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    • Idea: topic/thread for insomniacs (Last post by Exarchias)
    • Dear Tzb, Roz Thank you both for your support to the idea. :) At first let me apologize for the wrong choice of category. I don't know if i have as OP the ability to change category. If not i would like to ask one forum administrator to change the category so we will not need to create second thread for the same topic. The reason that i first decided to put that on Clergy category, because i just to ask permission for this topic that handles for the serious health matter of sleep. I was thinking for wishes or something like that but i feel that "Health, Fitness and Wellbeing forum" category pass better for this thread. :) Actually the homework it is always a good alibi for staying wake. I use to do something always for a)to keep me busy and b)not to waste valuable time. I usually (because Insomnia wastes energy) have many different levels and variations of occupations in every time and for every case, so even if i am dead tired should always make something positive useful (Actually in the case of being dead tired i use to study foreign languages :) ) That is all for now. i will try to move this topic in the correct category and to make some adjastments. May the Force be with you all. Robert. PS i notice that i can't move this topic so if it is possible for an admin to move this topic to health this will be great and much appreciated :)
    • Domestic abuse victim alerts police to her ordeal ... (Last post by Goken)
    • I wonder what the boyfriend was more upset with, the fact that she called the cops, or that there wasn't actually going to be any pizza? In all seriousness though that was really smart of her and the operator. It's terrible that she was in that situation but it was great that she finally called on him. I hope that she gets the help she needs and finds someone who will treat her with respect.
    • what it's really about... (Last post by Oneiros)
    • My favorite part is where he suggests to use Namaste is social situations where it's not appropriate. No joke, I was at the grocery store back in July, a guy dropped a jar of relish, it shatters, then he looked over at the other guy in the aisle and said, "Namaste," and just walked away. I think he thought it meant Hakunamatata or something.
    • Songs that have Jedi Teachings, etc... (Last post by Proteus)
    • LYRICS Before all things reborn again You learn the painful breath of time Cold mourning stretches out your arms To the mighty warmth of the golden sun Seem all have gone insane for gold All was created out of the night We're all born from the burst of a star The day you'll come to life you'll realize Expanding force to life where you belong And in the winter cold, with opened eyes You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright One day you'll walk the world and keep in mind The heart you've been given in winter time And through the bitter cold, with opened eyes You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Edan)
    • Days 39 and 40 checking in Day 39 was a rest day Day 40 was today. I am so bloody pleased with myself today. This week was pretty hard work wise and I was so tired today it took all my mental effort to get changed and go to the gym. All the negativity I've felt recently about not reaching my goal was completely proved wrong today, I ran 6.7 k today (55 minutes, 50 + cooldown), 6.2 k before my cooldown. If I can run that on a bad day, then I can bloody well run 8 k on a good one. I actually ran 5 minutes longer than I was supposed to, and 10 minutes longer than I thought I was going to. Track of the run was 'Back to Black' by Amy Winehouse. Was some kind of sleeper agent trigger song because when it came on after 20 minutes I suddenly felt immediately like I could finish the run.
    • Virtues or Choices? (Last post by Silvermane)
    • Again, you make a valid point with the example given, Wescli. I do believe I touched on this, but it is a choice, when the situation allows. There are circumstances and situations out of our control where we have no choice but to wait or to "be patient". These situations give us a chance to refocus our thoughts and make better decisions. In Wescli's example while he was waiting, he could have gotten frustrated and pitched a fit, knowing it would do no good or he could have waited and accepted that it was out of his control and find something more constructive or worthwhile to pour his focus into while he waited. I think Patience is more of a practice, like Jediism, to better ourselves by making better choices when situations allow and moving forward and not falling backward.
    • The Balance (Last post by Rickie The Grey)
    • Balance is dynamic. We're never perfectly balanced but waver over the balance point. We may be still for a moment but soon move off center. We're complex creatures, it's the nature of life. Striving for balance in ones life is always a work in progress. What I attempt is not to tilt my balance to the extreems, one way or the other. As you live , learn and gain experience (learn from your mistakes) the fluctuations in life are less extreme. Some may call this mellowed out or at peace with the world. Lifes a journey. :(
    • Talent (Last post by Revan Falton)
    • My hands hurt and fingers are all cramped up just from watching these unbelievably talented individuals!
    • Becoming a member.. (Last post by Jestor)
    • It does tell you it fan take up to two weeks to get processed...;) I've had some things pop up but should get done this week...:)
    • Martial Arts as a metaphor of Personal Behavior? (Last post by rugadd)
    • I'll save Shaolin philosophy for another thread. Martial Arts wiped away misconceptions and delusions I had. Shaolin is a very unforgiving art in that you don't get to stop until you have too. Reality comes crashing in very fast because of this. What we are capable of, those wispy dreams born from fantastic stories, are gone the instant you realize you can only do 7 pushups. Gone are the fictitious flips as you struggle with a simple bear crawl. No more does one say to themselves "I would see it coming, know and do just the right thing" in a fight after one 2 minute round. Training for me taught me humility. It is the first lesson and an important one. After a few years in martial arts, one does not WANT to have to fight. They have to much experience with their own body to want to put that harm on anyone, or suffer it themselves. It is about being forced to see who you really are instead of what you think of yourself to be. One of the reasons I think everyone should be beat up at least once in their lives.

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