like me we join projects and work on things that have an impact on making those scientific breakthroughs. For example, as a computer scientist I could work on energy saving new computer architectures already a hot research topic in the field right now (currently this is outside my area of research)
    • The Fremen..... (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • i really love the dune series heres a pdf of the first book at a certain point in the book it specifically says "the free men of the deep desert" i had the idea that their strict tribalism was a consequence of the demands of their lives also i had the sense they were modeled after some of the tribal desert cultures of the middle east, like the afghans, who, despite the negative connotations associated with the mujahideen are historically very well respected - even admired - as warriors and "freedom fighters" by western civilization the afghan struggle with the soviet union comes to mind also and "The Reverend Mother must combine the seductive wiles of a courtesan with the untouchable majesty of a virgin goddess, holding these attributes in tension so long as the powers of her youth endure. For when youth and beauty have gone, she will find that the place-between, once occupied by tension, has become a wellspring of cunning and resourcefulness."
    • Jestor's Ego (Last post by Luthien)
    • Quote: My ego is a joke... Fat bastard always trying to screw me up... :silly: [image]
    • Thoughts from my experience and lived on the spiri... (Last post by cédricq)
    • I will update as often as possible. " La Vie, Dieu, le grand Manitou enfin quel que soit le nom qui vous parle le plus, vous apporte et vous apportera toujours, toujours, toujours, ce dont vous avez besoin. Presque rarement ce que vous désirez mais toujours, toujours ce dont vous avez besoin. Alors oui c'est vrai que ce dont on a besoin est parfois douloureux mais toujours élevant si on le prend comme un cadeau. Lorsque vous réaliserez cela alors vous serez capable d'ouvrir les bras et serez comblés. Tout ce qui viendra sera alors un présent et vous ne vivrez plus aucune déception car vous serez en accord avec l'existence. Vous ne vous battrez plus, vous serez porté. Alors ouvrez les bras, désirez ce que la Vie vous offre et alors la paix vous touchera en plein cœur. Que la Force soit avec Vous ! " "Life, God, the great Manitou finally whatever the name that speaks to you the most, brings you and you will always, always, always, that you need. Almost rarely what you want but always, always what you need. So yes it is true that what is needed is sometimes painful but always rising if we take it as a gift. When you realize this then you will be able to open arms and will be delighted. All that will come will be a present and you do not live no disappointment because you will be in agreement with existence. You will beat you more, you will be taken. So open your arms like that life offers you and then peace will touch your heart. May the Force be with you! " Sorry if the traduction is not perfect ;)
    • Eternal Flame? (Last post by Rickie)
    • I saw this on TV, it was a movie promo and it went something like this..."If a persons spirit refuses to give up it then becomes a ghost" That thought/idea is something this thread could reflect on if some wish too?
    • A Daily Practice for Somewhat Spiritual Noobs... (Last post by cédricq)
    • My practice : active and passive meditation, daily vigilance, work acceptance to what is here and now. Felt the Force and sending that energy to every human being, every brother and sister Jedi. Que la Force soit avec Vous !
    • General detachment (Last post by Rickie)
    • Quote: Do any of you get periods where you feel detached from the rest of humanity? Times where you'd rather sit on the outside as the proverbial fly on the wall and observe people? Yes but I wouldn't call that detachment. I love people watching, specially at a sidewalk cafe sipping coffee. Quote: I experience this quite often. I actually really enjoy being an observer. Toiling over what motivates people as they go about their day. I find people to be very interesting. If I could, I would very much like to collect people's lives. Record them. Store them or display them. Maybe you should try being an author? Quote: Perhaps I'm just a little odd. Perhaps not, unique, yes, enjoy your uniqueness.

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