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    • Scientific Article: "Get Me Off Your F****** ... (Last post by Cyan Sarden)
    • Quote: You should try to go to conferences. Sometimes I swear a majority of the people there are actors (people who get paid to pretend they work in/with the industry). Wouldn't surprise me one bit - if you want to meet the actual scientists, go to the town where the conference takes place. But rather than looking for them in the conference center, look for them in the local spa, zoo, micro-brewery etc. :-)
    • Conscription - Draft (Last post by Reacher)
    • Quote: If the situation was truly dire then it would be easy to convince me to perform active service. But what if the value of fighting that particular war was murky and doubtful? "What does the country/society stand to lose or gain from conscription?" World War One and Two are good examples, World War One was a ridiculous war (even when ignoring the terrible death tolls), however World War Two was under entirely different circumstances and in my mind was justified. I am not learned enough to discern the differences between what you may consider 'dire', and what your country does. Nor am I here to justify any nation's use of conscription in the past - including my own's use of the draft in history. Plenty of US citizens weren't easy to convince to perform active service during the Vietnam Conflict, even though the government decided that the situation was dire enough to call on the draft. My point is that if one enters service as a trainee for the purposes of gaining valuable skills and then refuses active service, he isn't conscientiously objecting on moral or philosophical grounds...he's stealing. Time, money, and resources. Object as you will against what you consider an unjust scenario, but do it from the outset - not after you already have the benefit of invested training.
    • The Role of Logic (Last post by Arkayik)
    • Quote: Opinions? Quote: This thread isn't about..... :silly: :silly: :silly: Quote: My apologies.... Sev, don't apologize. Thank you for the thoughtful post... B)
    • here's a thought. (Last post by ren)
    • Quote: Quote: Quote: I don't think its the same thing? Sex is a biological thing while race is socially constructed. Also sex has a "gender" construct on top of it (Girls like pink Boys like blue nonsense), which I think is another problem to add to the mix. Race is a very biological thing I'm afarid. It's the new feminist definition of "gender" that says it is constructed. Personally I also think that we have more sex-based social attitudes than we have racial ones.... Then again there seems to be some sort whole "black culture" and misappropriation of culture thing goinmg on around some circles... Personally I don't really care when black people wear "white people" clothes (rofl), I'm white european, the wife is black african, and we both think it's all a load of bollocks. funny trivia: Before pink was marketed for girls (an now women) it was a boy colour. It was seen as softer (for babies) than red (blood/men). Girls would be dressed in blue, seen as a proper soft colour. If you add certain biological facts to the equation it makes the whole thing even more hilarious. I think the current reason behind all the "pink" marketing efforts is to create a false sense of girl power whilst making sure parents have to pay again for what the bigger brother already had and stopped using. Race is not biological. It is a social concept used to categorize and separate people in order to benefit one group over another. There is no "white race" or "black race". I'm gonna need receipts to see otherwise. Here are mine: * Wikipedia's first line on Race: Race is a social concept used to categorize humans into large and distinct populations or groups by anatomical, cultural, ethnic, genetic, geographical, historical, linguistic, religious, and/or social affiliation. * Response from anthropologist Dr. Shea: An anthropologist who proposed using race as a serious way of describing human variability would be laughed out of the profession—not for reasons of political correctness, but because the idea displays a manifest ignorance of biology. More than 60 years ago, M. F. Ashley Montagu demolished the concept of “race” in his book, Man’s Most Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy of Race (1945). Nevertheless, like many a bad idea, the notion persists that there is some useful purpose in classifying humanity into five, six or a dozen races. * PBS even has a nifty interactive learning webpag about Race * AAPA Statement on Biological Aspects of Race(Published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, vol. 101, pp 569-570, 1996): These old racial categories were based on externally visible traits, primarily skin color, features of the face, and the shape and size of the head and body, and the underlying skeleton. They were often imbued with nonbiological attributes, based on social constructions of race. These categories of race are rooted in the scientific traditions of the 19th century, and in even earlier philosophical traditions which presumed that immutable visible traits can predict the measure of all other traits in an individual or a population. Such notions have often been used to support racist doctrines. Yet old racial concepts persist as social conventions that foster institutional discrimination. The expression of prejudice may or may not undermine material well-being, but it does involve the mistreatment of people and thus it often is psychologically distressing and socially damaging. Scientists should try to keep the results of their research from being used in a biased way that would serve discriminatory ends. * Genetically Speaking, Race Doesn't Exist In Humans(Article): "Race is a real cultural, political and economic concept in society, but it is not a biological concept, and that unfortunately is what many people wrongfully consider to be the essence of race in humans -- genetic differences," says Templeton. "Evolutionary history is the key to understanding race, and new molecular biology techniques offer so much on recent evolutionary history. I wanted to bring some objectivity to the topic. This very objective analysis shows the outcome is not even a close call: There's nothing even like a really distinct subdivision of humanity." I got more if you need it. As well as some books on the subject. :) Now ethnicity, genetic variations, etc. THAT is biological. But someone's ethnicity isn't black, white, or asian. Of course YOU don't care if black folks wear your clothes(also please define white people clothes?? The GAP??), the history of the action is different. Like you said your white European, so of course there is going to be difference. Now sometimes I do admit it does go overboard but there is a REAL issue/problem at work. The main thing is "white's making it right". A black person does something and its ghetto, ugly, stupid, etc. But when a white person does it its edgy, urban, cool, etc. Even if that something is the same thing! Its this double standard that I take issue with. Also I did know about the pink for boys and blue for girls thing!! When I first heard that I was amazed at how easily it was changed. :laugh: Well, all the politics behind the word are nice... But let's be frank. A frog with a tiny white spot on its back and another identical frog without a tiny white spot on its back are different species for some reason. The day no-one can find a white-spotted frog is "oh noes another species has gone extinct". I guess you're from another place, but here my child is "mixed race". We have geneticists talking about race and why it is mixed race people seem to be doing so much better than everyone else, etc. Similarly I have never encountered the attitude you deplore. My wife has never been in a ghetto, said to be from a ghetto, or in some other way ghetto-like. Similarly, although I was born and spent my childhood in/around a large city, and have worked with bleeding edge technology, I have never I think been referred to as edgy or urban. What you are talking about seems to be american fashion and those "oh look at me I'm being an individual and expressing myself by doing the same stuff millions of others do" subcultures. regarding "white people clothes", I was I believe making a reference to another thread we had going on here not so long ago, about cultural misappropriations and such. Someone was explaining that it's rude to wear native american feather hats if you're not native american. i don't think so. They can wear the stuff my ancestors invented if they want and I can wear their ancestors stuff if I want. I don't see why there should be a problem, and quite frankly this whole "copyright" of culture some people want to link to race (or ethnicity or whatever you want to call it) is incredibly distasteful. As in: the nazis did it first by linking Judaism and genetics kind of distasteful. Anyway, overall I like this: [image] Brenna: It hasn't been properly studied. One study I know of involved post-menopausal women, 3/4 of whom had a condition.... The vast majority of breast cancers appear in the 50's and could indeed be caused by many things. What if the populations of women who didn't wear a bra and didn't get cancer also didn't take the pill? etc. To investigate bras would require a study that observes women from puberty to their 60's to get an accurate picture, so we're talking about a 50 year long study. I don't know there's ever been such a study. The estrogen level thing could be related as well, the pill as previously mentioned does contain it... And something people seem to often forget is that it's a steroid, probably not a good idea to take the stuff every day, which also has a long documented history of pretty much making every potential health issue worse (with one exception being cancer, apparently the pill helps with that). regarding your example I'm sorry if I extrapolated without explaining, I'd been reading about a similar issue in Saudi Arabia, where the women there demanded to be seen by all-female staff. In your example if I remember correctly it's only once the staff was female that it became OK to do those health checks, sounds to me like they weren't OK with taking their kit off in front of people unless those people were other women.... Therefore disrespecting the male doctor (or nurse or radiographer, etc) by judging them on the basis of their sex and not their medical expertise. I don't know why there is a difference in retirement age between men and women in the UK, however there are plans to change this and if they go ahead we should have parity in 2020.... Though those plans also seem to want me to work until I'm 68 or 69 to become eligible for state pension, I certainly am glad to have shiny yellow metal to fall back on. Ah and the UK's probably going to leave the EU too. Oh and many people can't retire on state pension and have to keep on working in order to survive anyway. But still, it's the principle of the thing ;)
    • Fear Leads to Anger... (Last post by Brenna)
    • Would it have helped if Yoda added a disclaimer? :lol: Fear can sometimes lead to anger. Anger can sometimes lead to hate.... etc
    • Dream job? (Last post by peace)
    • My dream job would be helping people around the world who needs serious help with anything like medicine, security help, advice, shelter, or just someone to talk to because The're so lonely. I would like to wish you good luck in your upcoming path and hope you find what you are looking for. May the force be with you fellow Jedi.
    • What makes a Jedi? (Last post by peace)
    • A Jedi must learn how to be and the importance of being patient, responsible, kind, loved without going to far, training efficiently, and going the extra distance to help others. A Jedi is a protector of peace, light, justice, and hope, which means they must try their best to live up to those values. You must always speak the truth because it shows who you really are. Anger, despair, fear, ignorance, and hatred are just the things that make you feel conflicted between two sides: a protector, or a destroyer. It's all up to you and what you do to make your own path. Your actions create paths and many of them may not be as good as you planned it to be. My advice is watch your step on your journey because you don't want take a misstep into the darkness.
    • A Jedi Career choice: making a living thats helps ... (Last post by Goken)
    • I understand completely. I work at a bank, many people believe that all banks are evil conglomerates that are just out to squeeze all the money out of you that they can. Some banks are very much like that. Luckily I work at a small local bank that has to be all about keeping our customers happy and loves doing it. I love talking to our bank president because of how much he wants to help people. I sometimes feel like all I do is remind people that they owe us money or that they have fees and things like that, and then days come when I really do get to make a difference in a person's life. Even if that difference is just removing some fees or opening an account for someone who was turned away at other banks. I think that as Jedi we should strive to make a difference in our communities. If you can have a day job that does that, great, more power to you. If you can't, find ways outside of work. If you want to make a difference then you will, you just have to look. I also agree with Reacher, you won't be as helpful if you're too worried about your family or your financial situation.
    • Workout Check-In Thread (Last post by Desolous)
    • bunch of tricep dips, pullups, upper back rows, roman chair situps, ropes, push a heavy sled around, situps.

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