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    • Google officially ends forced Google+ integration (Last post by Edan)
    • Quote: Quote: I was under the impression that the real name policy on Google+ had been dropped a while ago.....unless it means historically.. Edit: Good news for German Facebook users.. It might mean historically, I think it does... But, Id never seen it in print anywhere... You (Edan) said something about it the other day and I was unaware of it when you said that, cause I use me real name, lol, and when I saw it confirmed, I thought Id repost/recomment on it...:) I knew I wasn't going crazy :p , this is from last year...
    • "The Death of Expertise" (Last post by Gisteron)
    • @Brenna: That very much depends on what your point is. Surely, if it can stand on other grounds however, you would have brought those up. I for my part can only address what you said, not what you meant. Quote: Gisteron, what is an example of something you would call indisputable? I would say any incorrigible statement or logical axiom would qualify. In other words, that which is not subject to epistemic filters is, by definition, indisputable. They are not propositions reached through reason nor can any reason challenge them because they are outside of reason. Every synthetic or analytic claim however is disputable. Analytic claims can, in addition, be either proven or disproven and thereby become certain, albeit still contingent on the logic they stem from. Synthetic claims remain up for debate indefinately. Quote: You seem to be giving the American Psychiatric Association a lot of credit. Do you think it's possible that the APA as a general rule is looking at human nature through a distorted lens, and the listing of homosexual behavior as a mental disorder is evidence of this? I'm not a psychologist. All I can do is use what little I know to review their findings and compare them to the conclusions of other research collectives that are independant of the APA. However, seeing how they haven't been listing homosexuality as a disorder in over fourty years and have even publicly spoken in favour of equal rights and protection of those with the more rare sexualities, the case that they are biased in this regard is a hard one to make. You make it sound like what they list or don't list is arbitrary, a matter of the whim of those in charge at any given time. Quote: What about the listing of ADD and ADHD as mental health issues, or the over prescription of drugs like SSRIs? Good question. What about it? I agree that the diagnostic tools are not ideal in every place, and what qualifies as ADD where you are from may not be what ADD is here. That being said, I have met and known people diagnosed with either and the suffering they both endure and inflict when off their meds is quite noticeable. Does that make them sick? I don't know, I'm not a doctor. Does it mean everybody is better off if they are treated? I think so. Quote: It seems to me that the APA sees humans as needing to fit into a very specific mold, and deviations from that mold are to be corrected with medication. Individual "disorders" are here today, gone tomorrow, but the outlook is the same. Maybe, but I don't think that mold is completely arbitrary. This is easily illustrated with extreme examples of either suffering people or notoriously making others suffer. Norms are convenient. Whether there is anything wrong with people far outside of it shall be up to the philosophers, but in a society consisting of people that are mostly within some margin along any given spectrum those strongly different happen to suffer and often also cause those close to them to suffer, too; I think that if we can help that, we should. Quote: We could expand this criticism to the medical practice of family doctors. They're trained to treat symptoms with medications, but what doctor ever considers a patient's diet and exercise and need for a fulfilling life? Any good doctor and also most doctors whose income is not a matter of their patients' wallets. I have had to deal with doctors with pretty much my entire life and rarely was there one who cared to be rid of me rather than me not needing him again. Quote: We trust our doctors as experts, yet the scope of their expertise is much narrower than we give them credit for. Some doctors are. They are certainly experts at being doctors, but they may not be experts on all branches of medicine. There is nothing wrong with appealing to an expert opinion when one isn't oneself qualified to judge given facts. One should however try to avoid appealing to those who are not authorities. Doctors are not generally medical scientists, rather they are practitioners of applied medicine and even then specialized to their particular field. The only down-side of being specialized is that it takes a lot of time and effort and one can seldom become a specialist on a large number of subjects. However, being the social animals that we are, we have the privilege of being able to consult with multiple people who may be specialised in different subjects and chances are, that the opinions we can gather about any one question from a finite collective of experts for each are far better informed and accurate than all the opinions on all of the issues from a collective of jacks-of-all-trades. I am not limited to a shoe maker for fixing a car, I can go to a car mechanic instead. And that is good.
    • How to respond if someone tells you they’ve been r... (Last post by Edan)
    • I've been in the position where someone confided such a report to me, the most frustrating thing is hearing they feel ashamed and won't report for that reason. All I could do was just be there for them in the silence, sometimes that is all you can do.
    • NO CHLORINE IN POOLS? CRAZY! (Last post by Jestor)
    • Quote: I soooo want to put a natural pool out back, but we have so many mosqueto's here in Michigan, I am afraid the pool will just become a natural breeding ground >_< Fish? Or, there are other biological ways to kill them too... Look up BTI mosquito or, check out this wiki =
    • Today I.... (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • Today, I watched a co-worker's heart break for a patient with a progressive, terminal neurological condition and I figured out a graceful way to express my gratitude for the depth of compassion expressed in her grief. I made her smile and feel less alone. And I felt less alone.
    • TotJO on Vice (French) (Last post by mdk)
    • Merci Alex. Belle representation. On peut se sentir fier d'être Jedi ;) (bien que ça ne soit pas le but, bien sûr)
    • Terrance McKenna - Reclaim your mind (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I think you're definitely right. That's why I listed out my Hierarchy of Creative Achievement above. We have to have foundations, fulfillment, a sense of purpose, a compassionate mind (toward the self and others), a connective spirit and attitude of service, and then be able to have a feeling of Artistic Achievement. Without foundations, we are lost in our inability to stay alive. Without fulfillment, we are forever searching for something we don't have. Without a sense of purpose (notice: I didn't say actually having a purpose), we continue to try and fill a void which does not exist. Without compassion, we only seek to fulfill the self, therefore the art is not reaching out... only pulling in. Without a spirit of service, the art is cold and unfeeling. But, with all those in place, the art is magical. We can be an artistic Engineer. An artistic Blacksmith. An artistic Janitor. Or, even, yes, an artistic Painter, poet, writer, etc. Art must be supported by the rest of the foundational material. Which, I think, must come from having a good relationship with our mind and spirit. Which, is the point I think McKenna is trying to make.
    • online education and e-learning (Last post by Adder)
    • Do you have much experience with different e-learning websites? I've done heaps (too many am burnt out lol) at Coursera, and had a look at various other MOOCs such as EdX. I think the Uni I did postgrad at used an early version of Moodle but that was awhile ago now. What qualities in an online class do you like? What do you "not like"? Video lectures, and the speed up playback option of Coursera was great as some lecturers speak a little slow sometimes. I like a tight assessment process such as a timer - as without the pressure it does not forge learning IMO. I liked provision of lecture content such as text and images available as separate downloads to assist self study. The forum mediated participation has potential but would need to be much more structured, perhaps like more like a live lecture in 'text' form but over 24 hours and not actually live. I was never able to participate in live video lectures due to timezones so unable to comment on that. I don't like self paced stuff so much... the internet is big enough already for me to self pace in basically anything, so I think an online class should push the student through a body of material as a supported process of mental exercise. What sites rise to the top? Coursera was my fav, of those few I tried. Has anyone used google classroom? Nope, I had not heard of it, will have a look though, thanks!
    • Conscientious Objection to Military Taxation(COMT)... (Last post by Adder)
    • The Cold War was not the invention of US foreign policy though, US foreign policy was a reaction to the Cold War. It's a complex topic that's for sure. If people didn't fight we wouldn't need a military, or at least anything as large. I'm with you on the peace as ideal. Some might say its an illusion which needs conflict to contrast it, but I disagree. I think the contrast can be achieved within the individual enough without it being carried on externally in society.
    • Live Sermon August 1 1900 UTC (Last post by Rosalyn J)
    • Hi everyone I will be delivering a live sermon on August 1, 2015 at 1900 UTC entitled Jedi Justice to open up this months theme: Inequity Yet Justice. I look forward to seeing some of you there and assure you that a written counterpart will be made available to those who cannot make it :) Ros

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