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    • A Zen Master Responds to Hate Mail (Last post by Cabur Senaar)
    • Zen Master Seung Sahn Soen-sa seems to have had trolls too. An interesting read, and applicable to our own endeavor. A Zen Master Responds to Hate Mail Thoughts? On a side note, when I found myself thinking about Zen trolling on the drive to work: You are as nothing. I am also as nothing. Pines detain the Snow.
    • Justice in the Force (Last post by rugadd)
    • Replace fear with Awe and everything will make perfect sense. Explore your suffering, accept it for what it is. Do not reject it.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Luthien)
    • Quote: Hey all I wish to start working out because I need to drop the weight. My problem is that getting started for me. Its just hard to motivate myself because I dont really like working out and lack transportation most days. Does anyone have advice or work out plans that work from home mostly? Does anyone have advice on getting yourself started despite not really liking the idea. There are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do in order to get a good workout. If you don't like ballistic movement that much, try some squats, push-ups, and pull-ups. If you can't do pull-ups just yet, try doing some inverted rows from a table until you get stronger in that type of lift. If you don't like running, you can do a fast-paced walk. Lunging is a great one, if you don't want to do an exercise in one spot. Here's a list of exercises you can do anywhere: Have fun! :)
    • On War & Religion (Last post by Gisteron)
    • Seeing how I never claimed there was any ultimate justification of morality absent a religion, while you did say that there was ultimate justification with one, I feel no shame in leaving the challenge up to you. Here I am, readily admitting that whatever justification for any moral stance I have is not ultimate. They are much better than anything any religion ever offered, I reckon, but I dare not claim they are ultimate. Now, I have no idea what that source you linked to is or why it is at all trustworthy, but I am willing to grant that religion has existed for even longer than our species has. Morality in one way or another certainly predates it, as evident by primal forms thereof in various animal families with long past common ancestry. And, while religion might have been as old, it wasn't always universal as evident by the still living Piraha tribe who to this day remain irreligious. As for the point labeled 2 in your second last post, I am happy to inform you that I never said that religions do teach no value to life. In case you wish not to go back and review what I actually wrote, I shall repeat it again instead: First, I qualified that I was talking only about a major subset of only the influential religions of only the modern day. I said that for the most part, they would only go so far as to assert their own tribe as valuable and not even extend the courtesy to the rest of mankind, let alone the entire biosphere. But of course it doesn't end there, since you apparently know every religion on the planet. Being the generous chap I am, I grant you that assertion with nothing but a snarky reminder of how incredibly arrogant it sounds. What you do go on to say that "this", as if all religions had the same purpose in mind, was our value. Well, if this is what they choose to identify as their value, that's fine with me, but not any of them get to tell either the rest of them or the rest of mankind how or why to value anything, and so while I am too humble to proclaim what is the value of life or of man or of the universe, without the right to declare it, I'm afraid you are no closer to discovering it either, irrespective of whether you employ even the most abstract sense of religion or not. Oh, and just before you do (because you always do), don't bother trying to move the goal post this time by redefining religion into something completely vague and mundane again, because this time you are not the OP and we are talking about their meaning this time and not yours. Since it is then presumptuous of me to think that her definition is closer to mine than it is to yours, I kindly ask her to post her definition, lest the two of us keep talking past each other like we almost always do anyway.
    • Guns in America (Last post by Doogle)
    • Quote: For, against… no matter which side of the argument we find ourselves coming down on we should consider what drives the other side. :unsure: I have found that most arguments which find people deeply set to one side or the other, fear tends to be the motivating factor. Why don’t people want others to have firearms? They don’t want to risk being shot by another person. Why don’t people want their firearms taken away? They don’t want to be shot by another person. Wait a sec… that sounds like the same reason. :huh: :P :laugh: And each person will argue their side fervently. Who is right and who is wrong? Both, neither and everyone. Each person believes they are right. And that belief is wrong. As the other person would disagree, and does. Hence the pages of arguing. People can quote numbers they found from countless studies and reports trying to convince me the worthiness of their debate. But at the end of the day; gun control is treating the symptom and ignoring the cause. I guess people believe this approach will work because it is how we face the common cold. Get a cold, take an aspirin. But the body is hard at work fighting what you cannot see. And of course people that commit mass shooting will be diagnosed as having some kind of mental issue. We would not consider them “normal” for that behavior. In my opinion, we need to turn our focus away from the rhetoric that is being fed us as a distraction from the main issue… why people feel they can or need to commit acts of violence. Many of these people, and all people that commit acts of violent crimes I would think, do so out of some kind of internal struggle. Hopelessness, despair, feeling powerless and lost in an uncaring and hostile system sometimes the only end they feel they have left to be heard or to make some kind of impact is to act out in a violent crime. Mass shooting, murder, rape, abuse, bullying… these are all things that can, or are at least some times attributed to the afore mentioned states of emotional distress. I honestly believe that if societies have a spiritual center which guides their moral compass and work toward the betterment of the whole (what is good for everyone) then the individuals feeling of hopelessness and despair would subside, not disappear, and the number of violent crimes would decrees. On a side note… I have had firearms in my home for my entire life (a good deal longer than many of you have been alive :P ) and not once has one of them loaded themselves and tried to kill me. A firearm is just a tool. It is the person that needs healing for the hurting to stop. Extremely well put I think because people have different mentalities certain issues they will never agree on or convince each other of. Better to focus on something that we could all agree on which is helping to make people less violent or whatever the root cause may be.
    • Your Inner Council: What is it and how to develop ... (Last post by Loudzoo)
    • This is a great thread - and I like your list! Here are my current 7, in no particular order: George Fox - for original thought and steadfastness in the face of oppression Obi Wan Kenobi - just because . . . Bjorn Lomborg - for effective environmentalism, no matter how unfashionable ( Lao Tzu - for wisdom Thomas Young - the definitive polymath provides inspiration that everything is interesting Valentino Rossi - for bravery, technical acumen, persistence and sense of humour Edgar Mitchell - for pursuing his interests and beliefs in the face of opposition (

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