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    • climate change (Last post by ZenJo)
    • Many animal and plant species have adapted to the rise of industial humanity by adapting traits to combat human presence and pollution. The example of the Peppered Moth is often given by evolutionary scientists. So I predict that animals and plants will fair better than we might expect in the coming climate change through their ability to adapt. At the same time, of course, many species may not survive the changes. However, I have to wonder about how modern humans will adapt to climate change. I believe that our ancestors, if placed in our current predicament, might fair better than modern humanity. Ancient humans seemed to have deeper connection to the Earth in their culture and way of life. But our modern world seems to have lost quite a bit of that connection. How many times have I seen someone throw McDonald's bags out their car window even though they are only a few miles from their house and a garbage can? Or people who throw their cigarette butts on the ground right beside the cigarette disposal bin? Or companies that STILL find ways to illegally dump chemical waste? If so many of us can't be trusted to prevent pollution and take climate change seriously, how can we be trusted to adapt to the changing world we have created? If climate changes become more severe, crops will not produce as high of yields. Recent studies have showns rises in drought which leads to food and water scarcity. I admit that many politicians worldwide have used the climate change issue to win votes. In doing so, they destroy the credibility of legit scientists who are actually doing something productive. I don't think we are neccesarily facing an "end-of-the-world" scenario, but hopefully it will be an end to laziness and apathy when the effects of climate change become more severe. One thing that has me bothered is all the stories I have been hearing in the news in recent years of tons of fish, whales, and sharks washing up dead on beaches. In each of the stories, I never hear scientists make any conclusive statements as to the cause of death. Is it Fukishima radiation? Underwater volcanoes? Changes in water temperature?
    • Examples of Deep, Knightly-Virtuous Truths, Learne... (Last post by Dessel761)
    • "You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now... you don't have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you're risking it for. Now, I can make these people feel better and hang on a little bit longer. I can save lives. And that's enough reason to risk mine." —Hershel to his daughter Maggie and Rick Grimes, regarding the situation in the prison with the flu and how he could help the ailing people
    • Thandie Newton & Watts (Last post by Dessel761)
    • I was watching TED talks on vulnerability and shame from another thread. As I started branching out from those topics I came across this: I must say that this short video fits nicely with the teachings of Watts and The Book. There are similar ideas presented in both that I feel have helped to enhance my understanding of what Watts is saying.
    • Empathy and Sympathy: The Difference (Last post by Dessel761)
    • Quote: If you like that, than you might like this too. Very great talk on vulnerability including info on empathy vs sympathy. That was a great talk and this was one a year later goes hand in hand:
    • The Force (Last post by Streen)
    • Quote: People with migraines are prone to see flashes of patterns and shapes and images, when I close my eyes and stuff is flashing by at a million miles an hour, I crawl in bed and wait for the storm to hit, so to speak. I'm sorry to hear that, CryojenX. I know what it's like to dread going to bed. I used to have nightmares every night. I usually ended up in the morning feeling like I hadn't slept at all. I know that's somewhat beside the point, but have you tried getting help for this problem?
    • Don't crave for more (Last post by Streen)
    • I'm sure that works, Whyte Horse, but not for everyone. We can't all give away everything we have and move to a poor country. I do see the validity in what you're saying though. It would be a quick fix for the problem of materialism, though probably the most difficult way to do it. It works differently for everyone. For me I just needed the motivation to be more than just a Jedi, to explore certain Sith philosophies. That worked for me, but again, it won't for everyone. Quote: Someone wrote on a watch forum I read that he only buys a new time piece if he's been obsessing over it for at least 6 months. And I think that's not a bad idea in general If it works, so be it :) One other thing I do when I want to buy something, I tend to simultaneously work on selling something I already have. For example, I decided to buy a new computer mouse, so I put my current one on eBay (along with a few other things). It's really hard to get over materialism, but it takes time, like everything else.
    • Current Weightloss (Last post by Metsu Desal)
    • Hello TOTJO! So been a while since I posted anything but I figured I would share something with you. This is my current weightloss, I'm eating healthier and exercising 5 times a week for at least an hour and loving it, wondering if there's any other ToTJO Jedi that are currently losing weight and / or have lost weight? Some noticeable benefits - I can wrap a towel around my waist when I get out the shower - Clothes fit more comfortably than tight - People are giving me lots of praise - People are treating me nicer and my mood is higher [image]
    • Its not Fat or Sugar to worry about, its Fat with ... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: I do love dark chocolate.... especially the weird stuff with fruit in it (well, it seems weird to me because as a kid we only ever got it from the hypermarkets in Calais!). But maybe I can be tempted to buy some... Yeah - same here, it used to be only available in specialty shops (and I live in the land of chocolate and watches :-). Now Lindt and some other major manufacturers have started mass-manufacturing it and most supermarket chains carry it. You can get it all the way up to 98% cocoa (which doesn't contain much sugar, if any, but tastes very bitter)
    • Astral Projection (Last post by MrBruno)
    • This meditation was guided, so I designed the post asked, but it is a place where I feel at peace. Another great place is the temple of water; this is my hiding place, a pyramid with waterfalls falling into a lake in the middle of this lake there is a staircase that begins at the entrance and go to the center in a high place, there I meditate.

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