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    • Bad Dreams (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • Though it is just reiterating what many others have said, dreams tend to be messages from your subconscious putting your fears into scenarios so you can understand them and possibly confront them (though it doesn't realise that you can't infact easily understand them lol!) I would try and view the dreams objectively, don't focus on one aspect such as the actual acts but see it in conjunction with how it makes you feel in both the dream and reality and what is happening in your life at that point in time. Give it full context and layer it with as much information as you can. A friend of mine had a recurring dream that she was running from someone with a baby in her arms, she never seemed to be able to completely escape and was never able to get a signal on her phone to call the police. To now give it context, she was in an abusive relationship and had a daughter. A common feeling with those in that kind of situation is helplessness. It makes sense that, metaphorically, the person she was running from could be her husband, the baby her daughter. Yet she feels trapped and that she is having to deal with it on her own (not being able to escape or call for help). Personally, one that haunts me to this day is a nightmare I had where my daughter died during child birth (her child). It was horrific and traumatic and gave me a few sleepless nights and if I think about it before going to bed it takes me a while to settle enough to go to sleep. The context is I was going through a custody battle, my children were at risk from their mother (who had custody at the time) and I had no proof of this, so despite testimony after testimony all authorities said that there was no risk and the children were to remain in her care. I was essentially powerless to protect my children from harm. Apply that to the dream: as a man there is no more a helpless position to be in that when a woman you care about is giving birth, because you can't really help and are unlikely to effect the outcome. so that powerlessness manifested in the dream scenario, but that scenario had no real life basis. (unless of course it does turn out to be a premonition just years in advance in which case my life will fall apart on many levels!)
    • Is questioning one's faith inevitable? (Last post by Burn_Phoenix)
    • I have the enviable position of never being part of a religious family, yet I always sought out religion. Though the faiths I tried to follow never really felt 'right' and so I never committed to them. If faith is a deeply held conviction then I guess I have not really questioned my own faith (once I'd established what that was!) but that of others. There are circumstances in life that anyone will inevitably question their faith, such as a death of a loved one etc. Especially if you are part of a faith that teaches reward for the good as the question arises as to: why that good person has been taken away and those good people left have to suffer the pain of that loss? Yet, it is exactly these questions and our search for answers that will likely strengthen or break a persons faith. I agree with OB1, I think questioning faith is essential for growth or progression (that's not to say that remaining where you are is not perfectly fine, things will just remain the same - if it's not broken don't fix it!) People are inquisitive and on the whole I think we will continue to search for answers when our current system cannot provide them :)
    • Real World Jedi (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • "we become what we think about" "people with goals succeed because they know where theyre going, its that simple"
    • No need for a physical temple (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • why most people arent rich becoming an entrepreneur wealth mindset ten home based businesses it is each of our personal responsibility to find a way to become financially free we dont necessarily need to be RICH but we need to be FREE or i should say its each of our responsibility to choose the life we want to live these are just a few small videos but they represent really big ideas what i want to encourage is the confidence that we are capable of anything the information is out there the opportunity is out there its up to each of us to have a vision and the commitment to bring it to life
    • this is how I play chess (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: lol they're all knights.... :lol: once the game begins and the imagination takes over does it really matter what piece is what? :silly: i just want to say this one of the wisest things ive heard all day and thanks for sharing that
    • 5 rights women have that men don't (Last post by OB1Shinobi)
    • Quote: Quote: You can not change the system and expect things to get better without first changing the people who support that system. Very well said, Rugadd. This is true, whether you are talking about changing laws, changing a business or even changing how you run your house. But I will take it one step further. You cannot change the system and expect things to get better without changing the people who support that system, but you have to first change yourself and demonstrate your influence to others in order for them to change and then move on to changing the system. Any and all change has to first come from you. When people see you change, then question it. When they watch you work and fight for what you believe in, they will be inspired. When they see you are commited and accountable to your fight, they will start to rally behind you. When you stand before the people as a leader, you then cast the vision for what you are wanting to do. The people have already bought into you and now you have to get them to buy into the vision. Once they have bought into the vision, then you can create a movement. None of this can happen until you agree and effectively change yourself and then prove yourself. This goes for anything from business to politics to managing your own home. May the Force be with you all. cosigned
    • Hey! Let's Open The Vaccination Can Of Worms! (Last post by Red_Eye_Jedi)
    • Quote: ..... Being against injecting yourself with one of the most potent neurotoxins EVER discovered doesn't mean you are against vaccines. The analogy I used earlier is that being against spraying fruits and vegetables with potent neurotoxins doesn't make you against fruits and vegetables. This debate is framed so that it is a false dichotomy, and in reality it is much more complex than that. Quote: firewalled scientific journals. Quote: just watch this instead If you don't want to read journals watch this video by the University of Calgary. The evidence on how mercury destroys your brain is overwhelming and unquestionable.
    • Rants far and wide (Last post by Edan)
    • You ask a question, but only so you can peddle your own conspiracy theories. Why bother asking if you're already biased against the answer? People answer because they think you actually care about their opinion... Since you don't, dont bloody bother! (Hint, not about totjo!)
    • Can you solve these three easy questions? (Last post by Connor L.)
    • I got in trouble for that all the time in Physics. I would get my quiz back with points off I didn't recognize. Then I facepalmed because I left the damned units off! *shakes fist at the air*
    • Hello everyone (Last post by MikeAxis)
    • Thank you all for the warm welcome, great to be here. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

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